Wednesday, December 22, 2010

And the Orwell Prize for Journalism 2010 goes to...


and if George's counter-intuitive contradiction of what he and others have been claiming for years is a little difficult to swallow, here's some independent corroboration of George's new 'Cold is Warm' paradigm from some twunt who doesn't understand how fridges work...

With All This Global Warming, Why is it So Cold?
Eric Haxthausen

"The explanation that is gaining currency among climate scientists is that low levels of Arctic sea ice during the summer are causing more heat to be absorbed in the Arctic during the fall, and changing atmospheric circulation pattern, driving cold Arctic air into Europe and the Eastern United States and funneling warm air up into the Arctic regions.

This warm Arctic-cold continents pattern is likened to leaving the refrigerator door open. The room gets colder but the fridge warms up."


Fortunately, there is, however, a planet-saving solution at hand.

Scrolling near to the bottom of this page of real-time UK electricty production stats, you can see that windfarms are contributing something like a mighty 0.1% of the UK's current electricty needs...

Which means that if the UK government sticks something like £300,000-500,000 a year on the average household's energy bill and gives that money to the aristocracy to build lots of lovely new windmills on 'their' land the British will have done their bit to keep global climate exactly the same as it was 20 years ago, for ever

Ooops, that's just for the electricity and doesn't include natural gas, heating oil and petrol consumption. Better make that £1,000,000+ per year per household.

And, obviously, the UK wouldn't have to build quite so many wind farms if we constructed a national grid of rechargeable batteries the size of Battersea Power Station to store up energy when its really windy so we can use it when it's not really windy


It's easy enough to believe that AGW Climate Change prophets like George Monbiot are essentially decent, well-meaning types who haven't quite thought things through. I'd be a lot more convinced if they weren't rich, hypocritical fuckers who are wealthy enough not to suffer from, and will actually profit from, the consequences of the corrupt 'solutions' they are advocating


Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Conspiraloon Round Up December 2010 pt1

So much going on in the conspirasphere, so little time to vent fully, but just enough time to place a few bets on some on-going stories...


Such is Julian Assange's new found fame, even my pensioner Mum who never reads newspapers and only watches Italian gameshows on TV asked me the other day if I thought Assange was kosher on the level a straight shooter or not

The fact that she was even asking me the question pretty much answers it

Aangirfan has put together a much more detailed list of reasons to have little faith in Wikileaks

He could have saved himself a lot of time by trying to come up with a list of reasons to actually have faith in Assange

The countless debates about whether Assange is what he claims to be or not remind me of the past antics of the Shayler Being. Fans of Shayler's work will recall that he bought credibility in certain Truther circles by revealing the startling news that, shock fucking horror, MI6 planned to murder Gaddafi at one point in the 1990s. In return for this completely underwhelming revelation he was given a free pass to trample all over UK Conspiraloondom for the better part of a decade. I was still debating with people who wanted to give Shayler the benefit of the doubt even when he started claiming to be the reincarnation of Jesus AND King Arthur. Mercifully, the low cut blouse and lipstick was the final straw for all but the most open-minded and tolerant of folk.
However, Shayler's ex girlfriend/ handler, who bought into Truther status at the same low low price, is still out there hard at work, playing a much longer game and with a slightly better hairdresser

To be honest, I'm a little nonplussed that so many on-line folk are willing to give Assange so much benefit of the doubt, given the nature of the official narrative friendly bullshit he's pumping out, the stuff he isn't pumping out, and the fact that he's getting so much coverage from the mainstream media.

In comparison, it's worth remembering how hard the mainstream press worked at trying to ignore, then downplay, the Climategate story last year. A leak which genuinely did piss in The Establishment's chips, a lot

When in doubt, it's always worth remembering the Golden Rule of State Broadcasting Portraiture. If someone is covered by the BBC and they're not lit, or otherwise presented, like Baltar from Battlestar Galactica they ain't threatening anyone of any importance

Eric Cantona's bank run

Fair play to Eric for calling for the collapse of the banking cartel...

...but a planned bank run ain't going to do it

Even if a mass protest did take place, managed to overcome daily cash withdrawal limits and actually killed a bank or two, how exactly would that beat the system?

The Fed in the US and other central banks around the world were actually created in the wake of staged bank crises

More dead banks and more chaos equals more consolidation and more centralised control


Cantona strikes me as a decent man but one who doesn't fully understand how money works

Unlike a certain indecent man who does...

Max Keiser

Max, and his new best buddy and fellow precious metal salesmen Alex Jones, have been trying to whip up a viral campaign with the claimed objective of destroying JP Morgan by buying up physical silver. The story goes that JP Morgan has been selling lots of paper silver, so if Max's followers buy lots of physical silver they'll reduce physical supply, drive up the price and JP Morgan won't be able to honour its paper contracts

Curiously, in spite of all his ranting on the subject in recent years, Max seems to have forgotten what happens every time the finances of large banks go tits up, and who ends up covering all the losses. Buying a few poxy coins isn't even going to scratch a power structure that's been crafted over centuries and any immediate losses inflicted on that structure will be recouped, with interest

Max also seems to forget who controls most of the production and stockpiles of precious metals around the world. The last time I looked, I don't recall identfying many silver mines or bullion depositories that were owned and operated by anarcho-syndicalist cooperatives

Max also seems to have forgotten that there isn't actually that much physical gold or silver to go round and that if ordinary people did actually drive the price of gold or silver up to astronomical highs by buying a couple of coins each they wouldn't benefit themselves by very much but would benefit anyone who's already sitting on a few thousand coins to start with enormously

There again, maybe Max hasn't forgotten any of this

On reflection, I think he probably hasn't. I think it's more likely that he's trying to succeed where others have failed; through the power of the internet, lots and lots of bullshit and total and utter contempt for anyone who'll listen to him...