Friday, September 11, 2009

911's A Lie - Total Pwnage

Deek Jackson's on form...

911's A Lie - Total Pwnage - The Single

and the video...

(Yes, I said I was f*cking off for a bit but posting the odd link don't count)


Monday, September 07, 2009

Walking the Walk

Just a few words of explanation as to why this blog has gone quiet of late...
  • I’ve finally, after much delay, relocated outside of the UK
  • I’m currently training to do something for a living that will comfort me with the thought that I least tried to do something decent with my short time on this Earth
  • The training is on the intense side
  • I am fucking knackered
  • Way too knackered to maintain this blog for the time being
Which is a shame

A shame because I’ve really enjoyed and learned from (most of) the comments and links people have left here

And also because the very sorely-missed Lord Patel expressed a wish that I could somehow keep the spirit of his own blog going

Not that I’ve given up on that possibility. I’ve just shelved it for a bit

One very heartening thing that I’ve noted over the last few months is just how so many people I’ve met in ordinary day to day life down here in NZ are, how can I put it?, um, total fucking loons

Global Warming, Swine Flu, the Banksters’ coup d’etat...

You name it, I’ve had people, people who don’t know my own predilections, volunteer completely conspiratorial opinions as to what’s really going on

And, almost without exception, those opinions make no reference to space aliens, ancient Mayan Prophecies or race hate

Just a perfectly healthy, and totally rational, belief that They are fucking Us in an increasingly overt way

As it happens, if you do get out and about a bit and take a peek outside of the US-UK promoted Official Narrative of what’s going on in the world, you will discover that most of the rest of that world is rife with conspiraloonacy

I’ve been fortunate enough to spend a little time in Latin America and the Former Soviet Union and many people I've met in those parts of the world totally get the Conspiraloon thing. If you play your cards right, don't laugh in their face, or turn out to be the ignorant, Anglo-centric cunt they expect you to be, they sometimes even buy you a drink

There are many potential explanations to account for this but my guess is that this has probably got something to do with the fact that Latin America, the FSU and many other parts of the world were, in living memory, fucked six ways from Sunday by lying, thieving, murdering oligarchical bastards

People in the US and the UK haven’t been fucked quite so comprehensively by lying, thieving, murdering oligarchical bastards

Well, not yet

Not in living memory anyway

So, yes, I recommend getting out more. Way, way out

Thanks to all who have visited here and who have left words of support, amusement and (possible) enlightenment. I’m not putting this blog on ice as such but it might be a fair old while before normal service is resumed