Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mainstream Conspiraloons #322 - Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur

Thanks to The Antagonist for bringing my attention to the improbably named Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur waxing truthily on the subject of the proposed Wall Street bailout...

I haven't been discussing the most recent financial shenanigans much with people, either on-line or in the real world. That which much of us knew was coming is now here and will now run its course

It goes without saying that the proposed bailout is clearly a nonsense.

It also goes without saying that our beloved leader Gordon BrNWO supports it wholeheartedly

Along with Brown's repeated references to an 'Economic New World Order' and 'doing whatever it takes to maintain stability', this should give anyone living on this bankrupt, CCTV-saturated little island the willies

Any bail out of Wall Street, or the City, will fail for a very simple reason

Over the last twenty years the US and the UK economies have become structurally reliant on the creation of irredeemable debt. The income and lifestyles of hundreds of millions of people are totally dependent on the perpetual creation and expansion of eye-watering amounts of credit

and it's all over

Even if some Magic Pixies came along and made all the bad debts and all the 12 figure derivatives liabilities go away, there's going to be no more easy credit going forward and anyone whose business or job is dependent on a world filled with people living beyond their means is going to get fucked.

And that's going to happen with or without a bailout

Optimists would say this is an excellent opportunity to see the end of 'Unipolar' Corporate Global Empire and to reorient our societies and populations to the production of solar powered Jetsons-style flying bubble cars, decent education systems and organic potatoes, instead of cluster bombs, invasive bureaucracy and junk food

oToH Pessimists would say that this is an excellent opportunity to see the reintroduction of feudalism and to increase our societies' output of cluster bombs,
invasive bureaucracy and junk food

I'm not optimistic


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Yet another fair and impartial inquiry begins

One of my preoccupations in life, and therefore of this blog, is trying to identify and record the kind of legitimate questions which support perfectly healthy and rational scepticism of 'Official Narratives'

I personally don't offer people, here or in real life, much in the way of fully-formed alternative narratives as, much of the time, my doubts arise due to the absence of sufficient information to form any.

My problem with 'Official Narratives' is that they are promoted as being the definitive end of a story and used to justify assertions that no further investigation is required; when I often have grounds to believe nothing could be further from the truth

The inquest into the execution of Jean Charles de Menezes is now, finally, under way

A website has been set up to publish transcripts and other material from the inquest here

It's early days yet but it's already clear that much of the hearing will be preoccupied with the alleged case of mistaken identity which resulted in de Menezes' execution

As it happens, the mainstream media has already decided what happened that day and routinely refers to the reason that Menezes was shot as being because he was mistaken for a known terrorist

There are plenty of inconsistencies in the Official Narrative of that day - surveillence tapes went missing and were erased, log books were retrospectively changed, dubious eye witnesses appeared on television that morning talking about de Menezes wearing heavy clothing and behaving suspiciously, the head of the police went on television claiming that de Menezes was a terrorist long after he would have known otherwise, due process was obstructed...

Everything about that Official Narrative stinks

But here is, what me for is the most disturbing flaw in the Official Narrative...

De Menezes was wearing thin clothing and wasn't carrying anything

A possible case of mistaken identity is arguably totally irrelevant and at best secondary to the question of whether shooting someone in public was a criminal act or not

Even if de Menezes was a wanted terrorist, public gunplay would only be justifiable if he was carrying something that could have honestly been mistaken for a bomb

That's the alleged case of mistaken identification that most needs investigating here

I await the inquest's detailed discussion of this question with bated breath

because if it's now OK to blow people away in public for being suspected bombless bombers it's now OK to blow anybody away

In the meantime I'm off to buy some stick-on bullet holes and to top up my Oyster card


Max Keiser's been on top form lately...

