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My Messiah is Sexier than Yours - The Sequel

A straight rip of a posting made by The Antagonist in another place...

Vimeo: Dolores invokes Christ on Eviction Day

Edit: Except, it didn't do much good....

Return to Tyting
- Four days after eviction and the Messiah returns to find Dolores' mirror broken and burned.

Joking and parody aside, it's all
quite serious really.

Given what is in the process of being unleashed on the world, especially to people who labour under the misapprehension that they, not the banks, own their homes, I find The Shayler Being's move into a new area of activism moderately interesting

Maybe he'll be able to further the cause of The Dispossessed in the same way that he did for the 9/11 and 7/7 Truth movements


and on the subject of the (Future) Dispossessed, Max Keiser has upped his game considerably and is now including some serious talent in his shows, and even occasionally keeping his gob shut and easing up on the faux outrage long enough for them to get to say something

The latest edition of The Truth About Markets features a megamix of Keiser interviews with Michael Hudson (the Dark Prophet of Neofeudalism and always worth listening to) and Karl Denninger, capped by 15 minutes of classic Keiser faux outrage at the behaviour of Goldmans* at the end

Professor Michael Hudson

Worth putting on the wireless music player whilst doing some household chores, just on the strength of Hudson's turn if nothing else

* = That would be the Goldmans which is definitely not at the heart of a dense, interlocked web of inter-related, vested financial interests which spans nations and governments and which definitely has no qualities which could be construed as the basis for elitist, conspiratorial, kleptocratic behaviour. That Goldmans



The Smallest Policeman in the World - The Sequel

Small Copper, Big Mullet

A week or so ago there was a spurt of outraged tutting about the story of a British street photographer arrested in Kent under Section 44 of the Terrorism Act

What interested me in particular was the
photographer's account of comments made by one of the police officers who arrested him...

"For a further 5-10 minutes I stood in the street in full view of passers by handcuffed and accompanied and intermittently spoken to by officers xxxxx and xxxxx. Whilst sharing their views about the threat of terrorism officer xxxxx stated she had felt threatened by me when I took her picture. I cannot recall exactly what she said but I do recall her referring to my size and inferring she found it intimidating at the time (I am 5ft 11in and weigh about 12 stone)"

...which reminded me of something that happened to me a couple of years ago when I was photographing a demonstration in Whitehall (as per a longish post I made at the time here).

Cutting a long story short I was on the receiving end of a totally unlawful bout of harassment from an under-sized WPC who kept closing in on my personal space, under the watchful eye of half a dozen over-sized police officers not too far away.

It got to the point where I had to repeatedly back-off with my hands in the air, just on the outside, maybe not that outside, chance that I was accused of assault and had the crap kicked out of me; as I had already seen happen to another unfortunate half an hour before

All in the course of protecting the public from evil doers and trouble-makers, no doubt

My potential victim clearly knew what she was doing, as did I

These two stories, in turn, reminded me of the adventures of the Smallest Policeman in the World (actually, I've seen a couple, not just one) who gets wheeled out at
select demonstrations and staged photo-opportunities featuring large, scary Muslims - especially recent converts with intriguing CVs

Does the Met have a conscious policy of using short-arses and women to make radical IslaMI5ts look scarier and photographers or other persons of interest look like dangerous thugs ?

Fucked if I know

But, speaking as someone who's been on the receiving end of some seriously dodgy behaviour, I have my concerns. The Metropolitan Police started losing my trust with this kind of provocation, plus the occasional public execution, long ago

Be warned


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Friday, July 17, 2009

Kentucky Fried Loonery

Cheers to anon for this link...


Thursday, July 09, 2009

...and back to Michael Parenti

Michael Parenti - the quintessential pinko commie subversive

As an antidote to all that bullcrap from the BBC I've been linking to recently, here's me re-linking to a couple of talks by Michael Parenti which I consider to be absolutely essential listening for any budding Conspiraloons out there...

  • The JFK Assassination and the Gangster Nature of the State - Part 1 - Part 2

Parenti is essential listening because his ideas break out from the narrow confines of what currently constitutes 'permissable' political discourse

Parenti is a very robust and articulate spokesperson for those of us who believe that...
  • there is such a thing as an elitist class
  • there is such a thing as an elitist class interest
  • that elitist interest is pursued with sometimes deliberate, sometimes covert, intent
It goes without saying that those of us who hold the above parapolitical beliefs are currently dismissed as lunatic, whackjob conspiracy theorists

...very often by newspapers and television stations that are owned or controlled by that non-existent elitist class which has no vested elitist class interest and which pursues its non-existent interests completely in the open with total respect for all human life.

