Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Warning!! This blog is protected by Adam J. Applegarth

Sadly, it is time once again for this blog to go quiet for a week or two.
Blobfish is otherwise engaged so I'm putting my special collector's edition action figurine of ace Northern Rock CEO Adam J. Applegarth on guard duty in Blobfish's place

and it's going to be kind of interesting to see if Adam and his chums at NR manage to wangle more in loans and guarantees out of HM Treasury than was actually at risk in the way of depositors' money when all this nonsense started...

Let me see, they're up to £16,000,0000,000 already and they're borrowing £3,000,000,0000 a week and the amount of money on deposit when the crisis started was reported as being about £24,000,000,000. So, what's that? Two, three weeks to go?

but, hey, the BBC isn't talking very much about Northern Rock these days so everything must be peachy

and in case anyone missed it, here's a handy video analysis (ripped from Wolfie's blog) of the fundamental causes of that credit crisis which not many people seem to be talking about anymore and which therefore has presumably gone away...

The Credit Crunch - it's made of credit and it's crunchy

And sadly, it's unlikely that I will be able to participate in and report on Islamo-Fascism awareness week, in particular the march scheduled for this coming Friday. There's nothing I would enjoy more than spending the day demonstrating my solidarity with people who believe that the Western World is just a short step away from COMPLETE!! and UTTER!! Muslim domination.

Maybe after the march we could have all gone off hunting for Snarks and fighting Jabberwockies as well

It could have been fun

The Chimes of Freedom blog has been keeping an eye on the planned Islamo-Fascism march and posting some interesting links lately, so it's worth having peek there to see what's going on in the exciting world Islamic Hatred in the run up to this week's festivities

Other links worth clicking onto in the interim include; Lord Patel (though his extensive and handsomely remunerated staff appear to be on some kind of wildcat strike at the moment), LWTC247 and its detailed, and I mean detailed, coverage of the Jean Charles de Menezes court case...

...then there's the ever accurate, ever reliable Daily Mash and, of course, Conspiraloon™ Central - they know what's really going on (wink wink)


Shellfish of the Month

To commemorate that last post on Darwinian evolution and the epic bout of commenting that followed it here’s a picture of a lingulata brachiopod or, as the Japanese like to call them, ミドリシャミセンガイ!!

And this is what they look like cooked...

The interesting thing about the lingula is that specimens found in the waters around Japan are almost identical to ancient Cambrian era fossils which would suggest to a Darwinist that life has been pretty quiet in the waters around Japan for the last half billion years and that lingulata don’t go out very much

However, intriguing and tasty and they are, lingulata are not my favourite shellfish

These are…

Time for a new Shellfish of the Month sidebar panel methinks


Friday, October 19, 2007

If everybody looked the same We'd get tired of looking at each other

Racist old scrote and prize-winning plagiarist James Watson

I’m enjoying the irony in this headline immensely…

The Bristol Festival of Ideas has cancelled an appearance by the Nobel Prize-winning scientist James Watson after a row over his views on race

Presumably the organisers are going to have to have a rethink and repackage their gathering as The Bristol Festival of Nice Ideas from now on

Watson has been quoted as being “inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa” because “all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours - whereas all the testing says not really.”

The hysterical responses to Watson’s comments have proven to be consistently good value – especially those coming from Liberal Humanists who are claiming that Watson’s comments are somehow scientifically inaccurate

In particular, I’ve read some right old cock coming from people, offended by Watson’s comments, who are claiming that on a genetic level there is no such thing as race and that any differences between races are really only skin deep

Yeah, tell that to the sickle cell

People who buy into Darwin claiming that every individual and every sub-group within a species are all equal?!

For fuck's sake

The problem for Liberal Humanists who want to believe that people are all equal is that science will never be able to prove anything of the kind

That’s not to say that Watson isn’t a racist old scrotum

Far from it, Watson is the latest in a long line of racist old scrotums, stretching all the way back to Darwin and beyond

Darwinian Evolution was hugely popular amongst the ruling classes in 19th Century England because it gave the stamp of scientific approval to some of their favourite concepts. Concepts such as the inherited genetic superiority of their class, the ‘surplus poor’, the ‘White Man’s burden’ to improve the rest of the world, marvellous ideas like that.

