Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm going to get Medieval on your ass pt1

Amongst any other points of disagreement, there is one issue above all others that distances me from many of the people who promote alternative narratives of 7/7 and other atrocities.

know 'The Jews' did it

I don't

For the umpteenth time, I'm going to illustrate why those people are wilfully spouting out of their rear end when it comes to 7/7 and The Jews. After that I will move further afield and point to a couple of examples how this same kind of nonsense, and I will explain why it is nonsense, is fucking up other areas of sceptical inquiry

I have yet to meet a 7/7 researcher who is an apologist for Israel or Zionism, quite the opposite. I have, however, met a few who do not believe that plutocratic evil is restricted to The Jews and who will not point fingers without supporting evidence. As I have made clear throughout the life of this blog, these are the kind of people I feel most comfortable associating with

As far as I can tell, the Muad'dibs, the Kollerstroms, the Jim Fetzers, the Kevin Barretts, and all the other twunts who accuse people like me of being Zionist stooges for not blaming The Jews for 7/7, point to three pieces of evidence of undeniable Mossad involvement in 7/7...
  1. An Israeli company was responsible for CCTV on the London Underground on 7/7

  2. Benjamin Netanyahu was in London on the morning of 7/7 and, as reported in an Israeli newspaper, was warned not to leave his hotel by a mysterious phone call shortly before the bombs exploded

  3. Everyone knows that staged atrocities like 7/7 are the kind of things The Jews get up to

Starting from the top...

CCTV on the London Underground, or anywhere else, can potentially record (or not record) a multitude of crimes every day. How exactly does that make the people operating the cameras responsible for the planning and execution of those crimes? Could anyone honestly believe that the British state could not interfere with footage from CCTV cameras operated by a non-Israeli company?

Control of the CCTV proves absolutely nothing when it comes to responsibility for 7/7

Now hands up anyone who thinks that Benjamin Netanyahu travels on public transport in London. Hands up anyone who thinks that Mossad would only tell
Netanyahu that it is bombing London a few minutes before the bombs go off. And hands up anyone who thinks that the all-powerful Mossad and Israeli state would broadcast proof of their foreknowledge and culpability in an Israeli newspaper

I have posed these questions directly to people promoting the Netanyahu Warning story on the net and have yet to receive a straight reply. They insist on uncritically perpetuating this crap regardless, demonstrate every time they do so that their brains are in their backside and show that when their reason and prejudice are in conflict their prejudice wins every time

Which leads us on to the 'everyone knows The Jews do this sort of thing' proof of guilt.

Presumably anyone who supports this line of thinking is in favour of randomly stopping and searching Black people on the High Street. They would also presumably have some sympathy with the rising tide of Islamophobia which is being stoked up in the West off the back of exactly the same kind of logic. Innocent till proven guilty? Nah, sod that

You choppers

As well as having your brains in your backside, you'd have to cultivate and maintain a seriously skewed understanding of history to believe that only The Jews play dress-up and engage in false flag operations

The British, for example, have been dressing up in sheets and flouncing around Arabia, executing and buggering the locals for years, long before the Zionist state was even a twinkle in Herzl's eye

  • There was Richard Burton, the spiritual godfather of the contemporary sex tourism industry...

  • And not forgetting that pair of jokers who had to be sprung out of jail in Basra a few years back

Ah, but the argument goes, The Jews trained the British Army to behave like this

Nope, wrong way round. The British were practicing infiltration, playing one side off against the other and ripping off the world by tricking and paying puppets to do their killing long before the State of Israel existed. It was the British who trained the Israelis, not the other way round. Which is why this frankly bonkers individual is revered in the Jewish State...

