Wednesday, April 30, 2008

May Day foolishness

The people behind stuff like this...

and this

are organising a little party in London tomorrow...

or rather two parties...

May Day Meeting Points:

1) Space Hijackers, Peasants, Aristocracy, Performers, Merchants, Peddlers, Strumpets and Virgins:-

Meet in Green Park by Green Park tube, we will then head off to the May Fayre at 2:03pm promptly.

2) Metropolitan Police, Fools, Soldiers and Vagabonds:-

Meet outside Bond Street tube station, we will then head off to the May Fayre at 2:34 promptly.

Please note it is very important you do not join the wrong meeting point, otherwise you will look like a total fool!

...and even though I suspect many Spacejackers would probably consider me mad because I believe all the shit that's going on is implemented in pursuit of a planned objective

...and even though I don't think their pranks achieve very much, if anything

I still wish them well if for no other reason than they seem decent and they make me laugh

and if taunting coppers really could change the world I'd be striding up and down Whitehall wearing a pair of plastic tits with the best of them


It's all in the database

edit: a few pieces of LoonTrivia
™ arising from comments made underneath this post:

- Even though State-endorsed TV licence fee bounty hunters cannot enter your property, unless you invite them in, there is no conclusive evidence to establish if garlic, clear running water, wooden stakes or the Sun's rays are an effective deterrent

- but there's no harm in trying

- The State Propaganda Tax is not collected by the BBC or the State but by Capita Group; on the understanding that replacement or merger of large, bloated, inefficient publicly-owned monopolies with large, bloated, inefficient private monopolies is a Good Thing, and definitely not fascism

- Capita Group's turnover and profit have increased tenfold under the current Labour government

- The ex chairman of Capita is a heavy Labour party donour

- Capita is also responsible for the BBC's outsourced HR and Recruitment services

- Intriguingly, the voice artist used in the ad above, if not the very same person, is a dead ringer for the narrator used by the BBC's Conspiracy Files series. Her CV presumably lists 'creeping people out and leaving them with a vague sense of unease' as one of her major professional attributes. Presumably, she's also got more work than she handle

That's enough trivia for now. I have to write a cheque and pop my next month's council tax installment in the post to, well fuck me, Capita Group...


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Daily Mash - still the best fake (?) news site ever!!

Just a few words of praise for The Daily Mash which is sustaining a consistent level of high quality output. A few recent examples...


"There will also be those who want to hang them up by the feet until the last remaining pennies fall out of their pockets and then beat them to death like one of those Mexican donkey things full of sweets."


"The combination of GTA IV and committed, high-frequency masturbation should keep them in a state of equilibrium until we can train them up and ship them to Afghanistan."


With poor people in fertile countries rioting because they could not afford to eat the food they had just grown, the UN chief said it was time for him to hide in a cupboard.

"Meanwhile, the banks are borrowing money from taxpayers so that they can then lend the same money back to the taxpayers at a higer rate of interest than they borrowed it from them in the first place. Seriously, is it just me?


"This strategic anomaly has led to a short-term dip in profitability and created the impression that banks are somehow ordinary, everyday businesses. Aha ha ha.

"The fact is, they control every aspect of your lives - often in ways you dare not imagine - and could, if the notion takes them, snap you in half like a dry twig."


Monday, April 28, 2008

Let's just call it Our little secret

Another little linked snippet, this time for folk who don't read the Mail on Sunday (perish the thought)...

"Bank bail-outs to be kept secret
Dan Atkinson, Simon Watkins, Mail on Sunday 27 April 2008, 8:59am

The Bank of England has imposed a permanent news blackout on its £50bn-plus plan to ease the credit crunch.

Ferocious and unprecedented secrecy means taxpayers will never know the names of the banks that have been supported through the special liquidity scheme, which was unveiled by Bank Governor Mervyn King last week. Requests under the Freedom of Information Act are to be denied. Details will be kept secret even after 30 years - the period after which all but the most sensitive state documents are released.

Any Bank of England employee leaking the names of institutions involved will face court action for breach of contract..."

but, remember, anyone who tells you that it's the bankers who are really running things is a mentalist


OMG!!! Best Government logo EVER!!

