Sunday, April 06, 2008

Putting Two and Two together and coming up with Five



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The Cartoonist said...

Fabulous idea. They can call it the "Brown Youth" and use this new 'Progressive Governance Summit' logo as their symbol.

Anonymous said...

Sinnott is(was) a moron.

"Sections 405 and 406 of the Education Act 2006. These make it plain that it is unlawful for teachers to adopt anything other than a balanced approach when handling controversial issues in the classroom." - Get a life you gullible idiot.

So the Iraq war can be discussed. But it has to be balanced because it is controversial? i.e. a v. small group of people justify it, therefore they get a disproportionate 'balanced' say in the matter? - People who are actually PLAINLY WRONG about it's legality.

What then of the Iraqi resistance?
Is a) time and b) balance given to them?

Is a) time and b) balance given to the use of torture of Iraqi's by the British armed forces?

Of course not. Initial choosing of subjects within official/state will never be balanced in the first place save for the attempts of a few and brave decent human beings wishing to stop kids minds from being so easily poisoned.

While 'balanced' is just an excuse for any material which does manage to get an airing, (which the authorities cannot really block, hence watch it closely) so that their propaganda still can penetrate into the minds of tomorrows cannon fodder.

Can the argument be turned around? NO, because the current official state is morally bankrupt and perverse. One should not accept the taint of rotten fascism from imposing itself onto righteousness - proper righteousness that is, not this anti-righteousness that mass murderers Bush and bLiar parrot out.

In respect of Iraq, Kids should be taught the ILLEGALITY of BRITAIN TO GO TO WAR.

jon doy said...


i dunno mate, is it fair to call him a moron ? of course i agree with what you're saying below that/above here, but my take on it was that teachers are well aware of the desire by the secret democracy police to monitor every word uttered in classrooms, and that as a result of this they hold down mentioning what i hope they're doing - namely calling the illegal war and occupation what they really are - only doing it a bit hush-like - if this is the case, then the closest we'd be likely to come to hearing about it, would be the sort of carefully put arguments written by Sinnott

in any case, the last thing the teachers would wish for would be a bunch of recruiters, i mean speakers, from the army coming and showing powerpoints to kids entitled 'war is glorious and fun', and that's what i understood to be his beef, just dressed up with a bit of garnish lest he died suddenly for being too outspoken