Friday, November 18, 2011

Mainstream Conspiraloons #204 James Delingpole

Until recently, the single greatest contribution made to public discourse by Daily Telegraph columnist and professional tory irritant about town, James Delingpole, has been to help polarise the debate about alleged Anthropogenic Global Warming along conventional Right vs Left lines; making it a whole lot easier for the average Jane or Joe on the street to adopt a position on AGW without having to know or think very much about the scientific basis for AGW at all

Left Wing = AGW proponent. Right Wing = Denier. Simples

And when it comes to economic or foreign policy matters James can be most succinctly described as an almost perfect Melanie Phillips clone, but with a cock (though I am making unsubstantiated morphological assumptions here)

James Delingpole

That was until James' most recent column on the subject of the Goldman's coup currently underway in Western Europe...

"...We need to find common ground here, I think – those of us who believe (as the Occupy crowd do) that the current crisis is caused by the failure of capitalism and those of us who believe (as I do) that it is caused by the failure of corporatism, welfarism and – ultimately – the fiat money system. While we are busy being distracted by our particular ideological hobby horses, we are being shafted by a political bankster corporatist elite which doesn't give a stuff about us because we are the little people and we are of no consequence to the New World Order they wish to impose on us.

Beware the Vampire Squid: whether you are on the Left or the Right it will feast on your blood and suck you dry all the same."

My oh my, how those corporate journalists enjoy bashing internet-based conspiraloonery, yet are gradually finding themselves drawn to the language of net-based loondom as their own lexicon becomes less and less capable of describing the shit that's going down

though, obviously, James wouldn't want the Little People to become too focused on the crimes of the Big People at the expense of those distractive ideological hobby horses as, let's be honest here, they're a nice little earner

Thursday, November 17, 2011

That does not compute

I can't quite put my finger on what it is exactly but something about Deek Jackson's Conspiracy Clown project suggests to me, in the gentlest of ways, that Deek is currently tussling with the teensy weensiest of logical paradoxes

Deek appears to be suggesting that anyone who gets angry when someone disagrees with them is a dick. He appears to be quite angry that people behave like this

Fans of Star Trek will recognise this as being the same strategy William Shatner routinely used to destroy otherwise impregnable machine intelligences through force of paradoxical argument alone

Human intelligence is, of course, clearly superior to machine intelligence as it is (usually) more than capable of processing contradictory data with the aid of contradictory beliefs, without melting or destroying any mining colonies

As it happens I agree with what Deek is trying to say (which is why I'm posting his video) but he comes out with almost as much bullshit as many of the truthers he's criticising, and he defends his bullshit just as aggressively as they defend theirs

Every cloud has a silver lining

I've spent the last few days thinking about getting in touch with and offering my commiserations to all the good friends I made during the brief time I spent with MF Global a few years back

Then I remembered there weren't any

edit: actually, Gerald Celente got reamed, so make that two silver linings, and a nice sweary wrap-up to his account of his reaming...

'You're about to get MF-ed'

Monday, November 07, 2011

Why the NWO Might Actually Win - #129 Kevin Barrett

There are two reasons why I post about some of the more, um, interesting characters who associate themselves with, for want of a better term, the cause of 7/7 Truth

The first, obviously enough, is that I believe they are fucking it up and have contributed in their own small ways to the snail's progress that has been made thus far

The second reason is that I view their antics as a case study in the trials and pitfalls which can be sprinkled in the path of 'truth movements' in general

Which gets me onto the subject of Kevin Barrett

Kevin is a leading 9/11 Truther and hosts a couple of weekly US-based radio shows/ podcasts

Kevin is a big chum of Jim Fetzer. That's the same Jim Fetzer who appeared on the BBC last September explaining that the 9/11 wreckage on the Pentagon lawn was dumped there from a C130 transport circling overhead

Cheers Jim

Kevin has taken a keen interest in the subject of 7/7 and has conducted numerous interviews with leading (sic.) 7/7 researchers

Curiously enough, Kevin's personal list of 'leading 7/7 researchers' coincides 100% with my personal list of 'dodgy, dubious and pointless 7/7 researchers'

Through his tireless promotion of some of the shonkiest 7/7 material out there, Kevin (along with Jolly Jim Fetzer) has contributed in no small part to the absolutely woeful, often plain incorrect, understanding of 7/7 displayed by the average US truther

Cheers Kev

Anyway, Kevin has interviewed Muad'dib several times since 7/7 Ripple Effect appeared and, last week, slapped up a blog post promoting Muad'dib's latest film the day before it was released.

