Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Spring/Summer 2008 TERROR!! season officially open for business

I keep meaning to write a post about the latest bout of TERROR!! mania which is the sweeping the UK

But the problem is that there is so much going on at the moment that even someone like me, with a little more time currently on his hands than most, can’t keep up with it all

Which, I suspect, is the idea

In the space of a few days we’ve had at least three high profile terror trials start or end…

  • A group of radical FantaMentolists who allegedly conspired to destroy airliners with fizzy drinks – a feat so ludicrously unfeasible you could do a lot more damage to people by forcing them to drink that crap rather than trying to make it explode

now in zingy, aspartame-enhanced H202 flavor!!

  • The alleged 7/7 co-conspirators who allegedly carried out meticulous reconnaissance for the alleged 7/7 bombers. A reconnaissance mission fiendishly disguised as a day trip to several popular London tourist attractions which weren’t actually attacked on 7/7 but which looked ‘strikingly similar’ to the trains/ tunnels bombed on 7/7

    "Look! It's round! Tunnels are round..."

  • Co-conspirators who assisted a plot to slaughter hundreds of London night-clubbers – foiled only by the fact that their 'bomb' was useless and the difficulties presented when trying to park a blazing Mercedes inside a night club whilst you are also on fire

...plus all sorts of supporting material slipped into the press and television schedules. The BBC, for example, is kicking off its latest expose on all things Terror this evening and the home secretary announced this weekend that there are literally thousands of bearded people under surveillance under suspicion of visiting museums, shopping for condiments or drinking cola

And when reading up on this stuff it is very easy to get bogged down in the detail and lost in a bewildering sea of foreign sounding names and alleged organisations and plots; all cross-referenced to each other in one big amorphous mass of confusing bullshit

Most people, even those sceptical of the establishment, will simply give up and conclude that there is apparently so much material that there really must be some basis to the existing War on Terror paradigm

Which, as I’ve said, I suspect to be the idea

If you do read up on this stuff it is clear that, for fair reasons or foul, MI5/MI6’s hands are all over these alleged plots in the form of various shady characters who seem to be the driving force behind many of these plots but are rarely caught. When they do occasionally get caught they’re allowed to escape, sports fisherman style, with almost comical ease

And yet, in spite of the ludicrous and dubious nature of many of the charges and allegations, all this cack is parroted uncritically by mainstream journalists

How on Earth, short of maxing out on botox, can anyone report this nonsense and actually have the brass nuts to describe it as ‘chilling’ whilst keeping a straight face baffles me completely

Though maybe I’m being a little hard on the establishment here

Imagine being a member of the security forces tasked with finding one of the half dozen or so remaining British Muslim FantaMentolists who still think that Osama bin Bogeyman...

a) Wasn't employed by the CIA
b) Isn't connected to the Bush family
c) Is still alive

Not an easy task by any means

With such restrictive criteria you'd have to be a little less selective when it comes to finding evidence which supports any actual serious capacity and intent to blow people up

Francis Walsingham - the spiritual Godfather of British Intelligence and a man whose methods and career have absolutely no relevance to events today; absolutely none... zilch... zero... nada... niente...

The 7/7 trial which started last week has already turned out to be a particularly shameful exercise in spin. There has been a lot of material relating to the 7/7 attacks released in the controlled, courtroom environment which many people, myself included, have been waiting for since the attacks happened

The curious thing is that much of this material and the interpretations of its significance being parroted by the press have nothing to do with the guilt or innocence of the accused. I find it very unlikely that the defence, even if it were so inclined, will even attempt to challenge this material when it has the opportunity to do so. The defence team is going to be focused on distancing its clients from 7/7, not questioning what actually happened on that day

Which means that this trial is being used as a device to promote and publicise the official narrative in such a way that it will not be open to direct challenge or scrutiny. This prosecution has, in many ways, the air of a show trial about it. Some people might even have the cheek to claim that it will be an adequate alternative to an independent inquiry into 7/7

Today saw the most gob-smacking example of what is going down before our eyes…

“The bombers scattered identity and bank cards around the Tube carriages they targeted before placing their rucksacks on the floor and setting off the explosives inside them, jurors heard.”