For the benefit of folk who don't read b3ta or The Register

Office of Government Commerce's (?!) ex new logo...

a swift quarter turn to the right...

and in related news, there's an interesting new career opportunity over at Vauxhall Cross in the terrorist shopping business


On Her Majesty's Secret Service

The Official Trailer to the Bond film with the most memorable soundtrack and most patently inebriated lead man...

Posted for two reasons

1) the bit that goes...

'and Diana Rigg as the contessa, a different kind of Bond woman. She's got class!!'

...just before Diana Rigg gets her tits out


2) A very suave looking Osama bin Blofeld's curiously contemporary threat to all humanity round about 1:40 into the trailer...

Other people are reportedly big OHMSS fans too


and whilst I have plenty of good reasons to believe and argue that financial shenanigans are a major factor in the recent spikes in food prices, non-human parasitic funghi are playing their part also. Given the potential significance of one strain in particular, it's seems curious that this risk isn't receiving anything like the coverage that it appears to merit

Ug99 - not nice, not nice at all...


Sunday, April 27, 2008

10 Characteristics of Coincidence Theorists

Still a rough draft at this stage...

1. They believe everything happens by accident
2. They believe everything happens by accident
3. They believe everything happens by accident

4. They believe everything happens by accident
5. They believe everything happens by accident
6. They believe everything happens by accident

7. They believe everything happens by accident
8. They believe everything happens by accident
9. They believe everything happens by accident

Afghan Opium Cultivation '94-'08 (hectares)

10. They believe everything happens by accident, except when it's wogs doing it

International Global Terror Conspiracy Centrale - Iocated somewhere between Mordor and Earthsea

Which I admit isn't strictly fair. Sometimes coincidence theorists believe that when bad people lie so that they can do bad things and bad things do indeed happen those bad things were unintended consequences


Saturday, April 26, 2008

A ghoulish hyena rants

A long post I'm afraid...

I’m posting this by way of response to an increasingly turgid thread of comments underneath one of
Lord Patel’s recent posts

This exchange is part of what is, on a national scale, a storm in a teacup but what is in the corner of the Internet I inhabit a significant flurry of activity which has coincided with the current round of terror show trials taking place in the UK

The Wrath of Khan
How to report a video of a man telling his baby daughter to be strong before he travels overseas as evidence of him ‘grooming’ her to be a terrorist before exploding himself in London

The thread in question is punctuated by a series of anonymous comments which set out to put us Conspiraloons in our place by the devastating, original and side-splittingly funny combination of -
  • Calling us mad
  • Talking about tinfoil hats a lot
  • Putting words in our mouths and telling us what we believe
  • And, er, some more really hysterical stuff about tinfoil hats
...possibly all part of some cunning plan to rid the world of (unofficial) 'conspiracy theorists' by boring us all to death

though, peculiarly, anonymong forgets to mention that we are all nazi racists – which appears to be the meme of month. A simple oversight I’m sure

Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t spend any more time than I already have responding to this stuff. The poster in question is unlikely to undergo a Damascene conversion to my worldview and he’s not providing any useful insights that would allow me to scrutinise and maybe consider modifying it

Tedious shit like this is a common occurrence on the Internet and Life is just too plain fucking short

However, as I mentioned, there’s other stuff going on at the moment and one particular group of citizen researchers over at J7T must be doing something right as so many other groups - the BBC, do nothing Leftie bloggers, 9/11 debunkers and even many 9/11 UK 'Truthers' are attempting to distract their efforts and smear them using some of the cheapest tricks you're ever likely to see

The most popular cheap trick seems to be trying to associate us with fringe or extremist characters with questionable or repugnant views.

