Saturday, April 05, 2008

Mainstream Conspiraloons #247 - Robert Peston (agan)

Super Rich: The Greed Game

"As the credit crunch bites and a global economic crisis threatens, Robert Peston reveals how the super-rich have made their fortunes, and the rest of us are picking up the bill"

a frankly remarkable (and inexplicable) performance from the State Broadcasting Company's Business Editor - it's still quite a long way from anything that could be mistaken for the whole Truth (there's no mention of the tier of people above the merely super rich and what they get up to) but it's moderately Truthy nevertheless


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Merkin said...

Well, you might just get the whole truth 'in a flash' just before the trapdoor opens.
Sadam knows all, I am sure.
Wasn't sure whether to put 'the whole truth' in commas or 'in a flash'.
Such is the difficulty in marrying politics and language.