Kevin also interviewed Muad'dib ahead of the release of the new film

The interview was Comedy Gold and I'm going to post a link to the best segment after supplying a few listener's background notes which will hopefully enhance the experience...
  • Kevin is a practicing Muslim
  • Curiously, in his previous interviews with Kevin, Muad'dib had neglected to mention that he was Christ or that Muslims are adhering to a Satanic faith

  • Equally curiously, even though Kevin has praised Muad'dib's truth seeking efforts on numerous occasions he has clearly never visited Muad'dib's websites

  • Even though Kevin was happy to promote Muad'dib's new video on his blog he obviously hadn't watched it first (that's the video where Muad'dib tells the world he is the Messiah and warns the viewers that they can either follow Muad'dib or burn). Kevin will have presumably watched that video by now, but only after broadcasting this interview where Kevin says that Muad'dib is 'basically barking up the right tree'

  • The highpoints in the following clip imho include Muad and Kevin exchanging banter about how strange it was that the prosecution shot itself in the foot during Muad'dib's trial ('actually, it makes you wonder if someone on the prosecution team was covertly on your side'), a brief exchange about Tony Farrell, Muad'dib explaining how he's rewritten and merged the Torah, the New Testament and the Koran ('The King of Kings'), and Muad'dib explaining that the problem with the Koran is that it's in Arabic, not English, plus several other choice nuggets including a wee hint that Muslims are Satan worshippers
If you follow 7/7 scepticism at all or just want to hear a leading US Truther make a complete turnip of himself on air, the following clip will be 12 minutes moderately well spent...

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Lure of the Patsy

Lee Harvey Fawkes Faux

I'd like to expand on a couple of points I have made underneath my previous post

In that post I linked to the closing minutes of the sequel to '7/7 Ripple Effect', a film called 'The Nazi Bankers' Crimes - Ripple Effect'. The film ends with a call for the viewer to embrace the producer of the film as The Messiah, accompanied by scenes from the film 'V for Vendetta'

I have repeatedly expressed concerns that the intention behind the entire '7/7 Ripple Effect' project was to promote the messianic pretensions of the person who claims to be its producer and, to that end, '7/7 Ripple Effect' was constructed to appeal to those looking for fables to believe in, rather than those inclined to sceptism. In short, the target market was people capable of unquestioning religious faith. The punchline of the latest ‘Ripple Effect’ film bears this out, in spades

Ultimately, whether this distraction is actively sponsored by the (in)security services, whether shady characters are contributing no more than the occasional helpful nudge, or whether this is solely the work of a wannabe Christ figure and a handful of followers is neither here nor there. The Muad'dib 'op' is a distraction from the research which has torn the Official 7/7 Narrative apart and it assists the corporate media in portraying all ‘conspiracy theorists’ as credulous whackjobs, and not just some of them

And then there’s this whole Guy Fawkes/ V for Vendetta thing which is enjoying much more widespread support and exposure than any scepticism about the Official 7/7 Narrative

I've never liked 'V' very much, which puts me in the same camp as the author of the graphic novel on which it is based, Alan Moore

When I first saw the film I couldn’t quite put my finger on why it bothered me as much as it did. Some initial reading up on my part revealed that the lead actress in the film cited the life of Menachem Begin as an inspiration for her role, which was a clue that at least some of motivations behind the movie were a little short of the pacifistic anarchist ideal (I guess she skipped the chapter on Deir Yassin)

Even if you were to overlook the unsound elements in the film, and I’ll get back to them in a moment, the Guy Fawkes myth itself is deeply unsound

I remember as I young kid not being able to see the connection between the story of Guy Fawkes and the tradition of burning a ‘guy’. I knew Fawkes had been hung so what was the deal with throwing effigies of him on a fire?

And then one night, from underneath a blanket, I saw 'The Wicker Man' and the penny dropped. A little later I found out about the ancient festival of Samhain and the penny resumed its descent. People had been making a racket, lighting fires and burning effigies at the start of Winter for millennia

What ‘The State’ had done was to have co-opted a long-standing festival and transformed it into a celebration of its own perpetuation and glory. It is one thing to stick a Christian church on the site of a pagan temple, an altogether more powerful and enduring stroke of genius to hijack a tradition. If done right the results can outlast any building

Digging even deeper into the Bonfire Night 'celebration', there are plenty of reasons to suspect that the ‘Gunpowder Plot’ itself was a fabrication, that the plot was an example of state-sponsored false flag terror and Fawkes a patsy. The Elizabethan/ Jacobean state demonstrated on many occasions that it was more than capable of such intrigue. Except back then it was Catholics who served the role of the ‘Enemy Within (and without)’ now filled by Muslims

