Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Subterranean Stockwell part 5

A few shots of one of the entrances to the Stockwell Deep Level Shelter I took today on account of it being all sunny outside and all...

The font of all knowledge that is Eraserpedia doesn't know what the shelter is used for today.

The Grauniad reckons it does know

And whilst on the subject of underground goings on around and under Stockwell Tube Station, what an excellent opportunity for a blast from the past and a reminder of a story from way back as far as 22nd July 2005...

"The driver of the London Underground train involved in the latest terrorist scare was chased by armed police and had a gun held to his head as he tried to escape the scene of today's shooting, union officials have claimed. The driver started running along an underground tunnel as passengers were fleeing from Stockwell Tube station following the shooting of a suspect."

In a parallel universe someone working for a newspaper would have chased up this little gem and started asking questions like '
Why after shooting the suspect they'd tailed into the station did the police (sic.) start running up and down tunnels jamming pistols into London underground employees' faces?' or 'What does the driver have to say about what happened?'

In this universe, however, no-one has asked any questions and, to my knowledge, the story was killed stone dead

Which seems appropriate really


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