General Order Wingate - clandestine warfare and counter-insurgency specialist, and all round beardie mentalist

Blaming 'The Jews' for everything is a cop out. The people who fall into that trap are swallowing the same myth that was doing the rounds in the 1920s and 1930s. That myth is that there was a Jew-free Golden Age at some point in the unspecified distant past, that only The Jews are capable of being responsible for great acts of plutocratic wickedness and that if The Jews were out of the picture everything would be just fucking peachy

The problem is that history is littered with people who, by any measure, cannot be considered to be The Jews or Zionists but who were still right bastards. One example that comes straight to mind is President Andrew Jackson. The man who laboured for years to kill an earlier incarnation of the 'Zionist' Federal Reserve but who laboured just as hard killing indigenous North American people and endorsing slavery

A once popular painting celebrating the spirit of American Progress driving indigenous people into the shadows of history. Nice
(I don't think she was supposed to be Jewish)

People like Jackson, or the slavers who fought for their freedom (to keep slaves and to steal a chunk of Mexico) against the slave-free Mexicans at the Alamo, just don't fit into 'The Jews are responsible for everything awful' mythos. Consequently, people who embrace that mythos are also obliged to develop a very selective view of history and current events

As belief systems go, blaming The Jews for everything is not rational, it is unsupported by historical experience and it is also cowardly. It is a device for ducking out of any obligation to reflect critically on the shortcomings of your own 'race' (whatever the fuck that is), your heritage and the beliefs you hold dear. It is, for example, absolutely no coincidence that the majority of people who blame The Jews for everything just happen to revere capitalism. And now that capitalism has fucked up, yet again, they feel obliged to get busy finding some racial group to blame rather than the system itself

The final straw, as far as this nonsense goes for me personally, hit the camel's back a couple of months ago immediately after the huge(?) earthquake hit Japan. I'll leave that story till the next time...

Friday, May 20, 2011

Little Rays of Sunstein pt2

The inquest into 7/7 London bombings concluded on Friday 6th May 2011

On the same day the J7 Campaign published a
commentary on the Inquest and its verdict

A commentary which even a blogger who had previously dismissed J7 as a bunch of disinfo bastards described as being 'spot on'

Naturally enough, the mainstream press said nothing,
and allowed nothing to be said, about the egregious way in which the inquest was carried out. An inquest which somehow concluded without having established how or where the victims of 7/7 were killed

Consequently, the only information outlets that could have conceivably broadcast the shortcomings of the 7/7 inquest were the internet-based Alternative Media

It didn't quite work out like that

The Alternative Media certainly covered a 7/7 related story and that was the news that on Thursday 12th May 2011 Anthony John Hill aka Muad'dib was acquitted of attempting to pervert the course of justice. The hearing had started on Monday 9th May, immediately after the conclusion of the 7/7 Inquest

The handful of us who have been critical of this Muad'dib character have been accused of indulging in ad hominem attacks and attempting to slander The Messenger rather than the message. As it happens, we have explained why we believe his message – the film 7/7 Ripple Effect – to be an example of distractive misinformation. However, yes, some of us have also taken issue with the fact that Tony claims to be the Messiah, the King of England, the King of Israel, and that millions will burn if the world does not acknowledge His Divine Majesty before he decides to shed his current form (i.e. die)

I do not think that making an issue of these claims is an unjustifiable ad hominem as it is relevant to the motivation behind his 7/7 associated behaviour. After 7/7 Ripple Effect was released Muad'dib engaged in a series of attention seeking antics. Stunts which had little prospect of furthering 7/7 truth but every chance of establishing his own notoriety. The Son of God allowed himself to have the piss ripped out of him by the BBC, attempted to interfere in a trial without the consent of the accused and he hassled victims' relatives

My contention is that his actions were always about promoting himself, that 7/7 was a means to an end and the intention always was for him to become the story, not 7/7

Well, he and his followers have got a result haven't they?

Not without a little help though

Whilst the 7/7 inquest was in progress I did my best to avoid falling into the trap. I tried to ignore the old charlatan and his conveniently-timed trial

A decision which placed me firmly in a minority within a minority

A quick game of Conspiraloon Connections...

Here's a photograph of Muad'dib and some of his biggest fans standing outside court on the day of his acquittal

Muad'dib is the guy dressed as the Israeli flag and/or the Blue Fairy in the centre of the photograph...