Watson talks like a racist because the logical conclusions of Darwinism are racist

And sexist

And ageist

But the important thing from a Secular Humanist point of view is that Darwinism is not (sic.) a religion, which makes it A1 Number One in their book regardless of the implications of uncritical acceptance

I’ve seen various attempts over the years to pretend that Darwinism isn't implicitly racist/ ageist/ sexist. Most of these arguments boil down to the claim that humanity has learned that collaboration is more productive than competition

But, hey, wouldn’t humanity be even more productive if the people collaborating were all engineered to be genetically superior? Wouldn’t a spot of eugenics help things move along a lot more efficiently?

Even if I didn’t reject Darwinism because I’m pretty certain Life doesn’t work like that, I’d still personally be inclined to reject it because I don’t like the idea of living in society run in accordance with Darwinian principles

And even though I’m not religious I’d much rather live in a society run on Christian or Islamic than Darwinian principles – the belief that all people have equal worth as human beings, that compassion and empathy are worthwhile in themselves, that we are at our best when overcoming misfortune and injustice... unscientific crap like that

The problem is, of course, that so many who claim to be Christians or Muslims aren’t anything of the sort

A group of devout genocidal slave owners busy not practicing what they preach… ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness’

Oh, yeah, and having to believe three unbelievable things before breakfast.

That’s a bit of a problem too…


and a vaguely relevant story that only native-born North Londoners will be able to fully comprehend...

I was sitting in my Mum's lounge yesterday, chatting with one of her cousins, when my Mum came into the room with a plumber who was round to fix her toilet.

She introduced me to him. I stood up, shook his hands and straight away without any warm-up he said (not in a friendly way)...

'You look like an Arsenal supporter. Are you?'

' When I used to go, yes'

'I knew it. I can spot an Arsenal supporter a mile off'

'You a Spurs fan then?'


then he just glared at me for a few seconds before my Mum led him off towards the bathroom...


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

He was asking for it m’lud…

The disgraceful campaign to kill Jean Charles de Menezes' reputation as well as the man took a new turn yesterday...

"Traces of cocaine were found in Jean Charles de Menezes which may have made him act unusually before he was shot dead by firearms officers, a court heard today."

The biggest problem with taking this approach in attempting to justify the execution of Jean Charles is that there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that JCdM did act unusually before he was executed

Nope, in spite of two years of shameful, state-sanctioned smears that de Menezes had a dodgy visa, was a wanted rapist and, now, a druggie…

...in spite of the crooked eye-witness testimonies, the magically self-erasing platform CCTV tapes, the magically non-existent house surveillance tapes, the doctored surveillance logs and all the other lies and bullshit…

the police have offered absolutely no evidence that Jean Charles did anything to invite having seven bullets pumped into his head

As fellow Conspiraloon
Paul commented -

I thought the 'asking for it' defence had gone the way of the dodo...

Absolutely gagging for it - the tasty, flightless fucker...

On top of that, Jean Charles had no coke in his bloodstream anyway. The traces that were found were in his urine not his blood. The blood test for cocaine was reported as being ‘below detectable levels’ which in honest English, an increasingly rare commodity, means that none was found.

So, no, there’s fuck all possibility that the coke traces found in JCdM’s corpse had anything to do with his execution. They do however serve a very useful establishment purpose – as illustrated by a discarded copy of the
Daily Star I saw fluttering outside the Oval tube station this afternoon…

Right now pride is what I feel – in our government, in our senior police officers and in our Great British Press


But, wait, the Stockwell Shooting court case has just thrown up even more reason to burst with pride…

Apparently, the composite picture of Jean Charles de Menezes and wanted 21/7 bombless 'bomber' Hussain Osman, released by the Metropolitan Police to show how similar the two men looked, was manipulated to make de Menezes look more like Osman than he really did...

Well, fuck me

And it’s taken people two years to realise that?

Actually, it didn’t. It’s only being discussed now because the suggestion was made as part of the court case. The fact that the picture may have been doctored prior to release is being reported as being a surprise


So, presumably, if there hadn’t been a court case no-one in the mainstream press would have thought twice about it

Of course the picture was fucking doctored

One of the many, many scary aspects of the shooting in Stockwell is the fact that, apparently, the super-professional,
highly trained observers acting as spotters for London-based state execution squads can’t even spot the rather obvious differences between East Africans (sometimes referred to as 'skinnies'), Latinos (rarely referred to as 'skinnies') or even Mongolians

or maybe they can

Photograph of possible Somalian Islamo terror bastards (note the small calibre rocket launcher and fearsome axe) seen walking down London's beautiful Walworth Road

Photograph of a typical South American family ...not taken on the Walworth Road


Salvador Dali eat your heart out pt2



Tuesday, October 16, 2007

dum de dum de dum

So there I was sitting on a southbound train on the Piccadilly Line yesterday when the train was delayed at Manor House station.