In particular, one character over at the 9/11 UK forum cut and pasted some tired old holocaust revisionist material, published it in his own name, started pissing in the pool of 7/7 research, gave interviews to a BBC production team doing a conspiracy theorist debunking piece and then acted all surprised when things started to go tits up on him

The guy’s either a self-destructive tool or some kind of shill and in no way representative of the 7/7 sceptics I align myself with. A man with his views could have just as easily been found supporting the Official Narrative of 7/7 and promoting Protocols of the Elders Islam style bullshit. Anyone who pretends otherwise is being intellectually dishonest

Another group of characters ‘debunkers’ attempt to associate me and my kind with is the UFO, Alien, Tinfoil Hat brigade

Again, an intellectually dishonest ploy which indicates that the people employing it at least subconsciously realise that they’re talking crap and are forced to put words in our mouths and beliefs in our heads that they are capable of arguing against and which we have no interest in defending

It is a very strange, surreal feeling indeed trying to debate with someone who persistently tells you what you believe and then starts ranting, all foamy-mouthed, against it.

There’s also something quite sinister, and Stalinist, about someone repeatedly referring to you as being mentally ill for having beliefs they disagree with

A recent self-portrait

In the comment thread which prompted this post, reference is made to the Conspiraloon Alliance blog a few of us set up the last year. The intention of the blog was to demonstrate that some of us at least are capable of exercising critical thinking to nonsense conspiracy bollocks as well as official narratives. A capacity for unblinkered, self-corrective thought which is evidently lacking in those who abuse us. This has occasionally resulted in some delightfully confused ‘truth seekers’ and debunkers alike stumbling onto our site and getting completely the wrong end of the stick.

(Something similar may have happened on my Elvis post earlier this week. I’m not sure if it was a joking friend or a critic but someone pulled me up for getting the background and the fake timestamp on my fake photo wrong. Er, no I didn’t, it was a parody of the Luton CCTV image and thanks for bowling me such an easy ball in the comments. I do hope it was a genuine critic - misplaced intellectual arrogance is one of my favourite spectator sports)

Polarising debate about how the world works into two mutually exclusive, all encompassing camps – one of which believes that there are no conspiracies, the other which believes any old shite Icke or Shayler come out with is a false dichotomy and disenfranchises the vast majority of people who do give a damn about what’s going on in the world

We Conspiraloons are neither with You nor against You. We totally reject Your false choice bullshit.

Much of this nonsense I attribute to the frailties of human nature, not deliberate disinformation. There’s a turf war for people’s minds going on out there and the numbers of people who view the world in the kind of way I do is growing and very few, if any people, will turn back once they’ve adopted that new paradigm.

This, I suspect, is alarming some people. Some people in authority but also some people who believe that only they know the One True Truth and that anyone who does not yield to their Truth, and their authority must be insane scum

This turf war involves all sorts of characters – some of whom are the same kind of mockney, donkey dick jacket wearing, middle class leftie tossers I first met at university; affecting the mannerisms and airs of a class of people they fundamentally despise.

"Hello, we're Left Wing don't you know'

Others are parapolitical dinosaurs who still haven’t quite caught up with the impact of the Internet and miss the days when their turgid but beloved newsletters were one of the few sources of alternative news and views. I mention that second small group,
as typified by this site, because I suspect the anonymous commentator on Lord P’s blog hails from that sad, lonely, tumbleweed-infested corner of Infospace

Notes from a Ghost Town

If you look outside of the English speaking world a large number of people already think the way we Conspiraloons do. They’ve had their countries and lives comprehensively fucked by the interests and forces I believe are at work here in Europe and the US. They know who the real lunatics, racists and nazis are and the games those bastards play

The bottom line is that the people I stand with, imperfect and fallible as we all are, at least try be honest. Many of those who stand against us patently don't


A parting thought…

Whilst I was discussing the recent round of abuse and smearing that has been directed our way with fellow loons, someone mentioned that the most memorable insult they’d received was the accusation that they were a…

Now the thing is, I’ve met this ghoulish hyena in the flesh and that person is the least ghoulish, least hyena-like individual you’d could possibly imagine

And I was reminded of the public execution of John Charles de Menezes

From the day it happened it was clear that official statements about what happened were untrue and were subsequently shown to be untrue – as demonstrated by this cringefest of a Muppet outside Stockwell Tube faithfully parroting everything she had been told to believe…

and we still haven’t the faintest idea what really happened – surveillance tapes from JCdM’s home and Stockwell have been disappeared, the executioners and the witnesses who made misleading statements to the press immediately after the shooting have not appeared in court, no explanation has been given for chasing the train driver down a tunnel and holding a gun to his face, and so on

On top of that, I haven’t forgotten the establishment-promoted smears that were heaped on de Menezes' still-warm corpse after his execution

He was definitely linked to terrorists. He was running (sic.) because he had a hooky visa. He was coked up. He was an accused rapist…

So, who are the hyenas who are shitting on the graves of the dead again?

