Friday, September 03, 2010

Ooooooh the irony #326

I'm not currently in New Zealand at the moment but I have lived in Christchurch on and off for the last year or two

So, it goes without saying, that I was concerned to learn that the Garden City has been hit by a biggish earthquake

Concerned but not surprised

And, once I found out that the casualty list is going to be relatively low, I allowed myself the guilty pleasure of wondering what the kind of eco-loons described in this article...

.. who I have had the pleasure of meeeting in 'Godszone', are going to make of the growing realisation that they've fled the entirely hypothetical threat of man made climate change in Britain and have settled down on a group of islands which sit directly over the meeting point of two fucking great tectonic plates

Personally, I was a totally up for it and about five minutes after arriving had secured enough supplies and equipment to see me through anything but a direct hit, along with suitable camera equipment to record the ghastly and hopefully highly photogenic aftermath

But to move down there because you think it would be some kind of safe haven from environmental catastrophe?

That says an awful lot about the level of ignorance of one subset of the AGW crowd