The driver apologised and explained that there was a signal problem further down the line.

The train sat there for about fifteen minutes and steadily filled up with people.

And then a couple of London Transport police and one of the station staff started peering into the carriage, checking all the passengers out. The station guard then came into the carriage and said

‘Excuse me ladies and gentlemen, this may sound a little strange but have any of you noticed someone with a rucksack getting on the train between here and Bounds Green who’s been acting in a silly way?’


A couple of my fellow passengers began to stare at me - probably something to do with the fact that I had this sitting on my knee…

For the briefest of moments, the temptation to call out ‘Mwuhaahaahahaa!!’ and wave my hands in the air was almost irresistible

But it wouldn’t have been that funny and, besides, someone might have shot me in the face – lots

Not that you have to behave in an unusual way or carry something that could be a bomb to have someone shoot you in the face these days

And, as it turns out from testimony given at the JCdM court case this week, you don’t even have to be mistaken for a wanted terrorist suspect to get shot in the face these days...
  • NOT behaving suspiciously – TICK

  • NOT carrying anything that could have been a bomb (unless you swallow this horse shit) – TICK

Well, that narrows the number of people who could have been shot in the face by the security forces in London that day down to only a few million people

And top marks to the BBC for reporting the fact that ‘special bullets' were used to kill JCdM

‘Special’ being a carefully selected euphemism for hollow points aka dum dums aka ‘manstoppers

First developed by the British military in the 19th century for putting down fanatical ‘savages’, they were subsequently prohibited from military use by international agreement but have been retained for certain specialised law-enforcement purposes i.e. putting down fanatical savages

Hollow points are exactly the kind of weapon that would be described as disgraceful and sadistically wicked if the 'Bad Guys' are caught using them but as a necessary and effective tool when the Good Guys use them. Kind of like studding explosives with ball bearings or dropping flaming thickened petrol on people.

No doubt there are plenty of people who have no problem with the thought that an undetermined number of itchy-fingered security personal are roaming the streets of London carrying pistols loaded with assassins’ ammunition.

I wouldn’t even try arguing with anyone who believes that this kind of thing is necessary. Partly because they would have a point. If you draw a gun on someone with the intention of killing them what sense is there in not carrying the most lethal ammunition possible?

What I would like to know, especially with the lethality of the bullets used in mind, is why the people who shot JCdM put 7/ 8/ 9 of the fucking things into his head? After about the first two or three was there really any point? And if there was a point why stop at 7/8/9 rounds? Why not 50?

As discussed with a couple of commentators on my last post about the JCdM shooting I’m wary of theorising about things. However, to fire that many ‘manstopping’ rounds into a person’s head suggests that either a deliberate statement was being made or that at least one of the 'highly trained' operatives wandering around London with dum dum bullets that day didn't (doesn’t) know when to stop

…which might explain why the driver of the train was chased down a tunnel and had a gun (presumably loaded with hollow points) held to his head

Maybe there are other explanations. Maybe the guy(s) who shot JCdM could give an account of their tactics and actions which doesn’t sound like a frenzied slaughter. The only problem being, of course, that the IPCC investigation into the shooting has not been published and we’ve already been told that the person(s) who fired the lethal shots won’t be appearing in the current court case

So, whether you are personally comfortable with the events of 22 July 2005 and their implications simply boils down to whether you trust the people who are telling you what happened

I don’t


And whilst on the subject of who is or isn't making testimony during the current court hearing I'm just gagging to find out if star witness, of 'he was wearing a thickish coat ... sort of out of place for this time of year' fame, Mark Whitby is going to take the stand...

'Everything I'm about to tell you is fucking bollocks. Bollocks which is, coincidentally, exactly the same as the bollocks the police are going to come out with'


Salvador Dali eat your heart out

I live in a part of the country where local disputes have extended the national mail strike into a second post-less week

To add confusion to injury, The Post Office has just started a new television advertising campaign which aims to play down the ‘Post’ side of its business and talk up all the other products and services on offer.