I shit on all of you


edit: and cheers to Alex Fear for reminding me of this peculiar little Damones-esque clip from The Bourne Ultimatum...


Friday, April 25, 2008

Bin Laden didn't blow up the projects

A repost of a link to a video of Immortal Technique's 'Bin Laden' because I found myself humming it a couple of times yesterday...

Mr Technique is clearly one of those self-hating racist right-wing conspiraloons who speaks out against everything he secretly stands for and only talks about in hidden online forums

It's 'high levels of paranoia and mistrust' like this which get in the way of Real™ Democracy, Real™ Inactivism and Real™ Empowerment


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mystery Train

and here's another picture I made today...

...pretty conclusive proof that Elvis really is alive if ever I've seen any

and if anyone has any doubts about the veracity of this image check out the time stamp

Job done

Case closed



Subterranean Stockwell part 5

A few shots of one of the entrances to the Stockwell Deep Level Shelter I took today on account of it being all sunny outside and all...

The font of all knowledge that is Eraserpedia doesn't know what the shelter is used for today.

The Grauniad reckons it does know

And whilst on the subject of underground goings on around and under Stockwell Tube Station, what an excellent opportunity for a blast from the past and a reminder of a story from way back as far as 22nd July 2005...

"The driver of the London Underground train involved in the latest terrorist scare was chased by armed police and had a gun held to his head as he tried to escape the scene of today's shooting, union officials have claimed. The driver started running along an underground tunnel as passengers were fleeing from Stockwell Tube station following the shooting of a suspect."

In a parallel universe someone working for a newspaper would have chased up this little gem and started asking questions like '
Why after shooting the suspect they'd tailed into the station did the police (sic.) start running up and down tunnels jamming pistols into London underground employees' faces?' or 'What does the driver have to say about what happened?'

In this universe, however, no-one has asked any questions and, to my knowledge, the story was killed stone dead

Which seems appropriate really


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Conspiraloon Pride redux

There was a surreal wee moment during BBC’s Question Time last week whilst the panel were discussing the issue of what to do, or rather not do, about the situation in Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe

It goes without saying that the panel weren’t saying anything particularly astute or enlightening about the issue. The panelists were just ritualistically waffling within the parameters set to limit the way all of us comprehend how the world works

Then one middle-aged, softly spoken woman within the audience said something like...

‘I visited Zimbabwe frequently in the 1980s and there were no problems with food shortages or inflation. That only started when the IMF and World Bank cut food subsidies for the poor and imposed economic reforms on Zimbabwe… I heard someone on Radio 4 last week explain that the same thing has happened in many of the countries suffering food shortages today’

...and for a moment, just a moment, a small suggestion of a different way of looking at the world was aired on national TV

Until, after a very pregnant pause, a member of the panel hastily blew her comment off and Dimblebore swiftly changed the subject

The reason why I mention this, of course, is because that old dear clearly was a raving Conspiraloon


We now live in very strange political times in the UK. People are offered the false choice of three major political parties which have few if any ideological differences between them but which are carefully managed to ensure that people remain more or less evenly split in their party allegiances

Typical Conservabour Democrats supporter

Any individual who refuses to follow the script is branded as an extremist, an idiot or mad

To be honest, many of the people who reject the existing political system are a little touched. How else would anyone be able to reject a lifetime of conditioning?