More Mad Max here

Obviously, the standard caveats about anyone who's granted corporate airtime apply


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Back to the Future

One topic of conversation that's cropped up with friends and family in recent days is the corrupting influence of the economic boom of the last 10-20 years on ordinary people and whether or not those people are mentally prepared for the possibly very hard times ahead

And that corruption is evident is so many trivial, yet irritating ways

Having moved a few months ago from central South London to the suburbs of North London I rapidly developed vehement contempt for a particular breed of dickhead who drives something like this...

and lives somewhere like this...

Fellow inhabitants of Suburban Hell UK will understand

I was with the other 1/2's father in a North London shopping centre the other day and, being from New Zealand, and not understanding how things are done here, he asked us...

'Do people here actually deliberately try and walk into you?'

Silly man

Of course they do

There really are an awful lot of people in this country who, after 20 years of unparalleled economic expansion, have been rendered incapable of aspiring to anything more than being arseholes in public places and living in a Mock Tudor plastic mansionette with a BMW X3 parked outside

And that, sadly, is the high water mark

The economic tide is now turning


A couple of friends of mine from 'Up North are of the firm opinion that the majority of British people will simply revert back, and be capable of reverting back, to a 1950s-paced lifestyle - lots of brown clothing, tinned food and having nothing better, or cheaper, to do than chatting with your neighbours

Some other friends of mine are, I think, holding out for a regression slightly further back in British history to something like 1926

Me, I reckon something like 1381 is nearer the mark...

Need a peasant in a hurry? Call Rent A Peasant

Come to think of it, what am I doing nicking images from Rent A Peasant when I've got a hard drive filled with pictures of my own family...

Actually, my old folks owned enough land to grow enough food to feed themselves, which puts them light years ahead of the supposedly much wealthier people who live in the UK in 2008

A few posts back someone left a comment along the lines of

'A truly wealthy country is one with abundant natural resources and a well-educated, hard working population which makes things people need' .

I could qualify that a little but I think it's pretty close to the mark

So, how does the UK, or the US, score these days?


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Crunchy TV

And what a Crunchy night of prime time television it was in the UK yesterday

BBC1 8.30pm - Panorama: How Safe is my Money?
ITV1 8.00pm - Crunch Time: Tonight
C4 8.00pm - Dispatches: The Human Cost of the Credit Crunch
C4 9.00pm - The Price of Property

It would be fair to say that the debt-laden masses are now been given official establishment permission, nay, encouragement to crap themselves royally

The Golden Rule when consuming all mass media coverage of economics is, of course, to remember that it is always wrong; either factually or in its timing, or both

which means, given the universally bleak tone of last night's Crunchy TV, that either

a) the economy is about to boom

b) the situation is even worse than portrayed and we're facing The Apocalypse


As well as answering the question of 'How Safe is my Money?' yesterday, the BBC also tackled the important question of the rising number of fake £1 coins in circulation. Estimates of the number of fake coins are as high as a potentially economy-crippling £30m - something like, say, 0.05% of the money spunked on Northern Rock

The BBC website provides a clear explanation of how to identify fake coins which every concerned citizen is advised to read - after all none of us want to be caught holding currency that isn't worth the paper, or metal, it's printed on

One of these coins is a cheap, shitty knock off with no inherent value - the other's a fake


Anthropomorphic Global Warming - The Chilling Truth™

Thanks to Paul over at the Conspiraloon Alliance for making me aware of this powerful simulation of what might really happen under certain circumstances:..

this is going to be a winner with the kind of people who hold in-depth conversations with their cats or who buy pyjamas for their poodles

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rambling #2 - aka The Genius of Darwin

Here's a new friend of mine...

I met him whilst walking in the fresh, crispy mountains of Italy last week. I think it's what the locals call a 'Ghiro' - in English a 'Fat Dormouse'.

Conspiracy fans will be delighted to learn that the fat dormouse was introduced to the UK a 100 hundred years ago by Lord Rothschild...