I could be mistaken but I believe that the woman tugging on Muad'dib's arm to be Dolores Shayler's former landlady
Belinda McKenzie. In the words of John Cleese, she should know that Muad'dib is the One True 7/7 Truth-speaking Messiah as she's seen a few

And I'm certainly not mistaken in spotting a monochrome Nick Kollerstrom in the photograph. Kollerstrom is, of course, the PR genius who put his name to a completely gratuitous piece of cut and pasting on the subject of Holocaust Revisionism which added absolutely nothing to the subject but did establish his credentials as a daft prat, shortly before appearing on the BBC's 7/7 Conspiracy Files show

I should also point out that Kollerstrom's Auschwitz piece was bold enough to go even further than most revisionists can stomach. Not content to simply downgrade Auschwitz to merely being a very unpleasant work camp where people died, Dr Nick went the whole hog and implied that it was virtually some kind of holiday camp – with swimming pools, picture postcards, soccer tournaments and a disco. An endorsement from David Irving's chum, the very fragrant Michele Renouf, was the cherry on the cake

Dr Nick has recently teamed up with that paragon of 9/11 Truthiness Uncle Jim Fetzer and is posting articles on Jim's blog, such as a sparklingly original piece on the possible use of doubles in recent Bin Laden videos

Which is the real Osama Dib Laden?

Given that the article required extensive cutting, pasting and rearranging of material from other websites which have already done the subject to death, Uncle Fezter is to be commended for his excellent casting decision

The reason why I became aware of Dr Nick's association with Fetzer was because Fetzer has recently popped-up in both Adrian Salbuchi and Kevin Barrett's podcasts, plugging both Dr Nick and Muad'dib (Kevin Barrett wrote the forward to Kollerstrom's book Terror on the Tube)

Adrian Salbuchi, in turn, has been plugging James Corbett who, in turn, just released a podcast of Muad'dib whittering on about the Stone of Scone

James Corbett, along with many other alternative news commentators, has taken to bigging up the vaguely unsettling Charlie Veitch in recent months

That would be the same Charlie who reportedly was thoughtful enough to pop round and offer Muad'dib
cheery support during his trial

All timed to coincide with the conclusion of the 7/7 inquest

It's a small, small fucking world

But wait! There's more. Kevin Barrett's mate
, the ever-truthy Gordon Duff over at Veterans Today has just slapped up an epic article devoted to stroking Gandalf's staff...

VT's readership clearly includes some first-rate minds, as evidenced by this comment underneath Duff's piece...

"We conclude that Israel ordered the Mossad to carry out 7/7 with a high degree of certainty, with the odds against innocence being a minimum of tens of thousands to one"

Presumably, if they had some actual evidence of Israeli culpability in 7/7 then the odds would be even slimmer (a tediously fact-based opinion which proves that I'm obviously a Zionist shill with the odds against innocence being several million to one)

Even Alex Jones and Alan Watt got in on the act. Watt has even written a fucking poem about the latter day Solzhenitsyn

All of these people have focused on Muad'dib rather than the disgraceful 7/7 inquest

I swear, if I wake up tomorrow and Webster Tarpley or David Ray Griffin has started endorsing this bollocks I'm calling it a day and going back to Official Narratives

Or putting it another way, I've asked myself repeatedly wtf am I doing having to argue with people to be wary of some bloke who claims to be Jesus, has put his name to a demonstrably misleading piece of curiously professional film-making and whose court appearances are synchronised with an inquest of national importance? What the fuck would it actually take anyway?

I am not implying that all of the Alternative Media personalities listed above are disinformation operatives. I can think of many reasons why they could be innocently played the way they have been:
  • The pace of current events is now so fast some of these characters can’t possibly research every issue they feel obliged to comment on
  • Some are victims of hubris and reluctant to back away once they have been persuaded to give an endorsement
  • (Sadly) the majority of conspiraloons have no more negative capability than non-loons. They prefer neat narratives, however weakly supported, rather than all that uncertain, partially known, partially unknown, fact based stuff that makes the world go round