And it is no accident that attempts are being made to equate those of us with doubts about 7/7 with people on the extreme right - because we do have one thing in common. We all believe that we are being lied to by a deceitful, unrepresentative establishment. And anyone stupid enough or greedy enough to have a stake in the existing, and coming, order of things hates us for it

There is nothing extreme, idiotic or mad about suspecting that the people at the very top of the socio-economic pile influence the course of human events to suit their own interests.

There is no reason to believe that they would do this in the open.

They are not space aliens. They have no magical powers

Their shared background, world view and interests would mean that they would not even have to co-ordinate all of their activities.

Sometimes, they might even come into conflict with each other

A few years ago it was OK to talk about the elite interests which manipulate our world. Now it is not and anyone who does so is labeled a nutcase – not just by the mainstream media owned by the fuckers but by other ordinary people who do not realise that they have been conditioned to do their Masters’ bidding

There is currently no political party in the UK which genuinely represents the interests of the 99.99%+ of people who fall outside of the elite group. And no such party would ever be permitted to come into being.

The Establishment exists to serve the less than 0.01%. It always has and, unless people wake up and find a way to unfuck themselves, it probably always will

And if my own personal view is so wide off the mark and insane how else do you start to explain a system where
fifty billion pounds of public money can be stolen in broad daylight or a series of show trials featuring people accused of plotting to blow up airliners with soda pop takes place with not so much as a mouse fart of criticism or dissent?

This is the lunacy. This is the madness

but, oh yeah, it all just happens by accident. I keep forgetting…

edit: sorry, I should have typed 'another fifty billion pounds of public money can be stolen in broad daylight'


Friday, April 18, 2008

Absolutely f**king disgraceful

Now that the British 2008 Spring/ Summer TERROR!! Season is fully under way, with four (I missed one from my list the other day) collateralised terror trials starting or finishing in the space of a few days, there's been a fair old spike in on-line discussion about 7/7 and the TERROR!! threat generally


Much of that discussion - both pro and anti the sceptical position I personally take about the Official Narrative of 7/7 - has been informative and thought provoking

Some of it has been fucking disgraceful

In particular, some people associated with an allegedly progressive, left wing web site have been working very hard to gleefully smear anyone who has doubts about the Official Narrative of 7/7 as being racist holocaust deniers

The nature of the evidence to support this accusation goes like this...

1. Someone who posted holocaust revisionist material on right wing forums has also expressed doubts about the official narrative of 7/7 and posted links to the July 7th Truth forum (J7T)

2. The J7T forum maintains private areas

er, that's it

Whilst I appreciate that we now live in a country where reading up on current affairs, shopping at Tescos or playing tennis can be unashamedly presented as proof of evil intent, as evidence goes, this is still pretty thin

Terror Tennis - just like normal tennis but with beards

And whilst I have no doubt that some racist holocaust deniers dabble in 7/7 scepticism, I'm equally sure that some racist holocaust deniers probably support Arsenal, own a Celine Dion CD, watch Coronation Street and drink lager

Nazi Cow!!

Alternatively, one could make the same point by a simple link to Neo-Fascist, probable holocaust deniers who believe that 7/7 happened in exactly the way the government says it did

As for the issue of the J7T forum maintaining private areas, even though I'm not an active J7T researcher I have been trusted with access to those private parts of the forum where active members discuss administrative issues and talk off-topic shit.

Now, I may be abusing the trust that was given to me when granted access to those private threads but I can reveal that there is no talk promoting space aliens, David Shayler worship, paedophilia, cannibalism, vivisection
, virgin sacrifice, racism or holocaust denial

I have seen the private thread which linked to the website claiming that J7T activists are hate-mongers and, not surprisingly, the gist of it is '
take a look at what these dicks are saying about us!!'

In fact, more than any group that I know of, especially the bunch of spackers pushing this crap, the folk at J7T are acutely conscious of how holocausts start and fear that we may be living through times which mirror the events of seventy five years ago

Ordinarily, I wouldn't give that much of a toss about a small, insignificant website pushing bollocks smears about some people who I like and respect. I wouldn't even normally react to the fact that the allegations have been painted with such a broad brush that they encompass
anyone with doubts about 7/7, myself included

I certainly wasn't going to post anything about it

Except that, the 'racist holocaust denier' mentioned in the original smear (someone I don't know from Adam but who is described as a 'leading British truth seeker') is reportedly talking with the BBC

A few months ago the producers of the BBC's
Conspiracy Files started contacting prominent 7/7 'conspiracy theorists' and inviting them to be ritually crucified on a forthcoming Conspiracy Files program on 7/7 'conspiracy theories'. All of them, very sensibly, told the BBC to go fuck itself.