"Their nickname is the Seven Sleepers as they hibernate for seven months of the year. Walter Rothschild, who later became the second Baron Rothschild, brought the first six Glis Glis to England in 1902. No-one knows exactly how, but they escaped into the wild from the Rothschild home at Tring Park and have spread and bred! However, instead of happily hibernating out of doors they moved inside for the English winter! Soon, local farmers were complaining of apple stores being ruined and local people were hearing unexplained bumps in the night ... a sure sign that the Glis Glis were making themselves quite at home in the attic. One woman was convinced she was going mad!"

This was clearly a pioneering act of primitive bioterrorism, though how fat dormice fit in exactly with the global banking conspiracy, the foundation of Israel, freemasonry and space aliens is still not 100% clear to me


And because I'm more than a little bit sad, all the walking I've been doing here and in my Mothersland and my encounters with fat dormice, amusingly-shaped mushrooms (another time, another photo) and all sorts of other livings things in their natural environment, I've been pondering upon the 'Genius of Darwin' as much as ever - especially the impact of Darwinism on the way people think

As it happens, whether Darwin was right or wrong about the Evolution of Life makes virtually bugger all difference to most people's daily lives.
However, Darwinism has affected the way people interpret tangible events that do impact on their daily lives

Before Darwinism and the Enlightenment, most people believed that someone, or some entity, was responsible for everything that happened. The weather, the outcome of battles, the shape of tea leaves in a cup, the throw of some dice; all was the Will of some god or other.

There was no such thing as chance. Everything that happened was the predetermined outcome of a controlling intelligence

After Darwin, it was considered very clever to believe that everything of any importance or scale was the result of blind chance. Any pattern of events that appeared to be result of design was simply the result of blind chance combined with some kind of selection mechanism

The result was that, in the act of denying the Hand of God in natural affairs, Darwinism also had the consequence of denying the Hand of Man in human affairs

Anyone who suggests that the course of human, or natural affairs, may be the result of the interplay of intelligent planning and the natural selection of random events is now branded an irrational religious lunatic or a conspiracy theorist

Shit just happens

and if you don't believe that Shit just happens then you're only fit for the Funny Farm

Because I'm a Loon I believe that the promotion of this kind of thinking, as an essentially exclusive model to explain how the world works, was an entirely deliberate course of action - but I would wouldn't I

If you would like to witness a nice example of what I'm talking about, the mainstream coverage of the recent financial turmoil is a nice case history

The unwavering message of the mainstream coverage of the 'Credit Crunch' is...

  • The impending implosion of our financial system is an unintended consequence of unreasoning, animalistic, undirected greed and fear

  • No-one could have predicted it

  • There is no predetermined objective

  • The people responsible for our great financial institutions are honestly trying to unfuck things as best as they can for the Common Good

The possibility that the crisis could have been deliberately engineered in some way, and that some very clever, powerful people knew exactly what was going to happen, is deemed so unlikely it is not raised even to be debunked

Presumably, the fact that so many On-line Conspiranauts have been predicting this crash for years, in accordance with their insane models of how the world really works, is merely blind luck

And if all those CCTV cameras, databases, terrorism laws and detention infrastructure are turned towards,
instead of the shadowy terrorists, a general public fucked-off with being robbed blind that will be an unintended outcome too


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Woke up this morning feeling fine... No you didn't (aka F**k off Howard)

I was in a Halifax branch today helping an elderly relative transfer her savings somewhere else, anywhere else

There was an impressive queue of people all doing the same

A member of staff walked up to the queue and said...

'Anyone making a deposit please come to the counter over here. Anyone making a deposit?'

Everyone shook their heads

Got to the front of the queue, had a large withdrawal cheque printed and then the clerk tried to, persistently, flog us a fucking credit card

Says it all really


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Not long to wait now pt 374

...and whilst on the subject of the impending Global Financial Apocalypse we Loons have been foretelling for some time, now's a good time to, yet again, dust off that famous Jefferson quote...

"If the American people ever allow the banking system to control their money, first by inflation, then by deflation; their children will one day wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."