The irony that protesters today might be drawn to a patsy myth is compounded by the fact that even though they, almost without exception, pay homage to the meme of non violent revolution they, again almost without exception, refer to the imagery promoted in a corporate-produced, big budget motion picture which is violent to the core

For a film which is lauded by supposed proponents of passive resistance, 'V for Vendetta' does depict, with relish, an awful lot of people being stabbed, poisoned, blown up and shot

Of course, most knife vs. gun fights turn out as expected but you're more than welcome, positively encouraged, to try

The Fawkes story is an establishment-promoted myth and that myth's most widely hyped contemporary manifestation promises, Hollywood style, that all 'we' have to do is kill the bad guy or blow up the Death Star and everything's going to be just fucking peachy

Personally, I doubt it

Ho hum, maybe in 400 years time 'anti-capitalist' (sic.) protesters will be wearing Mohamed Atta masks to demos...

Saturday, November 05, 2011

7/7 Ripple Effect - Here comes the punchline

Muad'dib's sequel to 7/7 Ripple Effect has just hit the Interweb. I haven't played it through yet but just went straight to the final reel...

F*** me. I didn't see that one coming

Ok, maybe just a little


Thursday, October 20, 2011

A personal message to Tony Farrell

Hi Tony

A little dickie bird tells me that you're getting mixed up with opinions I express and opinions expressed by the J7 Truth Campaign

To the best of my knowledge the J7 Truth Campaign hasn't expressed any opinion about your Damascene conversion to full blown 7/7 conspiraloon at all

I, on the other hand, think you're your story is dodgy as fuck

I think you're dodgy as fuck because...
  • You work(ed) in police 'intelligence' for many years
  • Even though you worked as a terrorism risk analyst in the same county three of the alleged 7/7 bombers came from, you claim that you only became aware of conspiracy theories about 7/7 five years after the bombings

  • Even though you worked as a terrorism risk analyst in the same county three of the alleged 7/7 bombers came from, you claim that the only insight you have into the bombings came from 'watching videos in the internet' and you learned nothing relevant to 7/7 scepticism from your day job
  • You are attempting to promote doubt in the official 7/7 narrative as being a matter of religious faith and not a matter of scepticism in a poorly supported, inconsistent narrative

  • Your account of your dismissal is littered with apparent contrivances - your suspension on the anniversary of 7/7, your hearing on the anniversary of 9/11, the story about a priest switching you onto 7/7 Truth, claims that your superiors were sympathetic to your views on 7/7. It all sounds unlikely, unrealistic and scripted

Going forward, the only thing I see you contributing to the cause of 7/7 Truth is more twaddle about a 'Satanic' New World Order which will assist the establishment in depicting 7/7 Sceptics as being credulous believers and not rigorous sceptics

And maybe at some point you'll shave your legs and claim to be God

Which isn't much of a contribution at all

Sorry I missed you last Saturday. I'll try and catch up with you another time. I'll be the one not clapping, waiting to ask questions




Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

7/7, Alex Cox and The Parallax View

Earlier on today I posted links to a couple of videos - one about 7/7, the other about 9/11

A few issues came up, either in the posts themselves or as comments underneath the posts, which have just converged for me in a nicely synchronisitic way

In my post about Tom Secker's 7/7 documentary I mentioned that there was a time, 15 or 20 years ago, when the State Broadcasting Company would occasionally air material of a parapolitical nature which nowadays it wouldn't touch with a barge pole. The example I chose to link to was the Timewatch documentary on Operation Gladio broadcast in 1992

In a comment underneath my post about James Corbett's excellent 9/11 satire I drew a parallel with the montage at the end of Corbett's video and the brainwashing scene that pops out of nowhere in the middle of The Parallax View - made back in the 70s when off the hook conspiraloonery and six minute long photo montages appeared with satisfying regularity in major motion picture productions (that decade gets an undeservedly bad rap imho)

That would be this scene...

Here's the nice convergence

Whilst watching that scene from The Parallax View I recalled an interesting introduction film director Alex Cox (maker of the 'intense' Repo Man) gave to The Parallax View when it was aired on Cox's Moviedrome series back in the late 1980s/ early 1990s

And, joy of joys, the Cox introduction is currently available on Youtube...

