Friday, April 18, 2008

Absolutely f**king disgraceful

Now that the British 2008 Spring/ Summer TERROR!! Season is fully under way, with four (I missed one from my list the other day) collateralised terror trials starting or finishing in the space of a few days, there's been a fair old spike in on-line discussion about 7/7 and the TERROR!! threat generally


Much of that discussion - both pro and anti the sceptical position I personally take about the Official Narrative of 7/7 - has been informative and thought provoking

Some of it has been fucking disgraceful

In particular, some people associated with an allegedly progressive, left wing web site have been working very hard to gleefully smear anyone who has doubts about the Official Narrative of 7/7 as being racist holocaust deniers

The nature of the evidence to support this accusation goes like this...

1. Someone who posted holocaust revisionist material on right wing forums has also expressed doubts about the official narrative of 7/7 and posted links to the July 7th Truth forum (J7T)

2. The J7T forum maintains private areas

er, that's it

Whilst I appreciate that we now live in a country where reading up on current affairs, shopping at Tescos or playing tennis can be unashamedly presented as proof of evil intent, as evidence goes, this is still pretty thin

Terror Tennis - just like normal tennis but with beards

And whilst I have no doubt that some racist holocaust deniers dabble in 7/7 scepticism, I'm equally sure that some racist holocaust deniers probably support Arsenal, own a Celine Dion CD, watch Coronation Street and drink lager

Nazi Cow!!

Alternatively, one could make the same point by a simple link to Neo-Fascist, probable holocaust deniers who believe that 7/7 happened in exactly the way the government says it did

As for the issue of the J7T forum maintaining private areas, even though I'm not an active J7T researcher I have been trusted with access to those private parts of the forum where active members discuss administrative issues and talk off-topic shit.

Now, I may be abusing the trust that was given to me when granted access to those private threads but I can reveal that there is no talk promoting space aliens, David Shayler worship, paedophilia, cannibalism, vivisection
, virgin sacrifice, racism or holocaust denial

I have seen the private thread which linked to the website claiming that J7T activists are hate-mongers and, not surprisingly, the gist of it is '
take a look at what these dicks are saying about us!!'

In fact, more than any group that I know of, especially the bunch of spackers pushing this crap, the folk at J7T are acutely conscious of how holocausts start and fear that we may be living through times which mirror the events of seventy five years ago

Ordinarily, I wouldn't give that much of a toss about a small, insignificant website pushing bollocks smears about some people who I like and respect. I wouldn't even normally react to the fact that the allegations have been painted with such a broad brush that they encompass
anyone with doubts about 7/7, myself included

I certainly wasn't going to post anything about it

Except that, the 'racist holocaust denier' mentioned in the original smear (someone I don't know from Adam but who is described as a 'leading British truth seeker') is reportedly talking with the BBC

A few months ago the producers of the BBC's
Conspiracy Files started contacting prominent 7/7 'conspiracy theorists' and inviting them to be ritually crucified on a forthcoming Conspiracy Files program on 7/7 'conspiracy theories'. All of them, very sensibly, told the BBC to go fuck itself.

At the same time, the BBC also contacted some slightly, um, less prominent 7/7 'conspiracy theorists', which led to one comedy posting on a 9/11 forum to the effect of '
I've done fuck all research on 7/7 but the BBC still asked me to appear on their show WTF?!').

In the end, as far as I can tell, the BBC did find someone, someone who claims to be the Rightful King of England
and the Messiah, who was willing to talk about 7/7 and offer himself up for carefully edited ridicule on national television

and then things went quiet

and now this shit

So, we're now faced with the distinct possibility that the BBC is going to put out a hit-piece on 7/7 scepticism featuring two 'leading' 7/7 conspiracy theorists - one of whom claims to be Jesus, the other who possibly thinks Hitler was Jesus

(correction per a comment below: actually, the Rightful King of England had the sense to tell the Beeb to piss off as well. So that just leaves the other bloke)

This nonsense just doesn't wash any more. There are now enough people, not a majority by any means, but a useful number who are media savvy enough know a straw man when they see one.

