Friday, June 24, 2011

Beware the Clockwork Elves!!

One of the staple cliches of on-line conspiranoids is to make constant allusion to the 'false left-right paradigm' and to refer to left and right wing politics as being 'two wings of the same bird'

Now, as it happens, I agree that mainstream politics are frequently manipulated into two horse races where both horses have the same owner

I also agree that the left-right paradigm is a restrictive, 'two dimensional' representation of the possible spectrum of political viewpoints. The political bird in question also has a head (libertarian) and an arse (authoritarian) - and several other appendages that could be pressed into methaphorical service, but not in this post

By bringing the additional libertarian-authoritarian axis into your simple left-right political paradigm it becomes possible to shed light on all sorts of otherwise difficult to explain behaviour...

  • Why Hitler and Stalin got on so well, for a while anyway
  • Why on certain issues such as personal freedoms or overseas wars, libertarian right wingers can sound a lot less bloodthirsty than left wingers with an authoritarian streak

  • How it is possible for a certain type of young 'Marxist' (sic.) to effortlessly become a middle-aged Neocon, or Melanie Phillips

Ooh, nasty ...and not in a good way

If you are the kind of person who enjoys petty power and telling people what to do you would probably fit just as well into a 'hard' left as a 'hard' right regime. If you do not like giving or taking orders you are going to have real issues living under a paternalistic regime, however benign

Having said all that, simplistic as the left-right paradigm may be it is not a false paradigm

There are such things as left and right wing sensibilities and one of the falsest paradigms out there on the Interweb is the assertion that left wing ideologies are entirely a fabrication of the Illuminati Jew Bankers, created to destroy the transcendental beauty that is Christian Free Market Capitalism

Oh hum, where do you start?

  • You could point out that the Christ depicted in the New Testament is not what you would call a raving free market capitalist
  • You could explain that the vast majority of workers in free market nirvanas such as Victorian England didn't exactly have much scope to savour the joys of all those capitalistic opportunities and freedoms, on account of being too poor and dying prematurely from a variety of exciting lung diseases
  • Or you could simply suggest that anyone who dismisses compassion for and empathy with fellow humans as being nothing more than the product of Zionist mind control is probably in dire need of a hug

Without going into the ins and outs of who allegedly funded and promoted which political group, which writer or which revolution, plain common sense and a little knowledge of history, should tell you that the quest for fairness, compassion and empathy goes back a long way and is not some 19th century cabalistic invention conjured up out of the ether by Marx

Zionist pawn Watt Tyler - getting it in the neck as punishment for falling for the 'false left-right paradigm' super early; almost 500 years before the publication of Das Kapital

The really bizarre thing is that of the plethora of conspiratorial websites and personalities out there the great majority are anti left-wing and pro capitalism*. Somehow socialism gets discounted as a capitalist plot but capitalism does not

Which, from an evil, plutocratic overlord's point of view is a bit of a result, and exactly the manner in which you would like to see your opposition behaving

* = That would be a special kind of never yet seen magic capitalism which does not rely on banks and does not result in dangerous concentrations of dynastic wealth and power

Anyway, all of the above was merely a preamble to this short clip of Alex Jones explaining what true political insight is really all about. It is not about false paradigms and birds' wings. It is about elves, clockwork elves...

PS And if anyone who has bothered to read my latest spate of posts detects a certain confrontational tone being directed towards conspiracy theorists as well as official narratives they might well be onto something. It could be that I am either a) a Zionist keyboard monkey basking in a shower of Jew Gold, or b) a contrarian scrotum who is bored of reading the same old lazy-arsed, confirmation bias-riddled BS on conspiratorial sites and which is rapidly achieving the status of unquestionable orthodoxy. Fuck that

Count your blessings

I've been humming this little number to myself over the last few days...

Adam Curtis was clearly otherwise engaged, so not the the highest quality accompanying visuals conceivably possible

On the plus side, Curtis didn't write the lyrics either


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

If you've seen one too many Adam Curtis collage-u-mentaries what follows is f***ing genius...

Adam Curtis - highly rated by Charlton Brooker, which should be a bit of a clue
(PS are you still Googling your own name 'Charlie' you f***ing loser?)


ERROL MORRIS: There are those that believe that [the Gulf of Tonkin incident was] part of a conspiracy to escalate the Vietnam War. Here’s a question: are they right? And, in an even more general sense, is history primarily a history of conspiracy? Or is it just a series of blunders, one after the other? Confusions, self-deceptions, idiocies of one kind or another?

ADAM CURTIS: It’s the latter. Where people do set out to have conspiracies, they don’t ever end up like they’re supposed to. History is a series of unintended consequences resulting from confused actions, some of which are committed by people who may think they’re taking part in a conspiracy, but it never works out the way they intended.