That was shown on BBC2 in 1993

The chances of Cox getting away with stuff like that on the State Broadcasting Company are now absolutely, no doubt about it whatsoever, fuck all

Which is a shame as Cox had one or two things to say about 7/7 in his blog which, in turn, kicked off an extended debate on the now defunct Alex Cox forum. That was back in the distant days of 2005 when the Official 7/7 Narrative was still being defended by 'official' 7/7 survivors engaged in frontal assaults, rather than the more indirect defence of the Official Narrative being mounted today by peddlers of perfidious harm and faulty arguments

Cox's original 7/7 article and the subsequent debate are now preserved for whatever passes for posterity these days on the J7 website here

I mention all this because it's only when, and fortunately I'm old enough to do this, I concentrate and think back to how wide the range of permitted public discourse used to be, in comparison to today, that I realise just how much has been taken away from us


7/7: Crime & Prejudice

Tom Secker's sequel to his 7/7 film 'Seeds of Deconstruction' is now up and running on Youtube...

and, like Secker's first video, it's littered with nuggets which have been the stock in trade of the J7 Forum and J7 Inquest blog but not covered in any other 7/7 film...

The Walsall Anarchists, the Aldwych bus bombing
, a comprehensive summary of the numerous acts of pre-conditioning aired by the BBC prior to 7/7, the possiblity of false trails of breadcrumbs laid for 'truthers'...

This is a film which pushes no theories of its own but presents a mass of reasons, and a whole lot of context, for doubting the Official 7/7 Narrative. Unlike state-friendly tosh like 7/7 Ripple Effect, you'll never see the BBC attempting a hit piece on the opinions expressed in this film because they are just too well supported. Come to think of it, until 15 or 20 years ago, the BBC used to occasionally put out documentaries just like it

No doubt, 7/7: Crime and Prejudice will be a little too nuanced, open-minded and facty for some but that's no criticism at all. Far from it

Reasons why I (for the moment anyway) love James Corbett pt.22

Here follows a master class on how to succinctly demolish an Official Narrative, without knocking up one of your own...


Monday, September 05, 2011

The Right Stuff

As a postscript to my previous post about scepticism of the Official Apollo Narrative I’d like to mention the first conscious recollection I have that all was not quite right with the NAZA’s take on history

Back in the early 1980’s I went to see ‘The Right Stuff’ in a real, actual cinema

And even though I was a young slip of a thing, inexperienced in the ways of loonacy and alternative accounts of how the world works, I couldn’t help picking up on the fact that a core objective of the entire movie was to portray the second American in space, Gus Grissom, as an utter, utter loser

Gus Grissom

I’ve subsequently seen the film several more times and I personally have no doubt that it was a deliberate hatchet job. In fact, the film goes so way over the top in besmirching Grissom’s character that, even as a kid, I left the cinema with a strong sense of grievance on Grissom’s behalf. Slagging off a dead man who is incapable of defending himself, through the medium of a multi-million dollar epic movie, is pretty low behaviour

If you ever watch ‘The Right Stuff’ you’ll learn that Grissom was a coward, greedy, dishonest, a clumsy buffoon and unfaithful to his wife - a frustrated, shrew-like character who was clearly unfulfilled sexually; implying that Grissom probably had a small cock as well

The producers left absolutely nothing out

This was back in the dark days before the Internet and even though I tried to do some reading up on Grissom after seeing the film I wasn’t able to get much of handle on why Hollywood and NAZA would go out of their way to so blatantly defame a dead man

I did however, establish that...
"On January 22, 1967, Grissom made a brief stop at home before returning to the Cape. A citrus tree grew in their backyard with lemons on it as big as grapefruits. Gus yanked the largest lemon he could find off of the tree. Betty had no idea what he was up to and asked what he planned to do with the lemon. " 'I'm going to hang it on that spacecraft,' Gus said grimly and kissed her goodbye." (54) Betty knew that Gus would be unable to return home before the crew conducted the plugs out test on January 27, 1967. What she did not know was that January 22 would be "the last time he was here at the house". (55)"

  • Grissom died in a fire whilst strapped in the ‘lemon’...

  • Years later, I read that Grissom’s family were convinced that he was murdered because of his criticism of Apollo and that his son had found what he believed to be physical evidence which proved Grissom had been murdered

From the 'You couldn't make it up' photo archive - the crew of Apollo 1

It was when I started to encounter claims that Apollo was hoaxed in some way that I found a possible motive for dragging Grissom’s name through the gutter in the way it had been. Putting it briefly, I was predisposed to giving Apollo Hoax theories the time of day because I was already aware that NAZA was controlled by a bunch of devious, unscrupulous cunts

As a moderately interesting aside, at the same time as depicting Grissom as not having the ‘Right Stuff’ the movie of that title bent over backwards to eulogize someone who supposedly did...

Chuck 'The Right Stuff' Yeager

Chuck Yeager was portrayed as being a tall, good looking and fearless personification of All-American values. The beautiful, unshrew-like Mrs Yeager was clearly in receipt of a regular portion from a man as capable of controlling huge, thrusting projectiles on land as at near-space altitudes

He was so full of the right stuff he could barely walk

But what is this ‘right stuff’ exactly?

