Friday, January 28, 2011

'Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver' Update!!

Max and Minimax

Zany madcap financial commentator Max Keiser has an unparalleled track record of economic and geopolitical forecasting. So much so that the BBC gave him his own show called 'The Oracle'

Max's portfolio of uncanny predictions and empowering analytical insights include...

  • prophesying that the Euro was shortly to become the world's reserve currency, a couple of months before it went tits up
  • declaring his support for US Presidential candidate Barack Obama on the basis that there was a very good chance Obama would bring about 'change'
  • predicting that the US Comex gold and silver exchange would default catastrophically in 2008, which it clearly did, without anyone noticing

The man is a soothsaying sensation, though it's not immediately clear if he is simply a brilliant analyst, gifted with superhuman psychic abilities, or whether the Universe actually submissively conforms to His Will

From the moment Keiser started his '
Buy Silver, Crash JP Morgan' campaign a couple of months back I've been watching global silver prices like a hawk

Komment Macht Frei - all my favourite people, and ideas, in one handy place

Keiser's plan was simplicity itself. JP Morgan has (allegedly) been driving the price of silver down by selling billions of dollars of silver it didn't actually possess. If enough people were to call JP Morgan's bluff, buy physical silver and drive the price up, JP Morgan's positions would collapse and the price of silver would skyrocket - destroying an evil bank and enriching those who killed it in the same act

A brilliant plan. Of course, if JP Morgan were to ever implode the resulting costs and losses (plus a dollop extra) would simply be assumed in all our names by government. But, nevertheless, a really, really brilliant plan

So, how's it doing? How much money have the legions of junior league silver bugs who have followed Max's call to 'Buy Silver, Crash JP Morgan' made so far?

Yup, The Oracle is still truly at the peak of his powers

Actually, anyone who joined the 'Buy Silver, Crash Morgan' campaign would have potentially enjoyed an even bigger (negative) return than -10.48% over the last 30 days

Silver coins, even those without a collectable value, sell for a mark-up of 15% or more over the scrap value of their silver content. Max presumably knows all about the excellent mark-ups in the bullion biz, as his site is, coincidentally, sponsored by bullion dealers

On top of the dealer's margin, if you buy a silver coin in Europe it is liable for VAT of, typically, 20%

So, if you bought a 1oz silver coin for something like £24 a month ago, it is now worth a shade under £17 today. Your £7 loss being shared out amongst the bullion dealer, the government's creditors, and speculators like JP Morgan


And, yes, the fiat price of silver, and most other needful things which can't be printed into existence, will very possibly rise ahead of wages and interest on savings but timing, as they say, is everything

In the meantime, as fundamentally worthless as fiat currency is, the Max Keisers and JP Morgans of this world will still sell their grannies for a pot of it

Or, as a fellow conspiranaut said "If you want to put your hand in our pocket Max, give our nuts a scratch while you're at it...." .


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Free speech doubleplus bad

With these Orwellian headlines the Guardian is really spoiling us. First there was this a few weeks ago...

and now this gem...

The problem with the Guardian of course is that it is the largest-circulation, allegedly left-wing newspaper in the UK and a natural focal point for people who would like to see a gentler, fluffier world

Personally, I would describe the Guardian as an authoritarian allegedly left-wing newspaper

...and there's nothing fluffy about authoritarianism

A little while back a friend complained to me about the media treatment of an issue he is interested in and he said, in an exasperated tone, 'Even the Guardian is deleting my comments!!'

when my laughter had died down a little, and he was able to get a word in edgewise, he followed up with something like 'Come to think of it, that is a pretty knob end thing to say...'

plurality of debate - the very cornerstone of CiF policy...


Monday, January 10, 2011 - back to being a PIA

Those of us who remember the early days of Blogger will recall what a Pain in the Arse it used to be. Blogs would disappear for days on end, comments would disappear, the formatting of posts would get shredded for no reason at all. You got, as they say, what you paid for

For the last few years the service has been relatively sweet, with only the occasional, bearable niggle

Lately, however, Blogger has implemented an anti-spam filter which you can't turn off and which takes an arbitrarty and sometimes retrospective approach to sandboxing comments

The main reasons why I try and keep this blog going, even though I have competing calls on my time is the fact I enjoy the occasional outbreaks of informed, amusing and profane commenting that sometimes appear under my posts. It's heartening to be reminded that there are at least some people out there who are sceptical of Official Narratives but, at the same time, don't chug down and regurgitate Alternative Narratives without checking them out beforehand

Blogger is now getting in the way of that. Moderation fecks up the flow of commenting and Blogger is effectively imposing arbitrary moderation on commenting whether I like it or not. It doesn't help that Blogger does not inform me when a comment has been retrospectively removed. The comments aren't being erased permanently but as I'm not (quite) sitting on a computer permanently there may sometimes be a delay before they are released


What happened to the bacofoil rocket suits and personal robots?