It is a much repeated though, I suspect, not completely understood quote

I think people understand the inflation part of the con because they have experienced it in their daily lives. Deflation, for the moment anyway, is a much more theoretical concept


Strange things are going on in the world of money right now - retail inflation is going through the roof, yet the prices of shares and commodities are going through the floor

And because I'm such a nice person I'm writing this post to explain to anyone who bumps into it exactly what is happening, and that is...

Virtually no-one in the global finance industry knows
what the fuck is going on

Quite simple really

The recent spikes in the price of oil and food weren't the result of the Chinese eating steaks and driving SUVs, Peak Oil or biofuel production


Total bollocks

All of it

The price volatility is the result of people not knowing whether to hold onto cash or not

  • If you expect that the shadowy fuckers who control money supply are going to print money like there's no tomorrow and dilute the value of the £, $ or Euro in your pocket, you would be daft to hold onto the stuff. You'd buy something more tangible with it whilst there were still idiots out there daft enough to take it
  • If, on the other hand, you expect the amount of cash in the system to start evaporating, every time a bank goes down the toilet for instance, then you'll hold onto cash and turn everything you can into cash in anticipation of its scarcity and buying power increasing

The trick is, of course, knowing for sure if the amount of money in circulation is going to increase or decrease

And the shadowy fuckers who do know aren't telling

So, there are a lot of very silly, very well paid people moving into and out of cash, commodities, equities and derivatives like headless, very well paid chickens

And, because virtually none of them know what the fuck is going on, they all pile in behind anyone who looks even faintly like he does - which makes for some very large, and not necessarily rational, price swings

It will all end in tears


As it happens, I've had a few emails today from chums and acquaintances in the wonderful world of finance, sharing all sorts of little snippets and rumours of various large institutions bracing themselves for a major poo storm in the next couple of days

And whenever the real poo storm does finally kick off, be it this week, next month or next year, there's one thing you can be sure of. Those of us with money deposited in any bank that fails will have to take their chances. Those of us who owe money to any bank that fails can sleep easy knowing that their debt will be 100% safe whatever happens


Rambling #1 (aka 'Quick! Torch the f**ker!')

My cunning plan to shed half my body weight and escape the country by microlight, seconds before before the Final Economic Apocalypse is going rather well (10kilos down in 5 weeks - read it and weep fellow chubbies)

And because I'm walking so much, in as out of the way places my little legs can take me, I'm bumping into all sorts of interesting things

My collection of photos of abandoned burned out cars, for example, is going from strength to strength...

At one point yesterday I was listening to the news on the radio on my little wireless music player, whilst photographing some beautifully rusted examples of the abandoned car genre, when someone started talking about the death of Lehman's, Merril's and maybe AIG

which I thought was a nice little synchronicty

after all, what does any sensible criminal do with any vehicle he uses to commit a crime?


Monday, September 15, 2008

Sweary Chops of the Month - Sergei Lavrov

Well, I've just about caught up with ten days of news and views, after some time away from a phone line, and the award for best news story of the month so far is an easy win for this one...

What a disgrace!! Why was this Russian national permitted to direct a torrent of foul-mouthed abuse at the British Foreign Secretary, when there are million of Britons patiently waiting for their turn?

I've no doubt that all fellow loons have already luxuriated in the story's foul-mouthed goodness but, if you haven't already, make sure to read the relevant readers' comments underneath any on-line newspaper which permits them

As well as enjoying the torrent of abuse directed by commentators at Milliband for its own sake, there's also a small glimmer of hope from the fact that, in spite of that blanket of skewed mass media coverage of the Ossetian conflict, virtually no-one, no-one on-line anyway, has swallowed it


Roll me over, roll me over, roll me over, roll me over, do it again...


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mainstream Conspiraloons #632 - Peter Hitchens

A lifetime membership of the Conspiraloon Alliance and a Croix de Loon with honeynut tinfoil clusters are winging their way towards none other than 'the Hitch'...

"It's the creepy plotters who rule us we should really be scared of

Last updated at 1:28 AM on 14th September 2008

There is no such organisation as ‘Al Qaeda’. The spooks know this, Cabinet Ministers know this and so do the ‘security correspondents’ who so readily trot out the spooks’ point of view on our broadcasting networks.