A couple of extracts from Yeager’s autobiography on the subject of his World War II exploits help fill in the blanks a little...

“Atrocities were committed by both sides. That fall our fighter group received orders from the Eighth Air Force to stage a maximum effort. Our seventy five Mustangs were assigned an area of fifty miles by fifty miles inside Germany and ordered to strafe anything that moved. The object was to demoralize the German population. Nobody asked our opinion about whether we were actually demoralizing the survivors or maybe enraging them to stage their own maximum effort in behalf of the Nazi war effort. We weren't asked how we felt zapping people. It was a miserable, dirty mission, but we all took off on time and did it. If it occurred to anyone to refuse to participate (nobody refused, as I recall) that person would have probably been court-martialed. I remember sitting next to Bochkay at the briefing and whispering to him: "If we're gonna do things like this, we sure as hell better make sure we're on the winning side." That's still my view.”

“By definition, war is immoral; there is no such thing as a clean war. Once armies are engaged, war is total. We were ordered to commit an atrocity, pure and simple, but the brass who approved this action probably felt justified because wartime Germany wasn't easily divided between "innocent civilians" and its military machine. The farmer tilling his potato field might have been feeding German troops. And because German industry was wrecked by constant bombing, munitions-making was now a cottage industry, dispersed across the country in hundreds of homes and neighbourhood factories, which was the British excuse for staging carpet bombing and fire bombing attacks on civilian targets. In war, the military will seldom hesitate to hit civilians if they are in the way, or to target them purposely for various strategic reasons. That's been true in every war that has ever been fought and will be fought. That is the savage nature of war itself. I'm certainly not proud of that particular strafing mission against civilians. But it is there, on the record and in my memory.”

Chuck 'I was only following orders' Yeager

So, it would seem that 'The Right Stuff' includes a capacity to set aside any moral concerns and machine-gun someone growing vegetables if told to do so

From what I have learned of Gus Grissom's character it is possible that in the same situation he would have told his commanding officer to go fuck himself or, more likely, he would have flown out and strafed some trees

Clearly not The Right Stuff

It’s a mystery to me why Yeager never actually became a NAZA Astronaut. Yeager would have got on with Wernher and the boys like a house on fire


And, for some reason which I may go into another time, there's a been a small flurry of Apollo-related activity in the conspirasphere of late - most notably...
  • I've started seeing postings on 'Apollo 20' pop up here there again

For the first half of my adult life I accepted, without reservation, that humans had set foot on the Moon

The list of matters of faith that I once accepted without reservation also included...
  • Life strains at the leash to spring up out of primordial sludge and evolve into complex organisms
  • All physical impediments to viable space travel can be overcome
  • The Universe is so big that it must be teeming with evolved Life forms
Nowadays I'm not so sure. In the absence of 3rd party intervention, the chances of Life just popping out of nowhere seem to me incredibly small; as small as the Universe is large. Space is a ludicrously hazardous environment and the distances between star systems are so absurdly vast as to present an all but insurmountable obstacle

Contrary to the belief system that pervades our culture, through 'popular' science and creative media, there is a distinct possibility that our existence is to all intents and purposes unique and that we live on the only inhabitable chunk of real estate that we're ever likely to have access to. There will be no Get Out of Jail Free cards and no Magic Space Friends are going to turn up and pull us out of the shit

This may come across as an abstract proposition, with no practical relevance to the here and now, but I believe that if a majority of people took on board the possibility that 'This' is It they might start to behave very differently

Imagine for a moment if, instead of whipping Apollo out of a hat, NAZA had announced that it had concluded that space represents an impassable barrier and that we are stuck on this fabulously unlikely and wonderful planet for the foreseeable future. Would our attitude to the world around us be tangibly different? I suspect yes


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A11 work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

A few years ago I posted a link to Rob Ager's analysis of Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange

Being a Kubrick fan, and a loon, I thought Ager had come up with some interesting, dare I say Illuminating, observations about the film and made a strong case that Kubrick himself was a bit
of a loon

Quite a lot of a loon actually

However, as Ager himself pointed out, just because Kubrick believed in the existence of certain fruity little clubs with a taste for occult practices, mind control and recreational global domination, that does not constitute proof that any of what Kubrick believed is real

All it proves is that Kubrick stuffed his films full of coded references and symbolism

Having said all that, here's some quality Old Skool loonery on the subject of Kubrick and NAZA's Apollo (television?) programme...