Eco-sustainable Planned-opolis...


I was going to compare and contrast competing Visions of the Future by pasting up the Suicide Booth scene from Futurama, but the only online clip I could find that hasn't been taken down by the copyright bots was in Czech

Mind you, whilst unintelligible, it does have
a charm of its own

And one of these days I would like to sit down and compile a list of all the characteristics of the genre of propagandistic film-making that I will forever associate with the Blair years in the UK.

There's a shared look and sound to the style of films I have in mind and they are often associated with the kind of 'Common Purpose'-esque, public-private initiatives which piss me off something rotten - however mumsy the voice over

Whilst I appreciate that many loons out there like to describe this propaganda as 'communist' or 'marxist', they're wrong. It is the product of an unholy merger of corporate and state power, and that is fascism, well mostly

I appreciate that it's easier for people who don't see themselves as lefties to identify anything they perceive as evil as being 'Marxist' or 'communist' (and for lefties to identify anything evil as being 'fascist') but the situation is a little more complicated than simplistic use of poorly defined or understood terms like 'Marxism' is capable of describing

The fact that unaccountable foundations, pressure groups and think tanks, like the one that made the video at the top of this post, are funded by big corporations as well as government should be a bit of a fucking clue as to the nature of The Beast.

If your definition of communism encompasses activities that are promoted by and benefit large,
privately owned corporations and billionaire individuals it might be worth your while contemplating the internal contradictions in that point of view. I can understand how people might argue that a bastardised form of communism might, like so many other 'isms', be co-opted as a tool of those private corporations and billionaires but are those corporations and billionaires themselves communist? What word would you, should you use to describe them?


Thursday, January 06, 2011

Michael Hudson gives me the horn pt.328

Curiously for a conspiraloon economician, Michael Hudson does not promote precious metals with every waking breath, he clearly believes that the megarich vs poor paradigm isn't a false one and he does not appear to be focused on engendering a sense of collapsafarian despair in his listeners...

Hudson isn't going to sell very many Krugerands or water filters with talk like that


Listening to this latest dose of Hudson I was reminded, as I usually am when listening to Georgists, of the land ownership systems adopted during the Gold Rushes of the 19th Century.

Because the mining camps were set up in wilderness areas, beyond the reach of established governing systems or landlords, the miners got together and made up the rules for themselves.

The rules were simple enough; one person, or small group, could stake only one claim and the claim was no bigger than that person or group could work. If claimants did not work the claim they lost it

Whilst not a perfect system, it did restrict the scope for rent, speculation and generally poncing off people who actually worked for a living

Anyone who tried accumulating claims so that they could rent out or speculate with them, whilst sitting on their arse, ran a real risk of being hit repeatedly on the head with pick axe handles

Of course, this kind of thinking was suppressed as soon as the camps got properly civilised


It always baffles me when people 'of the right' dismiss the very notion of social welfare as being an unworkable utopian fantasy because they believe it results in a system where people are paid to do nothing

As if spongers being paid to do nothing is somehow a pitfall unique to left wing systems

Whenever anyone plays that card I find myself thinking of people like this twunt...

He left school with only one O Level, in spite of the best education money could buy, has done nothing especially productive or clever in his adult life and yet is one of the richest land-owners in the country. He lives entirely off the labour of others and has done absolutely nothing to deserve that privilege. Thanks largely to the fact that he'll pay fuck all tax, in life and death, he and his progeny will continue to accumulate capital and increase the amount they leach off everyone else in a way that simply isn't possible for us paeons

Whatever your political persuasion, I believe it's pretty difficult to make a case for parasitism of this nature. Those who have 'left wing' sensibilities will see it as unfair. Those with a 'right wing' point of view should see it as a pretty shit way of allocating scarce resources or stimulating productivity. The fact that many ordinary people with right wing views don't get what's going on is one of the triumphs of the plutocratic class

Though, for the life of me, it's sometimes hard to put my finger on which of the members of that class are the ones who are actually smart enough to keep this charade going