Of course, there are terrorists, and there are also fantasists, fanatics, low-lifes and camp followers who plot and attempt horrible things. Some of them even call themselves ‘Al Qaeda’ these days because they have learned that this is a good way to scare us.

But, while they are a menace, they are not as big or as organised a menace as the Government likes to make out..."

Hark, is that the sound of pennies dropping in Middle England I can hear in the far (far) off distance?

Still, Hitchler is light years ahead of most mainstream 'Leftist' commentators and bloggers - they're still trundling out the same old 'War on Terror Friendly™' bullcrap packaged as Civil Liberties campaigning, day in day out

Mr Hitchens, the Alliance salutes you

Well, some of the time anyway

edit: and FW(little)IW here's the comment I've submitted (in response to an especially ignorant, Pavlovian comment from someone else) under Hitchens' article

"Shortly after the 7/7 attacks Metropolitan Police Commissioner Ian Blair explained to a press conference...

"Al Qaeda is not an organization. Al Qaeda is a way of working ... but this has the hallmark of that approach ... Al Qaeda clearly has the ability to provide training ... to provide expertise ... and I think that is what has occurred here"

Anyone who can take that kind of nonsense on board is a much more eligible candidate for a course of medication and believing in bigfoot

...and belief in a bearded terror mastermind controlling a multinational crime network from a secret base in a hollowed out mountain somewhere. A base that the most technologically advanced nation on Earth has been unable to locate in seven years"

I await the results of comment moderation with bated breath


Thursday, September 04, 2008

What a lot of balls

Based on a couple of recommendations, I've just picked up a copy of this book...

Flat Earth News

An award-winning reporter exposes falsehood, distortion and propaganda in the global media

"Finally I was forced to admit that I work in a corrupted profession." When award-winning journalist Nick Davies decided to break Fleet Street's unwritten rule by investigating his own colleagues, he found that the business of truth had been slowly subverted by the mass production of ignorance.

Working with a network of off-the-record sources, Davies uncovered the story of the prestigious Sunday newspaper which allowed the CIA and MI6 to plant fiction in its columns; the daily newsroom where senior reporters casually refer to 'nig nogs' and where executives routinely reject stories about black people; the respected quality paper which was so desperate for scoops that it hired a conman to set up a front company to entrap senior political figures. He found papers supporting law and order while paying cash bribes to bent detectives and hiring private investigators to steal information.

Davies names names and exposes the national news stories which turn out to be pseudo events manufactured by the PR industry and the global news stories which prove to be fiction generated by a new machinery of international propaganda.

He shows the impact of this on a world where media consumers believe a mass of stories which, in truth, are as false as the idea that the Earth is flat - from the millennium bug to the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, tainting government policy, perverting popular belief.

One of the problems I understand that Nick Davies identifies is that journalists, even if they are pure of heart, no longer have the resources to expend on genuine investigative journalism.

Genuine investigative journalists may spend months or years pursuing a potential story with no certainty of a result worth publishing

Channel 4, for example, has become particularly adept at commissioning and knocking out trash documentaries which clearly took no more than a couple of weeks of Googling and a couple of days of filming on a high street somewhere to produce

The harsh reality of this kind of commercial pressure is, of course, one of the principal arguments used to justify those fuckers at Capita extorting £140 with menaces from every household to fund the BBC

It clearly doesn't work though, as the BBC produces the same kind of vacuous, superficial dross dressed up as investigative journalism as the commercial outlets.

In recent years the main BBC news bulletins have been transformed into vehicles that simply repeat government and corporate press releases; in a way that's far too reminiscent the kind of Propaganda Ministries seen in dystopic fiction to be at all funny

There are, however, noble exceptions to the rule. The BBC is still willing to invest resources in hard-hitting quality investigate documentaries that take over a year to produce and will only ever be shown when the Beeb gets round to it...