It is neither honest nor honourable to select the most flawed arguments and the most flawed people to present those arguments, edit the results to suit your bosses' agenda and then present the results as objective and truthful

But that won't stop the BBC doing that, or some of us hating what this kind of behaviour represents even more

or believing that this kind of behaviour vindicates our suspicions

Under absolutely no circumstances is it ever permissible for the mainstream media to depict people who mistrust the official accounts or 7/7, or 9/11, as being anything but mentally defective, dishonest or plain wicked - irrespective of whether they are or not

For the moment anyway, I still have the right to question what the British government and establishment tells its subjects. A government and establishment which have been proven time and time again to be a bunch of lying sociopathic bastards

Fuck them

And if whores at the BBC really do knock out an account of those who doubt the Official Narrative of 7/7 which can only rely on smears and dishonesty to make its case then fuck them too, and shame on anyone who chooses to be a part of it



Anonymous said...

"I have been trusted with access to those private parts of the forum where active members discuss administrative issues and talk off-topic shit."

In that case pass on my admiration to whoever made the brilliant strategic decision not to tender alternative competing hypotheses.

Very impressive.

paul said...

Being a holocaust denier does not automatically make you a bad person. If someone wants to deny it, I think that they should have every right to try and prove their case.
If someone wants to question the way it has been exploited for the last 60 odd years, I think that's alright as well.
The fact that it is used to defend the racist, militaristic, blood and soil state of israel and attack anyone who might be less than satisfied with our own governments is totally and utterly unscrupulous.
Its the same people who complain about the unenlightened hordes threatening to overwhelm our way of death that make mendacious statements such as
'It's over. The conspiracy theory 'bombers were innocent' nonsense is OVER.
They are the absolutists, they are in charge of the truth and seem determined to monopolise it. The provenance of their authority is a mystery to me.

Stef said...

The knotty subject of how to exploit holocausts for fun and profit I leave to the much better equipped Norm Finkelstein

Suffice to say that some of the most pernicious and widespread holocaust deniers out there are the ones who declare that one particular holocaust is unique and more significant than all the others

If only these things were so rare

paul said...

It's also unique in being the only legally enforced history lesson, to my knowledge anyway.

Stef said...

but back to the business in hand

- J7T hasn't and doesn't promote racism or hd

- no-one has demonstrated any intrinsic link between 7/7 scepticism and racism or holocaust denial

- there's a small bunch of dickheads put there pretending that it has - possibly with some level of synchronisation with the state broadcasting company

on the bright side this suggests that J7T must be doing something right

Merkin said...

Very powerful, Stef.

As you say, if the establishment is sufficiently rattled to start on this course it seems to show that j7T must be doing something right.

Anonymous said...

The JT7 people are the exact opposite of racist hate mongers. From what I've seen following the issue the last few years they've been one of the only groups who have stood up for minorities and the often disgraceful way they are treated under the 'new normal' we apparently have to accept. If trying to understand and emphasise with oppressed people of a different religion and culture is a crime then I guess they're guilty, and so am I.

What's great about the J7T website and forum, (and Stef's own page) is they display the kind of logical and objective thinking, political savvy and ability to cut through the constant miasma of bullshit we are fed that is so woefully missing in most of the mainstream media.

And I've always found badgerwatch, order-order etc nothing more than the usual mediocre left/right party political squabbling that passes for political journalism in this country. Dressing it up as some edgy outspoken blog doesn't change the tedious 'Question Time' mentality these sites display.

paul said...

That's a little unfair, Blairwatch's unrelentingly savage attacks reduced the previous prime minister's reign to a mere ten years.

They repeatedly called him 'phoney tony' and 'tony bliar', it's amazing he lasted as long as he did.

Don't mess with the 'watch.

paul said...

Coming along like buses, so they are

Anonymous said...

from the same page as Pauls link

what a brutal thug.Lock him up and throw away the key.:(

paul said...

Its the kind of scoop the daily mail dreams of

Bridget Dunne said...


Another one of your great posts, intelligent, humane and funny, which cuts through all the crap to the heart of the matter. Some great comments too.

