Sunday, April 06, 2008

A splendid week for Leni Riefenstahl fans

Konnie Huq getting them out for the lads

What a cracking few days it's been for fans of Nazis, Nazi neo-pagan imagery and the works of
Leni Riefenstahl in particular

First we were treated to the sight of 600 stormcoppers recreating favourite scenes from Triumph of the Will over at Finsbury Park New Thermopylae last week

Then, a few days later, our Prime Minister hosted a summit on 'progressive (?) government' complete with a sNazi new logo

And, now, to round things off, more coppers and a few B-grade TV celebrities have spent the day running around London recreating some of the best bits from another of Leni's celebrated works...

Along with so much of the Olympics, that torch ceremony is 100% neo-pagan, Illuminated Nazi bullshit

Nazis, Fascists and members of other Illuminated fruity little clubs have historically had a hard-on for the Olympics; as the Olympics hark back to a fantasy past of greatness ...and order ...and physical and racial purity

And to illustrate my point there's a special valuable mystery prize on offer to anyone who can dig out a credible explanation for the design of the five interlocking Olympic rings which doesn't include reference to occult beliefs and fruity little clubs

Of course, people like me who point stuff like that out are the fruity ones, not the whack jobs who stage and propagate this kind of bullshit

Anyway, the coverage given to today's torch ceremony, its associated security and the efforts of protesters (genuine and CIA-sponsored) to fuck things up was on the, er, heavy side...

Kind of suspiciously heavy. I'm still trying to figure out what the core message to viewers was. Possible messages include...

- Hate China, lots
- Remember, Over the Top policing is now the New Normal
- Doublethink is fun, and not all that difficult if you give it a try

or maybe a combination of all of the above



ziz said...

Oceania has declared war on Eastasia

Kraft durch Freude

War and the revolution are inseparable

Anonymous said...

Incredible that foreign security forces were running side by side with the UK police in London.

Anyone know whether or not that was legal?

(If they'd shot someone a number of times in the head; would they have had their identities kept secret in the subsequent trial? Clever how the Menezes murderers had false names such as 'Bob'; 'Burt'; 'Kevin' etc while in the post storming of the Libyan embassy trial, it was, 'Soldier A'; 'Soldier B' etc ... It's only subliminal if you don't notice it).

Stef said...


the old tunes are the best tunes


Incredible that foreign security forces were running side by side with the UK police in London

- not that incredible, as you clearly appreciate

Tony said...

If found a link on the BBC site to this story:
"It was the worst single atrocity in the history of the Troubles."

You actually call this "The Troubles"? (I think) I read this the first time today, but let me say: Oh my, Eric Arthur Blair would be proud.

Stef said...

That's the British stiff upper lip for you

It's not quite so stiff these days

jon doy said...

The Troubles ? sounds a bit like 'The Question' - you know the question i mean...funny how you can wrap up 'the great game' of death and domination into tidy little words, words such as 'globalisation', 'capitalism', export of 'freedom', and 'democracy' being classic examples

@ anon 07 April 2008 10:45

true, true, giving them names like Larry or Phil means they could never be military types, fo' sho' ;)

Anonymous said...

@jon doy "giving them names like Larry or Phil"

I was thinking along the lines of, giving them names like, 'Menachem'; 'Ariel', etc would mean that they could never be members of an Israeli death squad.

Stef said...

A little rooting around the murky background history of Operation Kratos and the fact that Larry and Phil weren't actually called to give evidence at the only trial that's been held in connection with JCdM's topping does leave certain possibilities open

Merkin said...

Is that really Konnie Huq?
Saw her earlier, on the Beeb, giving her story about the 'Security Guards' who protected her against herself.
Either she has a thyroid problem, or she was the recipient of some of the gear that we went to war over (so long ago in China).
I would like to do some personal investigation and nominate myMerkinSelf.
Stef, do you have any contacts?

Stef said...

I'll see what I can do

Failing that I'm sure I could dig out a light blue tracksuit

teacher dude said...

Leni and all her fun pals would have enjoyed the Greek leg of the Olympic torch relay. The only reason you didn't see any other protests was because there was a cop with a club who dealt with any possible trouble makers.

The TV coverage in Thessaloniki was hilarious as it tried to transform a small, carefully chosen cadre of Olympic supporters (surrounded by two layers of cops and barriers) into a mass outburst of spontaneous public joy.

I guess they must have hired the same guys who did such wonderful work with the toppling of Saddam's statue in Baghdad.

BTW Kratos in Greek means state, as in state - run media etc