" It is, in the opinion of Mr Todd, noteworthy that at each scene, some personal materials and documents, such as ID cards, were found relating to the bombers. Although they were damaged to some extent, they did not show the damage that would be expected if they were on the body of the bomber or in the rucksack, suggesting that in each case they had been deliberately separated by some distance from the actual explosion."


and no-one with mainstream media access is going to comment on this?!!



Merkin said...

Worse and worse.

Stef said...



Anonymous said...

Yep, these ubiquitous 'and others unknown' somehow always seem to get caught up in these terror trials

Anonymous said...

Amazing isn't it? You wait ages for a big Terror trial and 3 come along at once. A bit like buses really. Let's hope there are no Muslims on board any of them though, carrying bottles of lucozade, black pepper and multiple identity documents.

Stef said...

...carrying bottles of lucozade, black pepper and multiple identity documents

not wanting to be a pedant here but today's expert testimony clearly established that home-grown terror bastards' SOPs require that they scatter their multiple IDs all over crowded tube trains and buses rather than carry them on their persons

Anonymous said...

YOu're quite right, apologies. In that case though, you'd think somebody might have remembered seeing these Mulsim men, dancing around the tube carriages scattering incriminating documents around the place?

Stef said...

...not forgetting the tricky question of why they didn't just get off the trains after taking off their rucksacks

Anonymous said...

It seems they got to see the elusive 7/7 CCTV at the trial. What it had to do with the 3 men on trial I don't know, but I guess it puts the jury in the right mood.

Jurors were shown never-before-seen CCTV footage of those attacks, tracking the four bombers' movements from the moment they met in Luton, to the moment they detonated their bombs.


Anonymous said...

..which, if released into the public domain and checks out, leaves us in a difficult place. I, like any right thinking person, am not convinced by the 'official narrative' of 7/7, but if we finally get to see the evidence do we have to take it like men(and women) and admit we were wrong?

Stef said...


if you do a little reading around you'll find that the footage probably isn't as conclusive as some might have you believe

but, as general point, if a reasonable amount of evidence is finally released to the public domain and passes reasonable scrutiny then I personally would have no problem accepting where it took me

but, again speaking personally, my world view is based on a lot more than one single case of apparent establishment mendacity so not much would change

Stef said...

but let's get real here

suspicion that the official narrative of 7/7 is bollocks rests on considerably more than the reluctance to release CCTV material. Off the top of my head, a partial list would include...

- the profiles/bios of the alleged bombers

- behaviour which was clearly inconsistent with planned suicide

- bombers allegedly leaving their more deadly bombs behind in a station car park

- that pesky 7/7 train timeline

- reports of a jihadist suicide bomber tucking into a Micky D's breakfast before getting on a bus and blowing himself up

etc etc

I could go on for a wee while but won't

Stef said...

der, one more to add to even a partial list...

- suicide bombers who scatter their IDs around crowded train carriages and take off their bombs before blowing themselves up

Anonymous said...

I agree that there's a lot more to this than the CCTV, but there's no doubt that if it were to suddenly appear, it'd be something of a slamdunk for them.

I think this CCTV business raises wider questions about how terrorism evidence is managed though. Do they withhold vital evidence for a few years specifically to make people (say for instance young Muslim men) get suspicious they're been lied to? What better way of stirring up a bit of tension amongst the scapegoat of choice?

The Antagonist said...

Add to that list that, so far, the general public hasnt't even seen a single image of all four men accused of perpetrating 7/7 in London on the day.

Even if CCTV footage was released depicting the four accused Muslim kids in London on 7/7, that would still fall a long way short of proving that the official story is the case, reliant as such footage would be on a raft of other unproven and unsubstantiated claims and presumptions of implicit guilt.

Anonymous said...

It would seem the timestamp on the CCTV was wrong anyway, which presumably makes it inadmissible as evidence? (Not that it's been used as evidence in this case, seems more like a bit of background music).

It also is becoming increasingly obvious that whoever wrote that crappy 'official narrative' had not seen the CCTV themselves.