"Pandora: Conspiracy theories abound over BBC's London bombings film

By Henry Deedes
Thursday, 4 September 2008

The BBC has found itself under siege from all sides over its decision to make a documentary about the bombings that took place in London on 7 July, 2005.

In June, the Beeb was criticised by the victims' families after it emerged that it paid the expenses of the disgraced academic, Dr Nick Kollerstrom, to appear in a programme about the atrocity as part of the Conspiracy Files series.

Kollerstrom, who denies the Holocaust, thinks the bombers may have been "innocent patsies" set up by elements of the Israeli, British and US security agencies. Now it is the turn of the conspiracy theorists to start spitting feathers.

Kollerstrom and another of the interviewees, the journalist Tony Gosling, claim they were told the programme would be aired some time this month, only to be informed that it has now been shelved until later this year.

Being conspiracists, they naturally smell fish. Gosling says: "We have been told that it is down to legal reasons but this seems to be another tentacle of the war on terror. To be honest, I'm a bit shell-shocked about it. Some of us have put our necks on the line for this."

While the corporation says the documentary will eventually see the light of day, it insists that there was never any plan to show it this year. "It was never on the schedule so there was no set release date," says a spokesman.

"We tend to air these programmes when there is some sort of report to peg them to. It is definitely not for legal reasons."

First off, I no fan of the carefully selected 'troofers' the BBC is going to use in the show

But it strikes me as awfully strange that the BBC is sitting on material for so long that it runs a very real risk of becoming outdated before it is broadcast

So my guess, based on a little hard evidence, is that the BBC was planning to air the program round about now

Now what could have caused the delay?

The BBC spokesperson concedes that these kind of shows are normally timed to coincide with an event such as a government report, or ...a trial verdict

So, have there been any terror trial verdicts that didn't quite go the way they were supposed to recently?

Majority option for bomb plot jury - Thursday August 28 2008

The jury in the trial of eight men accused of plotting to blow up transatlantic passenger jets has been given a majority instruction...

Lordy, lordy what a surprise

Juries, eh? What a pain in the arse - it's about time someone did something to do away with them

and not forgetting the recent trial of three alleged 7/7 conspirators which also went tits up recently

that would be the trial where it was revealed that the alleged 7/7 bombers scattered their personal ID around the tube carriages and took off their rucksacks before the bombs went off

No doubt the excellent and entirely honourable BBC investigative journalists will be able to blow apart any conspiracy theories arising from that little revelation and publish their findings just as soon as the next show trial goes as planned

Confused as to how all those chilling plots fit together? You won't be after you've worked though this pile of balls


It's intermission time now - touch wood, back in a few days...


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Another bloody silly coincidence theory pt258

I have to confess that I didn't actually watch the Olympic handover ceremony in Beijing last month

But maybe I should have

Thanks to MP for sending me a link to an interesting discussion thread
over at the David Icke forum

Tthe thread starts off well but is dragged away to La-La Land quite quickly. As MP points out 'You have to wade through a lot of nutcasery but there is some thought-provoking stuff there'

Not least the references made to the peculiar bit in the middle of the Olympic handover ceremony where a small child walks over a series of bodies and, in the words of one contributor to the discussion...

"The bus bombing ceremony starts with dancers crowding around the bus doorway, they suddenly throw themselves backwards as if a bomb has exploded on the bus, they are scattered on the ground near the bus which reveals a muslim standing on the bus

The top section of the bus then explodes outwards exactly as on 7/7 & up pops the former owner of Aleister Crowleys house & well known satanist, Jimmy Page.

Beckham & Leona Lewis stand on top of the bus as the camera pans across to the Olympic flame coming from a giant torch covered in 666 symbols.

The muslim steps off the bus & walks over the bodies lying on the ground."

Unfortunately, the IOC is enforcing its copyright pretty aggressively so I can only post a link to the full excruciating 15 minutes of Illuminated NWO wank. The bus starts doing interesting things round about 8:20 minutes in...