At the same time, the BBC also contacted some slightly, um, less prominent 7/7 'conspiracy theorists', which led to one comedy posting on a 9/11 forum to the effect of '
I've done fuck all research on 7/7 but the BBC still asked me to appear on their show WTF?!').

In the end, as far as I can tell, the BBC did find someone, someone who claims to be the Rightful King of England
and the Messiah, who was willing to talk about 7/7 and offer himself up for carefully edited ridicule on national television

and then things went quiet

and now this shit

So, we're now faced with the distinct possibility that the BBC is going to put out a hit-piece on 7/7 scepticism featuring two 'leading' 7/7 conspiracy theorists - one of whom claims to be Jesus, the other who possibly thinks Hitler was Jesus

(correction per a comment below: actually, the Rightful King of England had the sense to tell the Beeb to piss off as well. So that just leaves the other bloke)

This nonsense just doesn't wash any more. There are now enough people, not a majority by any means, but a useful number who are media savvy enough know a straw man when they see one.

It is neither honest nor honourable to select the most flawed arguments and the most flawed people to present those arguments, edit the results to suit your bosses' agenda and then present the results as objective and truthful

But that won't stop the BBC doing that, or some of us hating what this kind of behaviour represents even more

or believing that this kind of behaviour vindicates our suspicions

Under absolutely no circumstances is it ever permissible for the mainstream media to depict people who mistrust the official accounts or 7/7, or 9/11, as being anything but mentally defective, dishonest or plain wicked - irrespective of whether they are or not

For the moment anyway, I still have the right to question what the British government and establishment tells its subjects. A government and establishment which have been proven time and time again to be a bunch of lying sociopathic bastards

Fuck them

And if whores at the BBC really do knock out an account of those who doubt the Official Narrative of 7/7 which can only rely on smears and dishonesty to make its case then fuck them too, and shame on anyone who chooses to be a part of it


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Spring/Summer 2008 TERROR!! season officially open for business

I keep meaning to write a post about the latest bout of TERROR!! mania which is the sweeping the UK

But the problem is that there is so much going on at the moment that even someone like me, with a little more time currently on his hands than most, can’t keep up with it all

Which, I suspect, is the idea

In the space of a few days we’ve had at least three high profile terror trials start or end…

  • A group of radical FantaMentolists who allegedly conspired to destroy airliners with fizzy drinks – a feat so ludicrously unfeasible you could do a lot more damage to people by forcing them to drink that crap rather than trying to make it explode

now in zingy, aspartame-enhanced H202 flavor!!

  • The alleged 7/7 co-conspirators who allegedly carried out meticulous reconnaissance for the alleged 7/7 bombers. A reconnaissance mission fiendishly disguised as a day trip to several popular London tourist attractions which weren’t actually attacked on 7/7 but which looked ‘strikingly similar’ to the trains/ tunnels bombed on 7/7

    "Look! It's round! Tunnels are round..."

  • Co-conspirators who assisted a plot to slaughter hundreds of London night-clubbers – foiled only by the fact that their 'bomb' was useless and the difficulties presented when trying to park a blazing Mercedes inside a night club whilst you are also on fire all sorts of supporting material slipped into the press and television schedules. The BBC, for example, is kicking off its latest expose on all things Terror this evening and the home secretary announced this weekend that there are literally thousands of bearded people under surveillance under suspicion of visiting museums, shopping for condiments or drinking cola

And when reading up on this stuff it is very easy to get bogged down in the detail and lost in a bewildering sea of foreign sounding names and alleged organisations and plots; all cross-referenced to each other in one big amorphous mass of confusing bullshit