  • As far as some are concerned, as long as 'The Jews' get blamed they don't give a damn about much else
  • Some are disinfo bastards
I've written this post not as part of some crusade against Muad'dib or Kollerstrom. Muad'dib will show his true colours in due course and Kollerstrom will probably bumble along cutting and pasting indefinitely

I have, however, been put out by the way reporting of the 7/7 Inquest has been overshadowed by the contrived antics of yet another White Man with a God complex

A couple of commentators under my previous post have said that the opportunity to publicise the 7/7 whitewash has now passed. I don't know that for sure but I am 100% certain that this Muad'dib thing was a perfectly timed and well executed distraction

Then there's the more general issue that this distraction was facilitated by Alternative Media which seem to be undergoing some form of consolidation and in the business of offering easily digested, undemanding, fact and reason impaired narratives

In that respect, the Alternative Media don't differ from the Mainstream Corporate Media very much at all


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Little Rays of Sunstein pt1

Some time ago I promised myself to never to write again about the antics of a particular bunch of clowns who claim to be interested in researching what really happened in London on July 7th 2005

Actually, that’s not strictly accurate, as at least one of these clowns claims to know exactly what happened on 7/7 and has put his name to a film which asserts as much

The reason why I promised to try and lay off the folk in question was partly because I believed I'd written more than enough on the subject and partly because I wished to avoid wasteful, distractive conflict

Unfortunately, the regions of the Internet I inhabit are increasingly thick with one-sided and misleading accounts of the heroic deeds of these characters and I'm tired of watching this nonsense pass unopposed

I doubt if anyone visiting this blog needs me to elaborate on Cass Sunstein's paper on the strategy of Cognitive Infiltration. However, even before this strategy had a name, observation of the 9/11 Truth Movement in the US and the careers of characters such as Davids Icke and Shayler in the UK would have given some idea of how the State could seriously fuck-up the progress of researchers investigating a flawed State Narrative

Key tactics would include...

  1. Establish eccentric, easily ridiculed individuals as being spokespeople for scepticism of the Official Narrative

  2. Divert focus away from the flaws in the Official Narrative and towards supporting equally flawed Alternative Narratives

  3. Pollute the environment with inaccurate information and generally waste sincere researchers’ time

In past posts I have documented how two individuals in particular have served the interests of the State by cognitively disrupting research into the 7/7 atrocity

I haven't the faintest idea if either is a knowing participant but I do know that they have caused distress to victims' families, offered themselves up to be presented as buffoons on national television, attempted to interfere with trial proceedings without consulting the accused, tried to associate themselves with sincere researchers who aren't acting like buffoons, made apologies for Hitler, claimed to be Jesus, claimed to be the King of England, claimed to be the King of Israel, passed off speculation about 7/7 as fact, and taken actual facts about 7/7 and mutilated them

Here's a photo of the people I'm talking about, taken at the end of a court case one of them got involved in as a result of his knob-end attempt at jury-tampering. A case which just happened to coincide with the conclusion of the 7/7 inquest. He's the messiah dressed as an Israeli flag...

'The Last Baby-Sitter on Earth 2011' quarter finals reach their thrilling climax

(presumably Michele Renouf was otherwise engaged as she usually likes this sort of thing)

The truly impressive aspect of their behaviour is that these characters have pulled this off with barely a squeak of criticism from the alternative media. Quite the opposite. Their output has been endorsed and disseminated widely, as I will illustrate shortly

In contrast, the handful of people who have actually expressed criticism of this cognitive bullshit have been ignored or accused of being Zionist shills. Myself included.

What is the secret of this success in the alternative media?

The trick is to simply assert, without any doubt or reservation, that 'The Jews' did it, whatever 'it' may be

Job done

Once you've got that under your belt you can say or engage in absolutely any form of stupidity you fancy - making stuff up, hassling bereaved people, claiming to be God. It's all good.

The important thing is asserting Jewish culpability. Everything else is incidental and permissable


Call me old fashioned but I doubt very much that wickedness is restricted to 'The Jews' and I'll be fucked if I take to credulously endorsing any old unsubstantiated twaddle some lunatic comes out with, about 7/7 or anything else, without asking them to back it up first