Olympic Bus Bombing Ceremony

All coincidental, no doubt, but you would have thought that the ceremony designers would have plumped for the more iconic Routemaster for their little show of tacky Londonana

edit: and here's a link to the video introduction played at the start of the ceremony - complete with blokes with black rucksacks standing at bus-stops and goosestepping guardsmen


Monday, September 01, 2008

Special Ramadan Commemorative Post

Yummm, that looks delicious...


We're going to have to get a bigger stick

Further to my last post

The reason why I have such a very big problem with Richard Dawkins is not that he is the leading spokesperson for Darwinist Evolutionary Theory. As it happens, I personally have many strong objections to Darwinism. However, some of my best friends are Evolutionists yet I feel absolutely no need to direct abuse at them

Nope, it's not the Darwinism thing that pisses me off about Dawkins

It's the fact that he represents the perversion of what now passes for popular science which has little to do with the idealised scientific method and a lot more to do with advocacy, case-building, lawyers tricks and politics

Science shouldn't be about amassing whatever evidence you can find to support your ideas

It should be about seeking out the material which most strongly challenges your theories

The perfect scientist says to himself every day 'I don't want to be wrong so I'm going to come up with everything I can to prove myself wrong'

Some common clues which suggest that someone posing as a scientist might actually be behaving like a Dawkins-style scientician include...

  • Any reference to 'scientific consensus'
  • Presentation of modelled data as real data
  • Cherry picking of real data and the rejection, or editing, of anomalous data
  • Any attempts to force people into 'you're with us or against us' style false choices
  • Any claims that the science of any subject is 'settled once and for all'
  • Attempts to depict anyone with opposing points of view as a nutter

The problem is, of course, when faced with a fundamentalist pulling these kind of stunts is that it's difficult not to be drawn into a similar pattern of behaviour and respond to foamy-mouthed advocacy with foamy-mouthed counter advocacy

I've had a couple of recent exchanges with some chums on the subject of man made global warming

They believe it's happening. I'm not so sure

They send me links about temperatures going up. I send them links about temperatures going down

They send me links about polar bear numbers shrinking and pictures of cute baby bears stuck on ice floes. I send them links about about polar bear numbers not shrinking and pictures of ice breakers stuck in ice

None of which proves dick

And round and round it goes

But sometimes I can't help myself, even though I know better. So...

My other 1/2's Dad is over from New Zealand for a few weeks and we were chatting about how the winter in New Zealand was panning out

He mentioned that snowfall has been so heavy this year that one ski resort had to go out and buy a bigger measuring stick

I did a few quick web searches and confirmed that was indeed the case. In passing, I couldn't help noticing that Australia's had a pretty special year for snow too

  • and then I remembered a mate spending the night in my place after visiting China with a suitcase full of flip flops and chinos only to walk into the worst snowstorms in fifty years

Here in the UK we've just endured yet another spectacularly shitty summer, with the BBC covering up for that other bunch of propagandist stooges at the Met Office, who fucked-up their summer forecast yet again, by downplaying how bad the summer was and knocking out articles suggesting that there was nothing unusual about this summer at all...

'With another wet weekend ahead, the familiar grumbles about British summers have surfaced. Are we deluding ourselves that they should be any different, asks meteorologist Philip Eden'

Last month was the first sunspot-less month in a century

I can't find any reference to that fact on the State Broadcasting Company's website but I did find an old article bigging up the implications of sunspot activity four years ago (link corrected), when sunspot activity was consistent with the global warming myth. The article ends with the most outstanding horseshit I've seen labeled as science for at least a week...

'This latest analysis shows that the Sun has had a considerable indirect influence on the global climate in the past, causing the Earth to warm or chill, and that mankind is amplifying the Sun's latest attempt to warm the Earth.'

When the language of climate change gets so screwed up that the Sun is referred to as having an 'indirect impact on global climate' (as opposed to the presumably ever so direct impact of that devil gas CO2) you can be pretty sure somebody's trying to sell you a serious lemon