And, in their aim to distract viewers from the fact that a Post Office without post is just a bank with shit décor, the producers of the new ad have IMHO created a surrealist masterpiece…

What does it all mean? Why the ant powder at the start of the commercial? What kind of alien technology are Royal Mail harnessing to cram such a big office into such a small building? Why aren't the staff protected from their adoring public by the customary walls of two inch thick, sound proof plexiglass? What’s with curious juxtaposition of Land of Hope and Glory playing in the background and the vaguely Marxist sounding talk of The People’s Post Office? WTF does Joan Collins have to do with any of this?

But wait, there’s going to be more…

“Joan Collins will be the first customer to visit a Post Office® branch appearing in living rooms across the UK on Sunday 14 October, in the new campaign, which highlights the wide range of great value products and services available at Post Office® branches.

The series of TV commercials are set in a fictional Post Office® branch which will welcome some famous faces in the coming months, with customers including Westlife, Bill Oddie and Keith Harris and Orville.”

The pain of the waiting is almost too much to bear


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Adam Curtis back on form...

I don't know what kind of tea Adam Curtis was drinking whilst he was putting together the final episode of The Trap but his latest short film featured in the following clip is much more like it...

Personally, I think Curtis only gives a partial explanation for why TV journalism is so crap these days. Yes, TV journalists don't know what's going on but even if they did the chances of them being allowed to explain what is going on are, um, slim.

(cheers to anon for letting me know about this new Curtis film)

As for Charlie Booker, the guy presenting the show which included the Curtis film, I'm not entirely impressed with his Ahmadinejad 'future mushroom cloud fan' line later in the clip. Right now only two countries are hinting about using nukes in the Middle East, and neither of them is Iran.

Later in the same show (not included in the above clip) Charlton, sorry, Charlie also had a bit of a pop at the punters who queued up outside an incompetently, possibly fraudulently managed and certainly insolvent Northern Rock last month for not being financial experts.

Up until the point a reluctant Treasury gave explicit guarantees about the safety of depositors' funds those people queuing up to take their money out of Northern Rock were doing a perfectly sensible thing and anyone who says or implies anything different is talking straight out of their bumhole

- all of which suggests to me that Mr Booker is part of the same fucking problem Adam Curtis is talking about


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Search for a Star

I'm unashamed about my interest in elitist symbolism hidden in plain view amongst us. I'll also be one of the first to admit that it's often virtually impossible to definitively prove that possible examples of elitist symbolism are deliberate and not just coincidental

though I do have some personal favourites, such as the pentagram-obsessed Washington street plan and some examples nearer to home in London, which I think are pretty hard to deny...

The umpteenth appearance of the Buckingham Pyramid in this blog...

The dollar bill is another example of a design so clearly laden with the symbolism associated with certain fruity little clubs that mainstream sources usually choose to ignore the issue altogether rather than pretend that the symbolism is not there

In comparison, British money has offered much less in the way of easy symbolic pickings which can be identified and decoded by the profane

but the times may be a-changing

A couple of days ago someone suggested that a few minutes spent looking closely at the new £20 note would cheer me up to no end...

£20 notes are a rare event in my back pocket but the other 1/2 happened to have one and, yes, I was entertained, even though she remembered to ask for it back after I'd finished with it...

I won't spoil the fun by drawing any lines, and it's much easier to see in the flesh on an actual note, but the Bank of England appears to have a provocative little something sticking out of its roof. Two things actually

Here's a clue to one of those things taken from the back of the dollar bill

Methinks someone might just be taking the piss...


edit: OK, three things if you count the sideways Star Fleet logo

but who's to say the Rothschilds don't control that too


edit2: and whilst on the subject of fruity little elitist clubs and their symbolism, today is, of course, the 700th anniversary of the dissolution of the Knights Templar (or were they? mwuhaahaha!!). No doubt the modern day fruity little clubs which claim to trace their lineage back to this group of weirdo warrior bankers will be celebrating the anniversary, as well as the recent announcement by the Vatican that the the Templars probably weren't quite as naughty as they were made out to be at the time...

There again, maybe not


Friday, October 12, 2007

Support Stop Islamisation of Europe and win a curry!!

Hmmm traditional British food, delicious...

Thanks to Sophia for sending me this little number…

And yes, it is a spoof

The sad thing is that the only real give-away is the last two lines at the bottom referring readers to ‘
Students for Conservativo-Fascism Awareness’ and to Adam Curtis’ The Power of Nightmares

Aside from that the content isn’t much more extreme that plenty of material I’ve seen on the web or even the mainstream press.