(edit 6/9/11 - sadly, the above video 'Kubrick's Odyssey' appears to have been pulled from Youtube after a complaint from its producer about, of all things, copyright violation)

It's worth the price of admission just for the rocket launch sequence at the end of Part 3 alone

After watching this, The Shining makes a shed load more sense than it ever did before

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Friday, August 12, 2011

You're lucky I'm there To stop people doing the things That you know they are dying to do

See if you can tell which of the following images comes from where

One of them comes from a dystopic comic which encourages its adolescent readers to whack off on weapons porn, festishistic centrefolds of pitiless, fascistic lawmen and mental imagery of a society in ruins

The other comes from 2000AD


Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Real (sic.) Source of the British Riots

I don't personally agree with everything Stefan Molyneux says or implies in the following bout of right wing libertarian axe-grinding but I still think it's worth a spin...

The interesting parts for me are not the assertions I agree with but the assertions I disagree with - and asking myself why I disagree with them


You read it here first

"Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week..."

Of course, one could persist in believing that the London riots were part of a fiendishly labyrinthine false flag op to
enable the Iranians to take the piss out of us; completely subverting the Western rhetoric supporting any further Middle East interventions in the process

Personally, I'm lumping the riots in with the exposure of Rupert Murdoch, the White Nationalist snafu in Norway and the curiously under-reported unrest in Israel as being possible examples that our world isn't quite as tightly controlled by an all-powerful, monolithic, Zionist elite as some of my fellow conspiranauts fear


Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Iranian Comedy Gold!!


And proof, yet again, that the secret of great comedy is timing

Personally, I'm not currently of the opinion that last night's street parties were deliberately allowed to erupt by a complicit establishment. The Hegelian Dialectic is not the the infallible tactic some conspiranoids would have us believe

It's all very well and good arranging for something shocking to happen so that the public will clamour for a more repressive state. However if, as occurred last night, the state comes across as being incompetent and powerless, this Hegel thing can easily blow up in your face

The probability of the Royal Air Force helping to bomb Syria, or anywhere else, better in the immediate future just reduced considerably

In a (very) perverse way, those looters last night may have saved some lives


Your cut out and keep souvenir map of the London Riots 2011

The latest news just in is that NATO has recognized a group of rioters in Hackney as being the legitimate government of Great Britain and will start bombing the shit out of schools and hospitals across the country tomorrow morning


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Qui Breivik?

The evidence that last week's massacre in Norway involved something more than a lone nutcase is starting to stack up...

- The possible involvement of multiple gunmen
- Ridiculously slow police response time
- The police knowing the gunman's name when they arrived
- The 'media package which emerged immediately after the shootings - including a dubious 1,500 page manifesto, suitably incriminating Facebook account and high quality portraits and photos of the gunman dressed up in a variety of deranged costumes like some kind of White Nationalist Action Man

Anders Behring Breivik posing with some chums

and so on and so on

So, yes, there are plenty of reasons to suspect 'dark actors playing games' behind the scenes

And if the profile of the gunman, as being woven by the corporate media, were that of a Muslim fanatic or a lone Internet-obsessed conspiranoid I'd acknowledge that at least some of the analyses I'm seeing in the alternative media were internally consistent and credible

However, it's a little different this time

The ideology being implicated on this occasion is the kind of anti-Islamist, White Nationalist, pro-Zionist brew which up till now the 'dark actors playing games' have been working like bastards to cultivate around the world

When ghastly characters like 'Lionhart' and Melanie Phillips, people who've spent years bigging up the TERROR!! threat in support of their ideologies, feel obliged to distance themselves from an act of terrorism I personally conclude that something unusual is going on

You don't have to do much digging to establish that the EDL and other European White Nationalist groups are Zionist funded and often quite open about their solidarity with the state of Israel

My take is that if Melanie Phillips is wetting her knickers about something the chances are that it's not that good for Zionism

Melanie Phillips - The answer to the question 'Do you want to see something *really* scary?'

However, the fact that this mass murder places Zionist-associated ideologies firmly into the frame has done nothing to prevent many on-line conspiranauts posing the question 'Cui bono?' and responding 'The Zionists'

This is a belief system I've been criticising
repeatedly in recent posts - the conviction that 'The Jews' are responsible for every event of malevolent significance in the world. A presumption nurtured by a willingness to cherry pick evidence and bend thought to gratify that belief system

It is on the increase in many of the sites that I visit, in readers' comments if not in the posts, and it's fucking up clear, critical thinking

It is no accident that the corporate media persistantly go out of their way to depict conspiracy theorists as people motivated by racial or religious agendas. Racial and religious based belief systems are easily ridiculed and, not to put too fine a point on it, they have a boundless capacity to piss people off. Well thought out, politically-based points of view are a much tougher proposition

Monday, July 25, 2011

Truth? Where's the market for that?