Most people, even those sceptical of the establishment, will simply give up and conclude that there is apparently so much material that there really must be some basis to the existing War on Terror paradigm

Which, as I’ve said, I suspect to be the idea

If you do read up on this stuff it is clear that, for fair reasons or foul, MI5/MI6’s hands are all over these alleged plots in the form of various shady characters who seem to be the driving force behind many of these plots but are rarely caught. When they do occasionally get caught they’re allowed to escape, sports fisherman style, with almost comical ease

And yet, in spite of the ludicrous and dubious nature of many of the charges and allegations, all this cack is parroted uncritically by mainstream journalists

How on Earth, short of maxing out on botox, can anyone report this nonsense and actually have the brass nuts to describe it as ‘chilling’ whilst keeping a straight face baffles me completely

Though maybe I’m being a little hard on the establishment here

Imagine being a member of the security forces tasked with finding one of the half dozen or so remaining British Muslim FantaMentolists who still think that Osama bin Bogeyman...

a) Wasn't employed by the CIA
b) Isn't connected to the Bush family
c) Is still alive

Not an easy task by any means

With such restrictive criteria you'd have to be a little less selective when it comes to finding evidence which supports any actual serious capacity and intent to blow people up

Francis Walsingham - the spiritual Godfather of British Intelligence and a man whose methods and career have absolutely no relevance to events today; absolutely none... zilch... zero... nada... niente...

The 7/7 trial which started last week has already turned out to be a particularly shameful exercise in spin. There has been a lot of material relating to the 7/7 attacks released in the controlled, courtroom environment which many people, myself included, have been waiting for since the attacks happened

The curious thing is that much of this material and the interpretations of its significance being parroted by the press have nothing to do with the guilt or innocence of the accused. I find it very unlikely that the defence, even if it were so inclined, will even attempt to challenge this material when it has the opportunity to do so. The defence team is going to be focused on distancing its clients from 7/7, not questioning what actually happened on that day

Which means that this trial is being used as a device to promote and publicise the official narrative in such a way that it will not be open to direct challenge or scrutiny. This prosecution has, in many ways, the air of a show trial about it. Some people might even have the cheek to claim that it will be an adequate alternative to an independent inquiry into 7/7

Today saw the most gob-smacking example of what is going down before our eyes…

“The bombers scattered identity and bank cards around the Tube carriages they targeted before placing their rucksacks on the floor and setting off the explosives inside them, jurors heard.”

" It is, in the opinion of Mr Todd, noteworthy that at each scene, some personal materials and documents, such as ID cards, were found relating to the bombers. Although they were damaged to some extent, they did not show the damage that would be expected if they were on the body of the bomber or in the rucksack, suggesting that in each case they had been deliberately separated by some distance from the actual explosion."


and no-one with mainstream media access is going to comment on this?!!


Nice one Merkin!

Monday, April 14, 2008

A spankingly good track

- link inspired by a couple of comments underneath this post, including a link to this article

NB probably not a work friendly link - unless you happen to work in Mistress Mavis' House of Pain, or the House of Commons

and if any politicians, senior civil servants or captains of industry bump into this post whilst seaching for this sort of service please feel free to drop me a line - I, and quite a few people I know, would be more than willing to give you a slapping free of charge

but no kissing afterwards


edit: and thanks to Lord Patel for, in the process of comparing Gordon Queeg with Lt Cmdr Queeg, reminding me of how just good a film The Caine Mutiny is - with two or three absolutely stand-out scenes; including Humphrey Bogart doing this very credible Gordon Queeg impression...

the scene featuring the 'josé ferrer figure, realising too late the real villains of the piece and his unwitting complicity' is absolutely knockout as well but, sadly, absent from Gootube


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mess with Your Head

Trippy UK ad encouraging people to self-medicate with Trident Soft chewing gum...

The closing screen is a doozy...

...particularly when you consider that the makers of Trident see fit to sweeten their products with sorbitol, Mannitol, Sucralose, Acesulfame potassium and aspartame! That's a cocktail of five different tumour-inducing, behaviour modifying chemicals in just one stick of gum

a bargain

chewy too


Return of the Enviro-Crime scene (aka An Inconvenient Couch)

A welcome return to an old favourite, seen stuck to a discarded sofa today -

This bollocks is so wrong in so many different ways it's difficult to know where to start...


