Saturday, January 05, 2008

The BBC can go f**k itself

A few weeks ago I made a couple of posts critical of a dodgy ‘Truth’ video about ‘what really happened’ (sic.) on 7/7 which was being pushed heavily on the Internet

I mentioned at the time that other things were going on which made that already dubious film even more suspect

In the space of a few days at the end of last year…

  • Families of 7/7 victims were sent unsolicited copies of coroner’s reports detailing the injuries suffered by their loved ones
  • That deeply flawed 7/7 video, produced by a self-proclaimed Messiah, appeared on the Internet. Unsolicited copies of the video were sent to the families of 7/7 victims
  • The BBC started sniffing around July 7th Truth Forum and attempted to lure/ entice/ cajole key members into participating in a serious investigation (sic.) into the anomalies and questions arising from the Official Narrative of 7/7. Only it is not a serious investigation, it is an episode of the BBC’s Conspiracy Files
  • plus some other stuff I can't go into :(

The four episodes of Conspiracy Files aired to date have been tediously formulaic, mendacious hit pieces, laden with the kind of meaningless, increasingly tired, establishment-serving psychobabble that can be found on this page

The formula employed by Conspiracy Files and similar shows includes the following elements:

  • depiction of anyone who doubts ‘Official Narratives’ as being plain bonkers and in need of a good strong dose of psikhushka– facilitated through selective editing of what those people have to say and application of the kind of camera angles, lighting and soundtracks more usually associated with horror movies

Typical Conspiracy Theorist - identified as being mentally unwell by the State Broadcasting Company

  • accusations that ‘theorists’ are racist and insensitive to the feelings of survivors and victims’ families
  • a really, really ...really sneering and patronising tone to the narrator's voice as a subliminal prompt whenever a 'conspiracy theorist' is on screen
  • presentation of carefully hand-picked genuine 24 carat nutters, stoners and/or shills as being the ‘leading spokespeople’ for a particular ‘conspiracy theory’

"blah blah ... 7/7 ... inside job... blah crop circles ... blah blah ...ancient Sumerian prophecies ... blah blah ...MI6 ... underground alien bases ... blah blah ... I'm God"

  • a deliberate confusion between valid concerns about parapolitical activity and outright fantasy, achieved through working in references to nonsense about Alien UFOs, Elvis sightings and the like
  • blatantly ignoring or misrepresenting key questions posed by ‘theorists’
  • misrepresentation of people who simply have questions about ‘Official Narratives’ as being 'theorists'. Suspecting and having evidence that someone is lying to you is not the same thing as making up a competing fairytale of your own.

These tricks and devices are so blatant, so cliched and so calculated that it’s nigh on impossible to accept that they are played unconsciously or in good faith

The whores who make these shows know full well what they are doing

Anyway, much to the probable surprise of the BBC, which presumably is accustomed to people just wetting their pants at the opportunity to be misrepresented and slandered on national television, J7T has just told the makers of the
Conspiracy Files to go fuck themselves

Well done folks

No doubt, given half a chance, the Once and Future King of England and maker of 7/7 Ripple Effect Lord Muad’dib of Canvey Island will show no such reluctance to appear in the show but that’s probably what he’s there for

If you have any interest in the events of 7/7 I strongly recommend reading J7T’s detailed rebuttal to the BBC on the J7T website.

Integrity and honesty are such rare commodities these days

and I certainly wouldn't start looking for any in the BBC

Shameless Fucker Centrale
aka The State Broadcasting Company


edit: and thanks to Alex F. for bringing up the subject of the BBC's Jane Standley reporting the collapse of WTC7 on 9/11, almost half an hour before it actually collapsed...

Jane shows impeccable comic timing by first announcing the collapse and then standing to one side to reveal an embarrassingly intact WTC7 for all the world to see...

Anyone who has watched the footage of Jane from that afternoon through will also have noticed the equally impeccable timing of her signal being suddenly lost mid-sentence only a few seconds before WTC7 really was brought down - avoiding any risk of the anchorman back in London feeling obliged to say 'Excuse me Jane, but I think a building has just fallen down behind you'

I think I can predict with some confidence that this footage will never make it onto any episodes of Auntie Beeb's Most Hilarious!! TV Blunders or even the Conspiracy Files (edit: or maybe it will?)



The Antagonist said...

Nice one, Stef. If only everything contained in J7's response to the BBC could have been conveyed as succinctly as the title of your post....

Still, as the BBC's Adam Livingstone said on the Newsnight blog a while ago, "So which CTs should you buy into? Well you'll just have to make your own minds up. I've got a mortgage to pay."

'nuff said, methinks.

Alex Fear said...

Well they are a vested interest aren't they?

I mean, isn't this the organisation that broadcast WTC7 had come down while it was still standing... and before it actually fell minutes later?

Stef said...

I've got a mortgage to pay

Most honest quote from a Newsnight staffer ever?

The Antagonist said...

Stef said...

I've got a mortgage to pay

Most honest quote from a Newsnight staffer ever?

It may well be the most honest quote ever but that doesn't somehow make Newsnight or BBC staffers in any way different or better to the rest of humanity that has also been condemned to wage slavery by global finance capitalism.

In fact, it's a pretty piss poor excuse for anything.

As you say in the post, "Integrity and honesty are such rare commodities these days".

When the individual cannot distinguish themselves from the system and wilfully chooses to abandon anything that resembles integrity in favour of not challenging the system that enslaves them, things are very dire indeed.

Anonymous said...


I'd also be extremely glad if bloody Blogger stopped f*cking around so at least I could comment properly. They have locked me out of their system. Pah.


The Antagonist said...

On the subject of the post title and a mention of Jane Standley....

The Antagonist said...

Then there's the small issue of the Beeb paying for 'terrorists' to go paintballing, as organised by BBC journo extraordinaire Nasreen Suleman (BBC journo of 11 years, apparently, but you wouldn't really know it as she's only ever reported on Mohammed Sidique Khan and Zacarias Moussaoui).

Curiously, Nasreen noted in Biography of a Bomber (an episode of Radio 4's Koran and Country that purported to investigate Mohammad Sidique Khan) that paintballing is "for some, a guerilla warfare like activity".

Which is odd, because when she was in court and under oath recently she seemed to think it a rather more mundane activity:

She said: “He was so up for it. We took the decision that paintballing would be a fun way of introducing him.

And how good is the linked interview with the programme maker after 11 years at the top of her game?

Anonymous said...

Err, tried to find Jane Standley on wikipedia. But couldn't!

The dog that barked but (according to wikipedia) didn't. Curiouser and curiouser, Watson.

Anonymous said...

Mua'dib taking it to the stage?


Stef said...

Mua'Dib and the Awakening


reasonably priced too

The Antagonist said...

BBC plans for 7/7 Conspiracy Files going very well indeed, with at least three other kickbacks from people they've approached.

Most recently the independent film-makers of Ludicrous Diversion told the BBC where to get off.

And how about the BBC's disgusting approach to the bereaved family of a Senior Risk Analyst for Abbey National who fell out of a window after tangling with the 'private CIA', Kroll Inc.

Stef said...

F**king marvelous