Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Conspiraloon Pride redux

There was a surreal wee moment during BBC’s Question Time last week whilst the panel were discussing the issue of what to do, or rather not do, about the situation in Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe

It goes without saying that the panel weren’t saying anything particularly astute or enlightening about the issue. The panelists were just ritualistically waffling within the parameters set to limit the way all of us comprehend how the world works

Then one middle-aged, softly spoken woman within the audience said something like...

‘I visited Zimbabwe frequently in the 1980s and there were no problems with food shortages or inflation. That only started when the IMF and World Bank cut food subsidies for the poor and imposed economic reforms on Zimbabwe… I heard someone on Radio 4 last week explain that the same thing has happened in many of the countries suffering food shortages today’

...and for a moment, just a moment, a small suggestion of a different way of looking at the world was aired on national TV

Until, after a very pregnant pause, a member of the panel hastily blew her comment off and Dimblebore swiftly changed the subject

The reason why I mention this, of course, is because that old dear clearly was a raving Conspiraloon


We now live in very strange political times in the UK. People are offered the false choice of three major political parties which have few if any ideological differences between them but which are carefully managed to ensure that people remain more or less evenly split in their party allegiances

Typical Conservabour Democrats supporter

Any individual who refuses to follow the script is branded as an extremist, an idiot or mad

To be honest, many of the people who reject the existing political system are a little touched. How else would anyone be able to reject a lifetime of conditioning?

And it is no accident that attempts are being made to equate those of us with doubts about 7/7 with people on the extreme right - because we do have one thing in common. We all believe that we are being lied to by a deceitful, unrepresentative establishment. And anyone stupid enough or greedy enough to have a stake in the existing, and coming, order of things hates us for it

There is nothing extreme, idiotic or mad about suspecting that the people at the very top of the socio-economic pile influence the course of human events to suit their own interests.

There is no reason to believe that they would do this in the open.

They are not space aliens. They have no magical powers

Their shared background, world view and interests would mean that they would not even have to co-ordinate all of their activities.

Sometimes, they might even come into conflict with each other

A few years ago it was OK to talk about the elite interests which manipulate our world. Now it is not and anyone who does so is labeled a nutcase – not just by the mainstream media owned by the fuckers but by other ordinary people who do not realise that they have been conditioned to do their Masters’ bidding

There is currently no political party in the UK which genuinely represents the interests of the 99.99%+ of people who fall outside of the elite group. And no such party would ever be permitted to come into being.

The Establishment exists to serve the less than 0.01%. It always has and, unless people wake up and find a way to unfuck themselves, it probably always will

And if my own personal view is so wide off the mark and insane how else do you start to explain a system where
fifty billion pounds of public money can be stolen in broad daylight or a series of show trials featuring people accused of plotting to blow up airliners with soda pop takes place with not so much as a mouse fart of criticism or dissent?

This is the lunacy. This is the madness

but, oh yeah, it all just happens by accident. I keep forgetting…

edit: sorry, I should have typed 'another fifty billion pounds of public money can be stolen in broad daylight'



Anonymous said...

“The Treasury has reasonable grounds to suspect that you are, or may be, a person who facilitates the commission of acts of terrorism. In the light of the sensitive nature of the information on which this decision was taken we are unable to give you further details.”

Letter sent to people by UK Treasury. Read about it in the Times online. Where it explains that, "Under the sanctions [ie as a consequence of being accused], the men must apply for basic expenses licences from the Treasury to get spending money of £10 per week.

Officials in the Treasury monitor the suspects’ grocery bills and decide whether they are allowed to accept gifts. Anyone found to have given a designated suspect an “economic resource” is liable to prosecution and a jail term of seven years."

(Personal note, as I type and read this message and the newspaper report; it feels as though I'm reading some sort of laughable fiction.)

Stef said...

as someone said earlier today in one of the hidden nazi animal cruelty cannibal child-molester threads over at J7T...

"I sometimes wonder if I'm dreaming all this."

Stef said...

sadly, I don't think we are

Anonymous said...

