Monday, July 19, 2010

The Financial Con Of The Decade Explained So Simply Even A Congressman Will Get It

Essential Reading from Zero Hedge if you still don't get what's been happening with the bank bailouts and subsequent austerity narrative...

The amounts that are being stolen are so huge, the timescale so rapid and the eventual likely impact so pervasive that I cannot believe the plutocrats behind this think they can get away with it indefnitely

Unless they've got something quite nasty up their collective sleeve

And if anyone has the cheek to tell me that there isn't an enormous conspiracy to keep Joe Public in the dark about this enormous scam they can go fuck themselves


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Announcing FF15MP's new Property and Investment supplement

One thing this blog has always lacked is its own Property feature.

I'm going to rectify that right now and inaugurate my new UK Property supplement with a high quality investment opportunity that's only just come to the market...

Ordinarily, I wouldn't publicise the existence of such a screaming bargain and would hope to quietly snap it up for myself but a) I do not have 250 Large to spend on a cell, and b) I am not insane

In its favour, as well as being in a desirable (sic.) part of North London and close to a railway station, when the time comes, anyone shrewd enough to invest in this compact and bijou residence can have their executor shovel a few spadefuls of earth on it and have it double as their grave

Only the chances are that whoever buys this place will die still owing money on it. So, their corpse would have to turfed out and dumped on a tip and the property put back on the market for the next smart cookie to buy it

Assuming a 10% deposit, a loan of £225,000 at a 5% mortgage rate, this slave hutch can be yours for £1,350 (repayment) or £950 (interest only) per month. When the banking industry decides it wants to take some more money out of your pocket and mortgage interest rates go up to 8% that will be £1,750 and £1,500 respectively. At 10% that will be £2,050 and £1,850

The really insane thing is that I know people who will tell me how much sense this makes. People who have made a *lot* of money flipping properties in the same area that are even more ghastly than this one

The trick is the flipping part

Millions of people in the UK have been playing a nationwide game of financial pass the parcel and as long as they're not the ones left holding the over-priced property with the eye-watering mortgage when the music stops they've won

Only they won't have won, because the economic lives of millions of people left holding over-priced properties with eye-watering mortgages are going to go tits up and everyone is going to have to bear the cost. People who played the property game and those who stayed out of it, all of them.

(As an aside, I understand typical mortgage rates in the UK to be currently in the region of 5% to 6% whereas the savings rate on a typical bog standard deposit account is 0.25%. That's a 20 fold gross profit on the banks' cost of funds. An absolutely eye-watering level of usury by any measure. I suspect that there isn't much outcry over that as most people don't have much in the way of savings and those who do made them off the back of property inflation. However, the banks are getting a lot of that 0.25% money from the government (i.e. the citizens of the UK) and then charging people 5%+ to borrow it back. So, one way or another, people are funding their own debt slavery, whether they are conscious of it or not)

And whether you smell the whiff of conspiracy, or plain stupidity, it's worth asking yourself why virtually no-one, actually I believe no-one, in the mainstream press or government ever questioned the sustainability of house prices rising three, four, five times faster than wages indefinitely. The insane and ruinous inflation of the cost of a fundamental requirement of life, as necessary as food or water, was trumpeted to the heavens

Why are all of those fuckers claiming the Crunch was an unpredictable surprise?

How dumb would you have to be not to see it coming? At the very least this demonstrates that the entire existing system of financial regulation and education needs razing to the ground and rebuilding from scratch

That is if you assume our system of financial regulation and education was put in place to protect and nuture the ordinary muppet on the street.

I've worked in finance so I don't

So, we can't afford our own homes, mum and dad are both working to pay the bills, mum and dad are also maxed out on debt, deposit interest rates have been reduced to virtually zero, most of our shit is manufactured by 3rd world slaves, the UK's sold all its oil, most of the infrastructure has been sold off, the financial future of the next few generations has been mortgaged to the hilt, a bugger load of spend has been hidden temporarily in PFI deals and the government has written a lot of bad cheques. Like a junkie or a gambler with an incurable addiction the UK, and the rest of the West, has sold, pawned, borrowed or stolen everything it can just to get through each day, with no thought of tomorrow

Now what?


Have you noticed our caps have got skulls on them?