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bend over and take it bitches!!

Hardly seems worth fighting over ...yet

For those of us with a less, um, stochastic view of how the world works and who believe that shit doesn’t always ‘just happen’, mainstream media accounts of what’s going on in the world are often frustrating and, occasionally, amusing – but only in a very dark way

The coverage of the state of the British and World economy being the most immediate example that comes to mind

The British media has recently finally woken up to some key economic trends which have been noticeable for some time now but there has been far too much other, much more important stuff to report on. Those key economic trends include...
  • The price of oil is going up lots
  • The price of rice is going up lots
  • The price of wheat is going up lots
  • The price of gold is going up lots
  • The value of the dollar is going down lots
  • The value of the pound is going down lots
  • The availability of retail credit is going down lots

And not only has the British media been rather slow in reporting these movements it is also meticulous about reporting these movements as unconnected events and giving some frankly bollocks explanations as to the causes

Last night, on Channel 4 News for example, we were treated to appearances from representative jackals from both the World Bank and the IMF; in two scrupulously separated news items, lying through their fucking teeth about why the British/ European/ World economy is going to go tits up and why people can’t afford food in a growing number of regions of the world

What neither owned up to is that the underlying reason why all these things are happening is that a massive re-balancing of the world’s already unequal distribution of wealth is now well under way

Re-balancing is, of course, a euphemism for naked theft


UK interest rates have just been cut by another 0.25% and even before the cut the media whores were warning people that this cut, as with the previous cuts, would probably not be passed onto ordinary borrowers and that banks would continue to cut back on the volume of mortgages they are lending to people

Which is all very strange when you think about. Central banks have been creating and pumping money into the global economic system but the stuff is, so we are told, still thin on the ground

Where’s it all going?

I’d suggest a good place to start looking is in the markets that speculate in the price of things none of us can do without. Right now, borrowing made-up money at 5% to punt on and drive up the price of food or oil another 20, 30, 40 or 50% is pretty much a one way bet

...only your average person hasn’t got the resources or the means to buy their food six months forward. So, they’ll just have to take it up the rear end when the prices rise won’t they?

We are repeatedly told, from cradle to grave, that the cost of the things we need is driven by supply and demand. For example, the price of houses in the UK and the US was driven by population pressure, the increase in the number of households and a failure to build enough new housing


That’s only half the story – and not the interesting half

The other key driver for the £ or $ price of a commodity is the supply and demand of the money used to pay for it. And if you can force up the price of something by flooding a market with money, whilst restricting increases in what people earn, you end fucking those people big time

and you can flatten the price of anything just as easily

The need for housing in the US or UK didn’t suddenly drop overnight

In the same way that the need for rice or wheat didn’t suddenly leap up overnight either

There are some very, very evil fuckers manipulating both the supply of the essentials of Life and the money used to pay for that supply. Those of us on the demand side are currently at their mercy. A quality that oligarchs are not exactly renowned for



...and whilst on the subject of bastard strength lager, all patriotic Scots will be pleased to learn that T-Super is available in Italy - marketed as a premium beer, in bottles...

'Strong, like its country of origin, Tennent's Super is the STRONG LAGER produced by the Tennent family since 1885'

The Tennent family have thoughtfully provided a consumer helpline for any Italian foolish enough to try drinking a bottle but, less thoughtfully, forgot to include the international dialing code. Still, most consumers wouldn't be able to operate a telephone anyway so no harm done

(I've also seen Super T available on draft (draft!!) in a couple of British themed pubs in Italy; including the stupendously named 'Stalingrad' in Milan)

Other products now on offer in their supermarkets which demonstrate Italians' growing interest in what other people eat and drink, after centuries of gastronomic chauvinism, include...

Big Americans Pizza

Foods of the World - including some very exotic tins of baked beans - a bargain at 2.15 Euros a tin

Foreign people are funny