It's always encouraging and heart-warming to see that really intelligent people aren't buying it.

jon doy said...

time for a new campaign ?

Stef said...

In that case pass on my admiration to whoever made the brilliant strategic decision not to tender alternative competing hypotheses.

Very impressive.

It is very sensible isn't it

Having grounds to suspect someone isn't telling me the truth about what they were up to on a particular Thursday morning is not the same thing as having any idea of what they were really up to

though you'd be surprised at just how many people try to push discussion about 7/7 into the alternative hypothesis direction

there again, maybe you wouldn't

A servant of Muad'Dib said...

Let it not be said of Muad'Dib that he bent the knee to the BBC. The scrolls show the following.

Dear Sir,

BBC 2 is producing an hour long Current Affairs documentary examining what
happened on the day of the London bombings, July 7th, 2005. It is for the BBC2 series "The Conspiracy Files", and aims to provide a definitive account of
events on that day.

I have seen the Ripple Effect film and I would be grateful if it were possible
for us to discuss your findings in more detail.

Dear Susan,

Peace be upon you and within you.

I hope this finds you well, in good spirit, having a good day and that you will have a joyful and prosperous 2008.

Thank you for your message and the information/confirmation that the BBC is
aware of my "7/7 Ripple Effect" film, and that you have, along with tens of
thousands of others, watched it.

The government and BBC are obviously worried about my film, and others, and
their effect on the government's and BBC's (but I repeat myself) credibility,
otherwise you would not be making this Conspiracy Files documentary and
contacting me.

As I have made very clear in my film; and should be obvious; I do not trust the BBC.

I have been told about your previous Conspiracy Files documentaries and how
biased they are in supporting the government's official stories/lies, as you are paid to do, and how they attempt to undermine, ridicule and discredit the people who, like me, tell the truth.

It would therefore be unwise of me to agree to work with the BBC, unless I have complete control over the content and editing, and the finished product, so that what would be broadcast by the BBC would actually be the truth, for a change. A very refreshing change at that.

If I thought for one moment that the BBC was truly interested in telling the
nation and world the truth, instead of government conspiracy theories, lies and
brain-washing propaganda, I would be very interested in participating, but I do not think that, and, in fact, as should be clear from the above, think the very opposite.

I made my film to last 57 minutes, precisely so that it could be easily
broadcast, as is, unedited, in a one hour TV slot like yours, but preferably at prime-time.

I recommend that, instead of doing your usual Conspiracy Files' hit-piece,
trying to discredit the truth and bolster the government's conspiracy theory official story/pack of lies, you instead broadcast my film, as is, unedited, and then, afterwards, we can talk about doing a follow-up, to go more in depth to prove the government story is a pack of lies, and have the perpetrators arrested. If you use the tubes and buses, it is in your own best interest to broadcast my film, as is, unedited, and help bring the perpetrators to justice, before they do it again and possibly kill you too in the process.

If you are willing to do that, I look forward to working with you in future.

I do not do phone-calls, but am willing to correspond with you via email, so that I have a written record of everything that we both have said/written.



Stef said...

@Mua'dib fan

You are as wise as your master - I shall amend my post accordingly


Anonymous said...

Great blog entry Stef.
also Fantamentolism.. truly psml :D
Nice post from Paul Atreides there too.
Does Anyone know if the Beeb approached Danny off the No.30?
It wouldn't surprise me if the beeb end up having no "Tin-foilers" at all and populate their prog entirely with people like RN and Jon Clipper..
I'm curious to know if the conspiracy files acknowledge they have been refused co-operation from so many groups..and/or how they spin it.
They should do one on BBC conspiracies..Name all the journalists who are/were also secret service members/informants.
Their role in the overthrow of Mossadeq might be interesting and timely.

jon doy said...

@ anon: i thought fantamentolism was a great portmanteau word creation too

we've got a home for your TERROR ! suggestions right here if you wish to nominate them for an award ?

Stef said...


@sundry anons

cheers for the kind words

it helps to know that that we're not barking into a completely empty void

Tony said...

Al-Qaida No. 2 says 9/11 theory propagated by Iran