And now for the f***ing genius part:

The Loving Trap of Pandora's Nightmares

The Ethical Governor


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"No. The real Black Swan Event is that people are not rioting against the banks in London and New York..."

The BBC's Paul Mason... rumbled

A few days ago, BBC reporter Paul Mason put up a well-written blog post on the demonstrations in Greece

It was so well written and vaguely truthy that I had the strangest sensation of having just read an actual piece of journalism after finishing it

A feeling I don't usually associate with reading anything from the BBC, or pretty much any other mainstream news outlet

An increasingly widespread opinion of mainstream news coverage that Mason himself acknowledges at the end of his piece...

And I will repeat the point about hostility to the media: it's not a problem for me and my colleagues to be hounded off demos as "representatives of big capital", "Zionists", "scum and police informers" etc. But to get this reaction from almost every demographic - from balaclava kids to pensioners - should be a warning sign to the policymaking elite. The "mainstream" - whether it's the media, politicians or business people - is beginning to seem illegitimate to large numbers of people.

As one old bloke put it to me, when I said: "Don't you want us to report what's happening to you?" - "No."

He was quite calm and rational as he waved his hand in my face: "It's too late for that."

Nicely put

Though a cynic might suggest that Mason and the BBC are simply
co-opting the tools of citizen journalism, such as blogs, to put out a minimal amount of truthiness in an attempt to scrape up some much needed credibility

Those would be the same tools of citizen journalism that mainstream media whores spend most of their time belittling and abusing

...and a small amount of their time trying to co-opt, covering their well paid arses, just in case

For an altogether much more informative example of citizen journalism on what is being done to Greece I recommend this article...

It opens with the lines...

"I have never been more desperate to explain and more hopeful for your understanding of any single fact than this: The protests in Greece concern all of you directly"

...and the author is absolutely right

The banks and the corporations that have grown up around the banks are out to deprive the Greek people of all property until their children wake-up homeless in their own land

The Greeks are to become neo-feudal, pay-as-you-go serfs

And then, after the Greeks, the rest of us

A future which neither Paul Mason nor any employee of the BBC or any other mainstream media outlet is going to warn us about; 100% guaranteed, absolutely no way, ever

They'll report it after it happens, sure enough, and explain that no-one saw such an unfortunate, accidental turn of events coming, and so on and so on. They'll do that because that's their job. They're paid to sell narratives. Narratives that are constructed to instill passivity and acceptance of what is being done

And that is why the old Greek bloke said to Mason 'It's too late for that'

And that is why I despise Mason and his kind as much as any Greek demonstrator

The Battle in Syntagma Square article ends with the following paragraph...

Nassim Nicholas Taleb is the Lebanese-American philosopher who formulated the theory of “Black Swan Events” – unpredictable, unforeseen events which have a huge impact and can only be explained afterwards. Last week, on Newsnight, he was asked by Jeremy Paxman whether the people taking to the streets in Athens was a Black Swan Event. He replied: “No. The real Black Swan Event is that people are not rioting against the banks in London and New York.”

That wouldn't be as much to do with Black Swans as with a corrupt press and parliamentary system but, in spite of their efforts, I expect that there will be an upsurge in demonstrations and strikes in the UK later in the year. However, and this is where I may lose some of my leftist friends on top of any anti-Zionist friends I lost a few posts back, those strikes and demonstrations are likely to only make the situation worse

The only significant pockets of organised labour left in the UK are public sector unions and they have a poor track record of giving a toss about where their members' pay comes from. Any successes public sector workers have in maintaining their pay and conditons are, under the current system, simply passed onto ordinary private sector workers in the form of increased taxation and inflation. Many private sector workers I personally know are barely managing from week to week and they have biff all job security and pensions. If the cost of significant public sector settlements are dumped onto their laps they're screwed

Until strikers and demonstrators in the UK start talking about reforming the entire system for the benefit of
all ordinary people and not just the protestors own immediate self-interest all they will be doing is fighting with other plebs for a share of an increasingly smaller trickle of crumbs from their Masters' table

The Greeks seem to be switching onto this, as do the Irish, and the Icelanders

But they had to get fucked pretty severely first


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lemon entry, my Dear Watson

In spite of the Conspiraloon Alliance's best efforts, the toll taken by Sudden Adult Death Sydrome continues to mount

In an innovative, out of the box investigation of the case of recent SADS victim Gareth Williams,
Winter Patriot is channeling the long dead spirit of Sherlock Holmes in the elusive quest for a cure for SADS...


Introducing the surprisingly spacious Nissan Micra...

You can fit a lot more into a Micra than you might think, apparently


Protest Song

Thursday, June 02, 2011

I want Britain to be about British

'People are angry but they can't explain why...'

but after seven or eight cans of Wife-beater who could?