"In some ways she was far more acute than Winston, and far less susceptible to Party propaganda. Once when he happened in some connection to mention the war against Eurasia, she startled him by saying casually that in her opinion the war was not happening. The rocket bombs which fell daily on London were probably fired by the Government of Oceania itself "just to keep people frightened." This was an idea that had literally never occurred to him. She also stirred a sort of envy in him by telling him that during the Two Minutes Hate her great difficulty was to avoid bursting out laughing."

p156 - 157 (search inside).

paul said...

Getting a Mccarthy on over nick the denier

You'd think it would be enough that they'd uncovered almost the perfect loon stereotype, their dream come true.

Stef said...



yeah, I'd seen that - especially the Chomsky quote

it's not on that thread but someone quoted another pearl of wisdom from one of the people behind the current tizz...

High levels of paranoia and distrust and internet-fed fatalism that nobody can do anything because it's all a Zionist NWO conspiracy are dangerous for a functioning democracy. That's why I care.

Off the top of my head I can think of a few dozen reasons why we don't currently have a functioning democracy. A handful of people using the meagre resources at their disposal to try and spread the word about who really is destroying our freedoms doesn't even figure at the bottom of the list

and I'm sure that any conflation of the alleged impact of conspiraloons on our healthy democracy with the alleged motives of the alleged terrorists is entirely coincidental

Stef said...

that rampant Islamo-Nazi, Muslim arse kisser Rod Liddle on the subject of allegedly liberal knobjockeys...

"Laughing at the timid jihadis

It has always puzzled me why Muslim activists who urge others to blow themselves up do not take their own advice and do so themselves. Perhaps there is a passage in the Koran that I have missed. The obvious case is Omar Bakri Mohammed who, expelled from the UK, found himself hard up against the belly of the Israeli beast in Lebanon – but rather than head for glorious martyrdom at the infidel Jewish pig front line, instead whined piteously about being in danger and pleaded to be allowed home to Edmonton for a nice cup of tea.

Similarly, Abu Izzadeen, a follower of Bakri, who – along with five other jihadis – was sentenced to more than four years in prison on Friday for inciting terrorism. Why didn’t Abu and the others blow themselves up? I’d have contributed to the cost of the explosives and helped to find a safe place for them to indulge their sub-adolescent fantasies. A deserted terminal 5, for example, or Upton Park. As it is, they are now in prison – despite there being not the slightest shred of evidence that anyone was actually incited by them to do anything more than snigger at their splenetic absurdities.

It is a peculiar thing to find oneself on someone’s side and yet simultaneously to wish them dead. Still, such inconsistencies are what being a liberal is all about."

Stef said...

The coincidence of the timing of this latest witch hunt with the commencement of what is being billed as the '7/7' trial is possibly not coincidental

The folk at J7T should not be distracted by this bollocks and should instead be concentrating on material such as the frankly startling admission that the alleged 7/7 bombers were physically separate from the bombs and their ID when the explosions occurred.

Their time would also be better spent carrying out some serious citizens' research and filing FOI requests to release the video material that was played in court (I think they've started that process already)

Wasting too much time responding to child-like taunts from people with a child like understanding of realpolitik should not be on the agenda

though I'm sure the extra traffic this nonsense will generate will be appreciated

paul said...

That's why I care
I must do this for the future

What have we done to deserve such people?

Stef said...

God knows

Fair play to you for trying to engage with some common sense but I've seen far too much deletion of comments and retrospective editing of posts on the sites pushing this 7/7 Activist = Nazi crap to be arsed to have a stab myself

paul said...

You're quite right, It's only a bit of sport to piss on their cake and ice cream. I've no illusions about 'opening people's minds', even if there was any evidence of these.

The smugglers are something else though...I like how they just blanked a nice bit of up to date hate to concentrate on a 60 year old non problem.

paul said...

....and I was genuinely shocked at the glee over dr nick being shopped to the UCL.