All very odd.

Stef said...

it'd be something of a slamdunk for them.

we'll see, for the reasons given above I can't see how it could be - though no doubt they would be reported as such

the real 'slamdunk' to date was the release of those martyrdom videos that weren't really martyrdom videos

those vids appeared just as many people and even some of the mainstream press were openly discussing aspects of the alleged bombers' behaviour which weren't consistent with their depiction in the official conspiracy theory

John Dee said...

How very dare you? I thought I was the "the spiritual Godfather of British Intelligence"!

Stef said...

Godmother surely

I've heard the stories

paul said...

The problem with all the cases is that, they are to put it kindly, a bit thin on their own. Tourists visiting london going to the london eye? Thank Visit Britain for that. People possessing pepper, A man opening an email from his brother and would be jihadis with no bombs or brains posturing for the camera while being surveilled (never saw the plods as truffaut fans)
Best just to bundle them up and let all those funny names,spurious detail and moody photos give an impression of real terror. Just like CDO's.
Congrats on getting quoted in donald hunts article, up there with michael hudson. Hope it doesn't turn you into one of those big head la di da bloggers!

paul said...

Conflated Death Operations

ziz said...

"(Not that it's been used as evidence in this case, seems more like a bit of background music). "

... sees possibilities for a pop video. Not got beyond the "Hokey Cokey" on a loop "yer put yer leftoot in left foot out in out in out in out ..etc.

BTW the security code on this is wrnkxr - is someone trying to tell me something ?

Stef said...

Hope it doesn't turn you into one of those big head la di da bloggers!

who are you again?

Stef said...

nicely analogy btw

parceling up all those sub-prime terrorists then flogging them off as being triple A rated

fizzy drinks + spare SIM card + black pepper = unprecedented global existential threat to our way of life, maybe even our very souls

though they're in a bit of race at the moment with the people who operate our banking system

paul said...

Structured Infantilisation Vehicles

Stef said...



Anonymous said...

Here in Murrikalandofthefreeandhomeofthebrave, we had similar doings re: IDs and CCTVs.

1.) Who can forget the famous "magic passports" found at the WTC site?

2.) No footage from Logan Airport in Boston has ever been released.

God love those people. It's hard work writing Hollywood scripts AND writing copy for intel services.

cyregray said...

Awesome post! Thanks for paying attention and actually questioning the official story. :-)

Stef said...

why bless you cyregray

and may I compliment you on your excellent taste

Shahid said...

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If you read the news today, you'll know why I'm thinking about closing down my blog.

Stef said...

If you read the news today you'll know why I'm just about to put my home on the market and get ready to fuck off out of here

Stef said...

...most days actually

Shahid said...

Yep, having just returned from Mumbai and having experienced humanity again, I am thinking of doing just that.

The fascists can keep their cuntry, I'm close to jacking Britain in too. I'm terrorfied.

paul said...

Jeez if you want fascists, there's no shortage in india, Mohdi up in Gujarat, Thackeray in Bombay and Advani in the lok sabha. The RSS, Shiv Sena, Sang Parivar, Bajrang Dal, VHP, the BJP and the whole hindutva movement are all pretty gruesome.

Stef said...

... and not forgetting the late Subhas Chandra Bose whose passion for Indian independence was equaled only by his piss poor judgment

...and a strong contender for the coveted 'Most Convenient 'Accidental' Air Crash Death Whilst the New Maps Were Being Drawn 1939-1945' award; pipped at the post by Władysław Sikorski!!

paul said...

Of course there's fellers like bhagat singh who are more my speed:
"The aim of life is no more to control the mind, but to develop it harmoniously; not to achieve salvation here after, but to make the best use of it here below; and not to realise truth, beauty and good only in contemplation, but also in the actual experience of daily life; social progress depends not upon the ennoblement of the few but on the enrichment of democracy; universal brotherhood can be achieved only when there is an equality of opportunity - of opportunity in the social, political and individual life."
Saw a nice wall painting at a school in bangalore commemorating his birth last year. So some still find him relevant