This, for example…

is not, as far as I can tell, a spoof

Martin Amis has also been producing some particularly solid work in this area

This Islamo-Fascism Awareness / Stop the Islamisation of Europe stuff is all very confusing to me

Over in America you’ve got a bunch of Zionist Neocons lambasting Muslims for their outrageous treatment of women, homosexuals and ethnic minority groups. Over here in Europe you’ve got neo Nazis planning to come out in support of an agenda clearly being set by the US Pro-Israel lobby – a lobby which presumably contains one or two Jewish people.

Ooooh, the irony

Adolph and the Boys will be turning in their graves
(or maybe not)

Is there nothing manufactured hatred of Muslims cannot achieve?

Unfortunately, it’s looking like I won’t be around on 26th October to witness the Islamo-Fascism Awareness march scheduled to take place in London

Rory over at the Chimes of Freedom blog makes an impassioned call for trying to ban the march. I understand the case he is making but I have to confess that I personally am really conflicted on this subject. Partly because my world view is more Gandhi than Trotsky but mostly because I think, given the media's track record when covering these kind of demos and the woeful state of the mainstream Left in the UK, those who are opposed to demos like this are on a hiding to nothing

If the march were to be banned this would be cited as evidence that free speech in the UK has been restricted due to fear of offending Muslims, or even more perniciously because of a fear of Muslim violence. If the march goes ahead and is faced with a Muslim counter demonstration this will be covered by the media as an expression of militant Islam – possibly aided by the now traditional sight of half a dozen guys turning up out of nowhere brandishing a few provocative placards. Potential opposition from much of the mainstream Left will be neutered, as with the invasion of Afghanistan*...

Causes (not) worth dying for #427 - Freedom for oppressed poppies everywhere!!

...by the shamelessly clever tactic of presenting Islamo-Fascism Awareness as being about the rights of women and minorities

It’s a fucker

Particularly when the interests which pull the strings of so many of our politicians, newspapers and, sadly, our increasingly politicised senior policemen are clearly dead set on stoking this kind of shit up

And stoking things up is the name of the game

One lesson I’ve learned as an adult is that if someone tries to provoke me just about the worst thing I can do is to rise to the bait in the way that person wants.

The absolutely No.1 best response to someone attempting to annoy or anger you is to…

Take the piss out of them!!

Taunt them rigid. Rib them senseless. Make it abundantly clear that you don’t give a toss and even, if you’re feeling cocky, ask them if that’s the best they’ve got

That’s not to say that there are not times when a good kicking is in order (if you are physically threatened) but even then if you’ve goaded your opponent into losing it there’s a pretty good chance that will give you an edge. They might even do something daft enough to get arrested, whether the police are happy about having to do that or not

After all, demonstrations are essentially a competitive, sometimes contact, sport and if psyching out an opponent was good enough for Muhammad Ali it has to be worth thinking about. Psyops for the masses...

(and on the subject of psyops, the 15 (UK) Psychological Operations Group homepage makes for fascinating reading - even if only by virtue of the fact that 15POG actually has a homepage)

Whenever I see coverage of Orange Order marches through Catholic areas over in Northern Ireland and the predictable response from the Catholics I always think to myself ‘Can’t you see they’re trying to wind you up?!! They only do it because it annoys you!! The guys behind this want to perpetuate that cycle of hate that gives them power. Have a fucking street party next time they come marching through. Sup a few beers. Wear a silly hat or two yourselves. Crack a few gags. They'll give up eventually…’

The Men from Del Monte say No!!

It’s got to be worth a try at least once or twice


* I've no doubt that the online Lefties who slagged off myself and anti-Muslim (sic.) conspiRACISTS like me for suggesting that the occupation of Afghanistan and Kosovo and the relatively easy ride given to Balkan gangs in the UK might just possibly have something to do with the multibillion$, state-sanctioned heroin trade will be turning out to oppose the SIOE march this month in droves...


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Tube Terror Shooting CCTV Released

I've just popped a Sky News report on the recently released CCTV footage of JCdM at Stockwell Station onto Youtube

I didn't ask Rupert for permission beforehand so it might not stay up for very long

If you look very carefully at the footage it is clear that JCdM could easily have been carrying an invisible suicide bomb and that police and media accounts of the events leading up to his shooting were 100% accurate.

'What happened at Stockwell' - courtesy of the BBC

My spooky psychic powers are working overtime again and telling me that it's almost time to be told to put the events at Stockwell behind us and move on. There have been two independent investigations and a court case and any further investigation would be both costly and pointless . Also, think about the distress caused to the bereaved family by endlessly re-examining the tragic events over and over again, etc etc...