Yet another (relatively) oldie but goodie...

...inspired by a comment underneath my previous post, on the subject of JFIT

Not as funny as Junkie Christmas but quite relevant to some of the appalling comments, written by ignorant racist dickheads who genuinely believe that they're the Good Guys, I've been trawling through on the web recently


Friday, July 16, 2010

The Death of the Middle Class Proletariat

a (slightly) oldie but a goodie...

Elizabeth Warren gets a lot less coverage in the Conspirosphere than Catherine Austin Fitts but I think she does a pretty good job of documenting the death of the American and, by extension, the British, middle class

Because her presentation is based on US demographics it does include elements, such as health insurance, that aren't directly relevant to the UK but the core of her analysis is sound and relevant to people on the other side of The Pond

Another weakness in Warren's presentation is the lack of any analysis of the reasons why the changes she's identified have come to pass. She does an excellent job of demonstrating the size of the hole a typical double-income family finds itself in in 2005, compared to a single income family in 1970, but she doesn't even start to explain where that hole comes from (edit: she does a slightly better job here)

You could, of course, simply shrug your shoulders and say 'shit just happens' but then you probably wouldn't be reading this blog...

(I'd love to claim the expression 'Middle Class Proletariat' as my own but we have the Ministry of Defence to thank for that little pearl)


edit: of course, as a commentator pointed out underneath one of my posts a little while back, James Goldsmith nailed this subject years ago...

Goldsmith was a peculiar chap. The analysis he presents in this video is perceptive and essentially anti-elitist. Yet, this same man was a robber baron who looked more like a Bond villain (complete with a Bond villain's multi-zillion dollar tropical fortress lair) than anyone else alive and whose family has bumped uglies with the Rothschilds and who are now leading players in the ongoing eugenic global eco-scam

I'm fucked if I know what he was playing at

He doesn't seem to be taking the piss in that video



and, on the subject of the Fucked Middle Class Consumer, this warms up nicely towards the end...

Hmmm, the Power of Nightmares...


I despair pt.211

As I haven't a lot of free time to put together much in the way of considered blog posts myself , I've been spending what free on-line time I have hanging around other people's blogs

Sad to say, and especially with the passing of Lord Patel, there continues to be not much in the way of UK blogging which suits my own personal tastes - sceptical of official narratives, but equally cautious about competing alternative narratives, and not inclined to run away with the fairies, or aliens

Craig Murray's blog is always worth popping by, though I suspect Craig has decided that he needs to retain at least some kind of connection with the mainstream in order to sustain a living. The swarm of trolls that descended on Craig's blog after he started commenting on the Israelis shooting nine peace activists in the back of the head indicates he must be doing something right

Aangirfan's prodigious blog is also worth visiting but, my, it does cross the line between anti-Zionism and something a tad more uncomfortable with reliable regularity

I've also spent a little time wading underneath the comments on Old Holborn's blog, though I always find myself wanting a shower afterwards

Old Holborn claims to be a Libertarian, though he and his entourage of commentators seem to spend the vast majority of their time venting race-hate about brown people and blaming them for all of the UK's ills, whilst devoting pretty much fuck all time to the Evils of the State. In fairness, Old Holborn also has the occasional wee pop at Zionists and has aroused the enmity of other members of the British Libertarian Party for doing so

That's the depressing state of Libertarianism in the UK - mostly pro-zionist wog-haters, plus the occasional anti-zionist wog-hater

In that respect, there are strands of American Libertarianism that are light years ahead of the essentially hate-fuelled discourse that's taking place in the UK

And what's the subject of Old Holborn's latest post? With the country, and the world, on the brink of an economic and social precipice, engineered by a governing, legal and financial elite that is to all intents and purposes entirely Muslim free. What's the Big Issue on the mind of the UK's leading Libertarian blogger?

Yup, Khazis in Rochdale

The series of demented, racist comments underneath that post make truly depressing reading. There's no way of knowing just how representative this bile is of ordinary British people's views but there's no doubt that the media has been stoking it up for years and that must be having some effect

I despair

My one consolation is that, if history is anything to go by, it's the brown shirt dickheads who are first up against the wall after they've outlived their usefulness to their puppetmasters

But, as consolations go, it's pretty poor fare