Friday, August 27, 2010

Ah, the Good Old days...

Anyone for a spot of purification?

Back in the golden days of no-nonsense justice, the process of identifying evil doers was sped up considerably by deciding that they were guilty before any inquiry actually began

The potentially tedious, long-winded and utterly pointless process of having to hear a case for the defence was often done away with thanks to the brilliant innovation of offering the pre-judged a less agonising form of execution if they confessed

Costs were kept to a minimum and impressively high conviction rates were achieved

Re-offending rates were low

Times moved on and things have changed

A bit


Those of us who are dissatisfied with and can point to gaps in the Official 7/7 Narrative, and who think that this is more important than the X-Factor or the new football season because of the societal changes that have been justfied by 7/7, should have raised an eyebrow at today's news that...

The first eyebrow raiser, though we arguably should be used to that by now, is this constant referral by the media to the alleged 7/7 bombers as being the 7/7 bombers

Says who exactly?

Ok, I know the police and government do but both institutions have been known to get things wrong in the past and, dare I say it, tell fibs occasionally.

That's why silly things like inquests and jury trials and the opportunity for representatives of the accused to present a defence came into fashion for a while

Anyone referring to the alleged 7/7 bombers as the 7/7 bombers, in the absence of a conviction by due process, is pissing all over the principle of Innocent Until Proven Guilty

That would be one of those sacred freedoms the terrorists are supposed to be trying to take away from us

That's another one off their todo list already then

Another reason to raise your eyebrows over the refusal to give legal aid to the widow of an alleged 7/7 bomber is the reason given for refusing the aid...

"Far from providing any information that might assist the wider public interest, she has flatly and unequivocally declined the opportunity to do so."

"Although requested by this court to show how she could help establish why her late husband and the others whom she knew acted to murder fellow citizens, she has provided not an iota of evidence to us which could show how she could bring a wider benefit, let alone a significant benefit, to the inquests or to the understanding of the victims of the bombing."

...which basically boils down to the High Court saying that this woman would be granted legal aid only if she is willing and able to confirm her husband's guilt

If she is unable to provide such evidence or, perish the thought, she's not 100% sure of her husband's guilt she can fuck right off

Back to the golden days of no-nonsense justice it is then

And I appreciate that I'm in the tiniest of minorities thinking like this but I guess that part of my brain which thinks that sticking to moral principles is really, really easy and involves no tough decisions must be damaged beyond repair


Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's cartoon time

GI Joe c. 1985 -

I've been looking for a fair copy of this episode, without the additional titles and comments, for a little while but no joy. So, the edited version it'll have to be...

It's a damned shame that Cobra Commander isn't a regular commentator on Newsnight


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New and Improved 7/7 Documentaries - now with no added Messiah!!

You know how it is

You spend ages waiting for a new July 7th documentary and then two turn up at the same time...

7/7 Seeds of Deconstruction

7/7 The Big Picture

alternate link here

Of the two, if I had to recommend only one to watch I'd go for Seeds of Deconstruction (there's an interview with the film-maker here) as it contains material that was new to me and also included a stab at presenting some of the confusing eyewitness testimony from 7/7 in a comprehensible form. Having said that, Big Picture is a pretty decent effort, in spite of a couple of ill-judged inclusions which made me wince

Both films share a lot in common, not least their bottom-numbing, but arguably necessary, length.

Both films are pleasingly Messiah-free (and thumbs up to the maker of Big Picture for promising that he will never claim to be the Messiah)

Both films concentrate on the serious flaws in what passes for the Official Narrative and avoid proposing their own competing fairy tales

Both films attempt, and this is the main reason for their length, to present 7/7 within a wider historical and geopolitical context

As such, both films are an indication that at least some British Conspiraloons are learning not to be distracted by bullshit or confuse the issues by injecting some bullshit of their own into the mix. Consequently, I doubt if either is going to be plugged on the Internet to anything like the same degree that that slab of old cock 7/7 Ripple Effect was

No, neither film is likely to achieve any kind of breakthrough in public awareness about the flaws in the Official 7/7 or War on Terror Narratives but they are an encouraging sign that sceptics of Official Narratives are learning to be smarter about how they express and substantiate the reasons for their scepticism

And when someone says to you 'Well, who do you think did it then!?' it really is perfectly OK to say...

