Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Happy Birthday War

A belated link to this cheerful ditty celebrating the fifth anniversary of the invasion and occupation of Iraq....

Notable, for me anyway, for fact that the original footage used in the video features a chunky bearded bloke prancing about and doing a Cher impression around and on that old tank off the Old Kent Road which has become something of a South London landmark

Filmed in South London

NOT filmed in South London

My favourite urban camouflage scheme of the several that have been tried out on that tank so far is this one...

If the someone would only have added a can of bastard-strength lager dangling from the turret somewhere it would have passed off as a local and blended in with the area perfectly



Anonymous said...

do you know what that tank is?Is it a T34/85?I suppose theres too many variants to be sure..

Stef said...

thanks to the Russian fondness for simplified, large-volume production there were not that many major variants - which probably explains how the Soviets managed to produce 85,000 of them

and I believe that it is indeed a T-34/85

Anonymous said...

Daffodil oil FTW!
Its a pity its just sitting there.I'd love to see it trundling down Whitehall.With a working gun.