Stef said...

the glee is easy enough to understand

with such a solid track record of non achievement and failure to have any impact on national politics behind them it's only understandable they should set their aim a little lower and be satisfied with the results

Tony Blair and the interests he serves may have proved too tough a nut but there's a eccentric ex(?) astronomy research fellow at UCL who knows the bittersweet taste of their wrath

and it is mighty

Bridget Dunne said...

Stef: Their time would also be better spent carrying out some serious citizens' research and filing FOI requests to release the video material that was played in court (I think they've started that process already)

DI Neil Smith SO15 says 'probably'.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Have you been reading my mind again Stef? This is getting spooky weird. Only after a few minutes after clicking publish, I come here and see you were hooked by the same thing.

Great post my good man.

btw... love the Bloggers From Brazil poster!

Anonymous said...

Latest from Catherine Austin Fitts, here. Look out for piratization vs privatisation.

Stef said...

seen quoted elsewhere today...

"Meanwhile, it turns out that the BBC have been interviewing Kollerstrom and other conspiracy theorists from the 9/11 loon board for a documentary about 7/7 conspiracy theories, a subject which they have been apparently happily spouting off about ( Kollerstrom is writing a book on his loony theories). I didn't know this until Kollerstrom and pals decided that the 'outing' was part of a BBC plot.

Which it wasn't, it was entirely a coincidence - they interviewed him before the story broke - however the BBC are very fascinated by the latest developments outing Kollerstrom as a holocaust denier, and this fascinating insight into the mindset of some of their interviewees will certainly be going in."

oooh, those pesky, oh so predictable, coincidences

Kier said...

I've a pretty low opinion of Dr. NK based on my experiences of him and his approach to 7/7 research. I believe it's my right to hold that opinion and equally my right to express it. If anyone here doesn't agree, or finds my opinion offensive, that's your right, and you don't even have to read this. Because guess what - no one's forcing you to.

The real horror of this situation is not Dr. NK's view of how Jews were treated during the war - I couldn't care less what he, or anyone else, thinks about it. I've had a look at his article and I think it's crap - like pretty much all of his writings.

It's one person's view - there is plenty of evidence to the contrary and there are plenty of views to the contrary. However offensive I find someone's opinion, I would never remove their right to have it. Even those who tell me I'm "sick", "vile" and "shit on the graves of the dead" for daring to ask perfectly valid questions about a catastrophic event where many people died and of which the government's account is full of flaws, which has been admitted by SO15.

Thoughts are not dangerous - no matter what some "civil liberties campaigners" would like you to think. It's actions that are dangerous."Civil liberties campaigners" once again demonising people for having a thought is of the most concern. Not just that, but being so blinkered to what civil liberties actually are. I would love to live in a peaceful, harmonious world where we all hear what we want to hear and where everybody tells the truth and none of us ever get offended by anyone else. But browbeating and oppression is not the way to bring harmony to the world.

What's worse - a world where people have differing views on history or a world where people live in fear of being punished for holding an opinion with which others don't agree?

paul said...

Pretty much my position.

Anonymous said...

It's not much different from my position either.

I read paul's comments and other inquisitors on the recently highlighted sites too. It seems like minded people are fighting a losing battle against slur an innuendo. Free speech is under attack from places that present themselves as thought they espouse liberty and truth.

If a view is presented that is false, or whatever, like it or not, a burden falls upon you if you oppose those views to speak out against them. It is partly this same aura of taboo which lead to the mass persecution and of course death of Jews in the first place, so these taboo stalwarts are re-creating an environment that did the very thing they accuse people of denying. Living with lies and propaganda is a fact of life. So you can either sit pretty and live with the degree of totalitarianism that automatically follows, or get off your damn ass and contest those views. It’s pretty clear the commonalities of position most of us who regularly post here have adopted, and hourrah for us!

I don’t think there is any subject which should be taboo. Even my dear Islam should be open to challenges and implementation of Islam open to criticism. A world in which views and topics are openly is a very healthy world indeed!

It is the unjust physical acts which may result from differently held views which are illegal, not the thoughts behind them.