In the UK, back in the days before the Internet, it was possible to make a fairly reliable estimation of an individual's political viewpoint based on the title of newspaper they had under their arm; The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Daily Mirror, The Daily Express, The Daily Sport and all the rest, each had a particular target demographic. The biases were unashamed and undenied

The priority for the readers of those newspapers was not the quality of research, or the writing, or the photography or any of that nonsense. Their top concern, first and foremost, was to read material which presented events in a way that was most pleasing to their pre-existing world view

Curiously, apolitical readers of the back pages of newspapers often genuinely were interested in non-partisan, well-written, well researched articles, accompanied by decent photography. Which is why you could sometimes screw up guessing a person's politics by their choice of newspaper, if they'd only bought it for the sports coverage

The reason why I'm raising the subject of people prioritising their world-view ahead of their thirst for objectivity is that I've just finished reading Webster Tarpley's take on the recent massacre in Norway...

Norway Terror Attacks a False Flag: More Than One Shooter on Island; Oslo Police Drilled Bomb Blasts; Was It NATO’s Revenge for Norway’s Decision to Stop Bombing Libya?

Washington DC, July 24, 2011 – The tragic terror attacks in Norway display a number of the telltale signs of a false flag provocation...

As I was reading the piece I was overcome with the same sense of frustrated tedium that I've been feeling recently as I plough through most of the 'alternative' news and commentary on the web. In that respect, I'm not singling Tarpley out. His article on Behring Breivik simply typifies the laziness that I think is corrupting alternative analyses of current events

What's my problem with Tarpley's piece?

For starters this 'number of telltale signs of false flag terror' stuff is way too reminiscent of the cliched 'all the hallmarks of Al-Qaeda' nonsense that mainstream commentators trot out five seconds after anything bad happens in the world

And the parallels with mainstream presstitution don't end there. Tarpley and countless other 'Truthers' started banging out their analyses of the massacre whilst the bodies were still warm. The result was not informed commentary but mounds of speculative verbiage - where the absence of facts and carefully thought out conclusions was compensated for by a pile of 'what ifs' and 'maybes'

And whilst I'm on the subject of carefully thought out conclusions, the last time I looked the whole purpose of a 'false flag op' was to create the appearance that it was carried out by another entity. So how does framing up reactionary white supremacist lunatics 'punish' the Norwegian state for refusing to bomb Libya or, as others are writing, for its friendly relations with Palestine?

If this were a false-flag op to punish Norway wouldn't the idea be to implicate Libya, or Palestine, or Muslims in general? Why would Zionist or other establisment gangs stage an atrocity which discredits an ideology they've worked like bastards to cultivate and which they need to maintain now more than ever?

The Muzzers are soooooo going to catch it for this one

There's no serious critical or original thought going on in Tarpley's piece; no more than in most of the other alternative commentary I've read. The writers are just simply filtering through the material as it becomes available and cherry-picking that which fits their pre-established narratives. The end result is a certainty of conclusion that is a 'characteristic hallmark' of the most blinkered, the most confirmation-bias afflicted and the most thoughtless


Mainstream Conspiraloons #120 - Matthew Parris multipack

Matthew Parris - completely off his tits

An absolutely superb torrent of unrelenting mainstream loonery from Matthew Parris which would have been lost for all time behind The Great Paywall of Murdoch if someone hadn't lifted it onto their blog...

The next 20 scandals. So you won’t be shocked

1 Many prison officers are complicit in the supply of drugs within prisons. How else do I reconcile what’s common knowledge — that drug use is rife in prison — with the almost abusive security checks I’ve undergone when I visits friends in prison? Among the reasons for these checks must sometimes be the protection of a monopoly.

2 Nothing like a real competitive market exists among banks or energy suppliers. They are classic cartels, robbing their customers.

3 Many sporting records that still stand — and not just in cycling — have been fuelled by performance-enhancing drugs. Have you noticed the plateauing or even dropping off of many winning times, including in my own former sport of long-distance running? This is because of anti-drug enforcement. There will be more and much bigger stories here than have yet been told.

4 Insider trading. It’s absolutely endemic. In many spheres and all sorts of ways within the financial world, nothing even approaching a free, fair or open market exists. The protection and enhancement of entrenched advantage is, to a far greater degree than capitalist competition, the key dynamic in many markets.

5 The stock exchange has all but lost its original purpose — the financing of new business — and become a turbo-charged, non-stop poker school for a huge, wealthy, essentially unproductive and largely parasitic class. Unfortunately for my argument, Britain makes a lot of money from this...

Lots more here, absolutely heaps


Saturday, July 23, 2011

A lone gunman narrative that has it all...

including the all-important triple name thing...