Sad to say, I'm unaware of any heavyweight British academics of Parenti's quality. Come to think of it, there aren't many North American ones either. Peter Dale Scott comes to mind

None of the above constitues an unqualified endorsement of Parenti. He advocates some views and solutions I personally disagree with but his analysis of the socio-economic structure of our current system is bang on the money imho


And whilst bigging up pinko commie subversives it's also worth mentioning a particular meme that's been doing the rounds on the conspirasphere since the current economic crisis entered a more overt stage...

That is the idea that, through the banking bailouts, the British and US governments are imposing Communism on their people via the back door

Hmmmmmmmmm, I'll just scratch my chin pensively for a second or two there

Maybe if the British and US governments were nationalising profitable businesses and putting them completely under state control then, yes, that could be a form of Communism

But what is actually happening is that the British and US governments are handing over stonking amounts of public cash, cash that will take generations to tax back off people, to the bankers in exchange for absolutely fuck all, and certainly no publicly-accountable control

That's as good an expression of Corporate Fascism*, not Communism, as you're ever likely to see

What's going on here is an awful lot of middle-class conservatives can see that they're getting buttfucked but cannot bring themselves to acknowledge that it's the very system they've endorsed all these years that is being harnessed to do the buttfucking

ergo, it must be communist in some way

yeah, right

hmmm, much cognitive dissonance

We didn't have genuinely free markets before the current crash got under way and they are not being replaced by communism. We lived under a oligarchical kleptocracy before the crash and we still live under a oligarchical kleptocracy after. The New World Order is the just the same as the Old One. It's just a tad more overt these days, that's all

I'd be the first person to acknowledge that populist concepts such as socialism, or environmentalism, or even religion get hijacked and subverted to suit elitist, totalitarian ends but that doesn't mean that ideals such as enviromental awareness, a desire for social justice or the natural human tendency for spirituality are intrinsically evil; even if some right evil bastards take control of them sometimes

There is, unfortunately, plenty of scope to get downhearted and depressed about the apparent power of the interests that would screw us all over and the flaws in the infilitrated movements which claim to oppose them but, fuck it, it's how we respond to the challenges in Life which define and shape who we are.


* = of course, according to some right wing loons, Fascism doesn't actually exist and all Bad Things that have been attributed to Fascism in the past are, in truth, Socialist. Take this comment recently seen on The Antagonist's blog for example...

"Talking of 'fascism' (a term you throw around with the abandon of a child with a toy) do a little research, comrade, and you'll discover that both Mussolini and Hitler were socialists. Not to mention Stalin, Mao and all the other squalid little regimes around the world that have caused the world so much suffering. They've probably notched up a good 250 million murders at least between them. Talk about state oppression!"

Yup, neither Mussolini nor Hitler were fascists. An outstanding expose of Real™ History

here's another fucking commie to add to the list



Mainstream Conspiraloons #627 - Michael White of the Guardian

Remove Formatting from selectionMichael White, feeling a bit fruity?

"We need to know truth behind claims of UK complicity in terror suspect torture"

"What has David Davis's overnight speech on alleged British complicity in the torture of terror suspects got to do with the newly unveiled memorial to the 52 victims of the 7/7 London bombs, unveiled in Hyde Park yesterday? Alas, it is the shadowy world of conspiracy theory...

...scratch the surface of yesterday's moving ceremony for the families of the 7/7 dead and all is not well.

The website of the July 7th Truth Campaign crackles with barely contained fury at what it sees as a wilful refusal of the government to hold a public inquiry into what really happened that day, the police and intelligence errors, the discrepancies in the official account, the scale of the plot four years ago yesterday.

It gets worse. Last week, BBC2's Conspiracy Files series "exposed" a man already known to conspiracy theorists as Muad Dib (the name taken from Frank Herbert's Dune novels) to be Sheffield-born John Hill (60) who lives near the Hill of Tara in County Meath and believes he is the Messiah.

Hill sports a long white beard and baseball cap for added authenticity

What is relevant here is that Dib/Hill made the "Ripple Effect" video, which alleges that the 7 July bombings were organised by the usual suspects – Tony Blair, Whitehall, British and Israeli intelligence – to stiffen public support for the war in Iraq....

...The aforementioned J7 campaign has already condemned the Ripple Effect as "unsubstantiated speculation" and the BBC's Conspiracy Files as "risible".

In its stern, unforgiving way, it concentrates on the known facts and known oddities like the official assertion (later corrected) that the four bombers caught the 7.40 from Luton on 7 July 2005 when that train was cancelled that day.

We are already deep in the mirrored, bewildering world of conspiracy theory, in which an official inquiry may satisfy rational supporters of the J7 campaign but not irrational ones or conspiratologists beyond..."