Kier said...

Holocaust denial is not illegal either under EU laws or UK Incitement to Racial Hatred Legislation - which clearly doesn't mean much to the baying mob. If these people are so concerned about holocaust denial, why aren't they out there protesting against it, campaigning to actually have it made illegal in the UK and confonting anyone else who's ever expressed such views or written such articles, instead of confining their actions to one individual and anyone who researches 7/7? Because this isn't about holocaust denial at all, is why.

All of this originated with a personal dislike of Dr. NK on the part of one person, which was then wrapped up in a crusade against holocaust denial which was then used to attack anyone who'd asked questions about 7/7. The "NK is a holocaust denier who researches 7/7 therefore all 7/7 researchers are holocaust deniers" equation defies logic to such an extent that even attempting to challenge it with those of this stochastic mindset would be an exercise in futility.

J7 are constantly - despite all these attempts to distract us - attempting to raise awareness of terrible crimes against Muslims, committed in the same manner that Jews were oppressed and persecuted in the last century, on the basis of events such as that which occurred on July 7th 2005, an event which has yet to be fully explained both in evidentiary terms and in its background. It's hardly in our interests to deny such mass genocide ever occurs, when one of the core issues of the J7 campaign is how this event is used to justify the demonisation, torture and killing of millions.

This quote Stef posted earlier,

High levels of paranoia and distrust and internet-fed fatalism that nobody can do anything because it's all a Zionist NWO conspiracy are dangerous for a functioning democracy. That's why I care.

illustrates perfectly the paradox of the accusations levelled against us all. The quote attacks all of us who speak out and campaign about certain issues on the basis of their "fatalism" - not just that, but "internet-fed fatalism" which attacks the very platform upon which the author of the quote is able to communicate it - yet if we were so 'fatalistic', we wouldn't bother speaking out and campaigning in the first place.
A bit like the paradox of us being "silly internet people" who, all the same, appear to engender a high energy level of persecution on the basis of our.....silliness.

Stef said...

top stuff folks

though the level of consensus some of us are able to express can only be explained by us conspiring in a hidden forum somewhere

see you there in 5 minutes (and don't forget to being your bacofoil balaclavas and armbands)

paul said...

Hidden forums are the single most effective propaganda tools we have to transform society in our own depraved image.
Only through them the truth can be told.

jon doy said...

well, all i can say is that the secret J7 threads - where we discuss ghosts, aliens, time travel, parallel universes and our wet dream of bringing glorious national socialism back - are so much more meaningful than all this frivolous campaigning and so on in the name of doing our bit to stop a modern day ongoing holocaust

how ironic that we, a group of people who would be doing exactly what we are just the same if it were Judaism and Jews under attack in the way that Islam and Muslims are, are accused of being holocaust deniers !

btw, that was a lovely nurembattenberg cake your Mrs made and i'm sure i speak for us all when i say i can't wait until our next tuesday coffee and fascism morning

it was führertastic

Stef said...

you should try her reich pudding

Mr. Quisling said...

Exceedingly good cakes.

paul said...

doing our bit to stop a modern day ongoing holocaust
And we would have got away with it if it wasn't for those meddling kids!
<tears up share certificates in large capacity oven company/>

paul said...

Speaking of secret forums, welcome to CAMRApedia

Stef said...

Have just discovered that my mum's Reich Pudding recipe goes back as far as 1939...

"The pamphlet also offers a menu featuring Reich Pudding with anschlauce, Peace Soup, Cooked Goose with Siegfritters"

How very pathé

Anonymous said...

FantaMentolism, Reich Pudding, and now Red snapper with Hitler Hair.


Anonymous said...

"The inflation in Zimbabwe is a current example of how monetary bailouts send the price of food and other essentials into the stratosphere."

The link will take you to a recent note by Catherine A Fitts; click the graph in the link to reveal a recent report by the Bank of Zimbabwe (pdf 103 pages). Essential reading. All part of 'the slow burn'.

Stef said...

that is an interesting read, thx