'I don't know'

followed by

'but I do know that the official narrative is bollocks'

This response is, of course, useful for more than just War on Terror Official Narratives


Monday, August 16, 2010

Still Bill

Great news for people who enjoy watching videos that explain Fiat Currency and Fractional Reserve Banking for the umpteenth time

Not one, but two new video presentations of monetary truthiness are now available on-line

The Secret Oz

(Keepvid is your friend)

Not so much a sequel as a reworking of Bill Still’s Conspiraloon classic, The Money Masters.

Bill has stopped fiddling endlessly with his biro whilst explaining how we’re all being shafted by the Hidden Overlords of Finance Capital but the shonky camera work and Stillted delivery style we’ve all grown to know and love remain

Bill does a nice job of explaining why reverting to a Gold Standard would be playing into the hands of the Shadowy Overlords (They control its supply) but doesn’t half talk some bollocks when romanticising periods of history when people weren’t subjects of the bankers

I also particularly enjoyed the part where Bill makes reference to the eradication of mutual, non-profit savings institutions across the Western World in the 80s and 90s (which helped pave the way for the current upsurge in global financial larceny) as if it were something that ‘just happened’, like rain

The Money Fix

(I haven’t found out how to view this off-line, short of forking out some hard-earned Fiat to buy a copy, which is a pain)

Featuring the usual run through of the principles of Fractional Reserve Banking and the increasingly mandatory praise for the creation of local currencies.

This film does include a nice touch of drawing parallels between the exchange of goods and services between people and natural ecosystems of mutually supporting organisms. As such, the result is just a teensy wee bit Marxist in its analysis of why our current financial system is fucked

Marx, as I keep reading on the Internet, was a paid tool of the Zionist Bankers. I am also frequently being informed by the same sources that the current financial crisis and associated bail-outs (thefts) are nothing less than part of a Communist plot to finally secure world domination once and for all

I have one or two problems with this particular world view

There are many competing definitions of what constitutes ‘true’ Communism, or Free Market Capitalism, and the ones that seem to have been adopted by right wing loons go something like...

  • Free Market Capitalism = A system under which I personally make money
  • Communism = A system under which I personally lose money

Personally speaking, I think this is misguided, ever so self-centred, and plain wrong.

Just because the same kleptocratic system which bought the acquiescence of the Middle Classes with a little bit of illusory wealth creation and 3rd world rape is now evaporating that ‘wealth’ that does not mean that this kleptocracy was somehow magically and seamlessly transformed into a Communist system

If it’s Communism today then it was Communism back when Reagan and Thatcher were doing their thing and beyond. The fact that the previously unreamed are now being reamed does not mean that the system has changed, just its victims.

As for the Marx thing, all I can say is that the more I learn about Marx the more I find myself agreeing with his analyses. The people who make connections between Marx and the Banksters generally leave their criticisms at the fact that, yes, there were connections but they don’t actually tackle the meat of what Marx had to say

That’s not good enough

This may come as news to people who push the ‘Marx was a tool of the Banksters’ meme but every idea that looks like it is going somewhere is, with varying degrees of success, co-opted and turned into a tool of the plutocrats

and that most certainly includes Free Market Capitalism

as well as Communism

and Environmentalism

and Secularism

and Theism

and pretty much any kind of ism that looks like it’s going to make its mark on the world

The give-away moment normally comes when non-compliance with a particular ‘ism’ results in state-sanctioned theft and violence against the individual. It's about then that you can be pretty sure a bunch of fuckers has hijacked a decent or interesting idea with a view to robbing you at gunpoint