Anders Behring-Breivik

I'm waiting for the dust to settle on this one

The mainstream media started off with 'It woz the wogs wot done it'

A large chunk of the alternative media is playing with 'It woz the yids wot done it'

No-one seems to think Anglo-Saxons are capable of slaughtering people on their own account any more

How the mighty have fallen


Thursday, July 21, 2011

'Christian' Doublethink

For reasons I'll get into in a future post I've been mulling over the nature of belief and the internal contradictions within certain belief systems

Top of my list of belief systems with internal contradictions is evangelical Christianity

Having not been raised in a 'born again' tradition, evangelical Christianity came as a bit of a surprise to me when I started bumping into evangelicals and the strange, rather scary take some of them had on how a supposedly Loving Creator goes about his business

I also couldn't help noticing that members of certain evangelical communities were very big on quoting that ode to genocide, the Old Testament, and the bits in the New Testament that follow accounts of the life of Jesus. They were much more selective about what they quoted from Jesus Christ himself and accounts of his life

All that stuff about sharing, turning the other cheek, embracing outcasts and unconditional love barely got a look in

Which struck me, and still does, as rather peculiar behaviour for people who claim to be followers of Jesus' teachings

Someone asked me yesterday about one particular inconsistancy within evangelical Christianity

The End Times thing

The subject came up because there is a significant overlap between people who are sceptical of 'Official Narratives' and evangelical Christians who believe that they are among The Elect, blessed to be around during the run up to Armageddon and battling in a holy war against Satan and his End Game (which includes state-sponsored false flag terror ops)

They know this because it has been prophesised

One thing that has always struck me as peculiar with this belief is that it seems to presuppose that either a) Satan hasn't read the Bible or b) Satan has read the Bible but reckons he can outwit the Creator of Everything and change the ending

Nope, it's not working for me I'm afraid

And then there's the small matter of Jesus' own words, as quoted in the divinely inspired Word of God - The Gospel of Matthew 24:36-44...

"36 “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. 37 As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. 38 For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; 39 and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. ... 42 “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come. 43 But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what time of night the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into. 44 So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him."

Jesus' position on End Time prophecies couldn't be much clearer could it?

I freely admit that I like Christianity, as defined by the words and actions attributed to Jesus. The intolerant, arrogant, inconsistent belief system that some people practice and describe as Christianity has got fuck all to do with either

The capacity to adhere to a belief system which is contradicted internally by its own teachings is more Orwell than Jesus


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another proper Charlie, sorry, Johnnie

I've noticed some speculation here and there about yesterday's flanning of Rupert Murdoch by zany, madcap, UK Uncut* co-founder Jon May-Bowles

A common line of thought being that Johnnie was deliberately allowed to deliver his load so that Murdoch would garner some sympathy from the viewing public and also to serve as a distraction from the heinous matters being discussed

Speaking as someone who prefers his unverifiable hypotheses to be more (L)assagne-like; with at least a couple of layers, I favour the possibility that the flanning served as both a distraction from the hearing *and* a reminder to Murdoch of his vulnerability

There does, after all, appear to be a huge pissing contest taking place in the UK amongst various establishment gangs - which kind of flies in the face of those who believe there are no cabals and those who believe that there is essentially only one

An alternative explanation for Johnnie's behaviour would be simply to take things at face value; as many of the warm and supportive Youtube commentators have done underneath this video of Johnnie strutting his rib-tickling stuff down in the hood in Stockwell...

"Congratulations, you fucking dick - you've just guaranteed tomorrow's headlines will be dominated by some posho wannabe activist and shaving foam rather than the abuse and corruption of the Murdochs. Oh, and you're fucking shit as well."

"You disrupted one of the most important criminal investigations in British history to get your grubby little fifteen minutes of fame. Congratulations, you attention-seeking cunt."

"he attacks old men and gets beaten up by middle aged women
jonnie fucking marbles.... the least funny man in the world"

"Oh, what a surprise, listen to the posh twat. What’s the betting that Jonathan May-Bowles turns out to be another middle-class knob from the home counties, like 99% of these over-privileged, activist, leftie, anarchist pricks are."

Any similarities to Charlie Veitch are entirely structural and class-based


* = I've not been exactly what you might call a fan of the activism to date, typified by UK Uncut, which has been directed at the austerity program promised by the UK government and banking system. My take is that the activists are currently flogging a dead horse and until they start talking about structural reform, rather than tinkering with a bit more tax here, a little more spending there, I will continue to look upon them as attempting no more than putting lipstick on a pig. The counter to my point of view is that these activists have to go through a learning process and will eventually conclude, as a result of their trials and tribulations, that structural reform is needed. Fine, let them learn...