And in related developments in the ongoing War on Terror, that Intellectual Colossus, Purveyor of Truth
and nominal head of the Metropolitan Police Sir Ian Blair has recently gone on the record to say...

"The number of the conspiracies, the number of conspirators within those conspiracies and the magnitude of the ambition, in terms of destruction and loss of life, is mounting; has continued to mount, is increasing year by year"

For once, I agree with him wholeheartedly


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Do You Want to See Something Really Scary?

If you pop over to the Northern Rock homepage right now - this is what you'll see...

Further news for all Northern Rock customers

Northern Rock has agreed new guarantee arrangements with the Bank of England and H.M Treasury, which brings enhanced protection for all our customers during the current instability in the financial markets.

This protects all retail savings in all accounts, regardless of the amount deposited and applies to all existing and new products.

You can be sure that all retail savings - for both existing and new customers – remain guaranteed, safe and secure.

Everyone at Northern Rock continues to work hard to ensure our customers enjoy a high standard of service and we thank you for your confidence in us.



A fucked up, immoral mess...

That report I link to in my previous post about the risk of the UK becoming a Dystopian surveillance state gets especially hung-up on the fact that many of the increased powers being taken by the state are, in turn, delegated to private companies

I share the authors’ seemingly out-dated view that there are some things that money can’t buy and therefore probably best not left to profit making entities to manage

Employing soldiers is quite high up on the list

People who bear arms for money have always had a certain stigma attached to their profession. Which is why so much effort has gone into rebranding mercenaries as ‘contractors’ in recent years. It’s unlikely that many people would give a fuck about stories of mercenaries being killed by Iraqi insurgents in quite the same way as hearing that ‘contractors’ have been done away with

People who serve in armies generally don’t carry that stigma and are usually accorded respect by most people.

That respect comes from the belief that those soldiers serve for something more than financial reward and have undertaken to risk their lives to protect the rest of us whilst we sleep peacefully in our beds

And even when our soldiers are stuck into some shitty, questionable situations by our politicians we still want to believe that our soldiers will do their honourable best to deal with those shitty, questionable situations

I think most of our soldiers want to believe that too

Which gets me onto a story someone emailed me (thanks AF)…

The news that a US National Guardswoman serving in Iraq, Ciara Durkin, was found shot in the head in Bagram Airbase last month

The US military initially told Durkin’s family that she died in action but now isn’t quite so sure.

The fact that Durkin was working as a finance clerk, had recently told family members that she had discovered something untoward and had urged them to press for an investigation in the event of her death does raise one or two questions

As does the fact that the list of US and UK soldiers serving in Afghanistan and Iraq who have either a) been murdered, or b) so appalled by the immorality of corporate kleptowar that they’ve killed themselves, is beginning to stack up…

Colonel Ted Westhusing

A devout Catholic, father of three and a specialist in military ethics. Apparently he was so disgusted with the corruption of the mercenary contractor company he was liaising with and the reluctance of his superiors to deal with it that he shot himself in the head a month before he was due to return home. His suicide note read ‘I am sullied no more

Corporal Pat Tillman

A high profile recruit to the US armed forces who gave up a lucrative football career to serve his country. He was killed in action in Afghanistan and awarded a nice shiny posthumous medal for bravery in combat. His family later discovered that the medal citation was a pack of lies, that Tillman was shot in the face at close range with an American rifle and that evidence was deliberately destroyed immediately after his death. They’re not best pleased…

Apparently, Corporal Tillman was planning to return home and say one or two negative things about the war at the end of his tour...

Captain Ken Masters

A father of two and the British Military investigator in charge of the investigation into those two British soldiers caught driving around Basra in a car full of weapons dressed as Iraqis

Captain Masters didn’t complete the investigation and apparently decided to hang himself instead

Staff Sergeant Denise Rose

Another British Military investigator who committed suicide in Basra, after spending only a month in Iraq

The investigation into her death implied that the suicide had something to do with her being rebuked for being drunk in uniform the day before

I’m not putting forward any cleverly insightful conclusions about these stories. However, a little Googling of these people’s names and some reading up on the circumstances surrounding their deaths paints a picture of a totally fucked up mess, in Afghanistan and Iraq. A fucked up, immoral mess that’s killing people who are trying to do their best and killing those people in more ways than the bastards behind these wars want us to think about