Thursday, April 10, 2008


...and whilst on the subject of bastard strength lager, all patriotic Scots will be pleased to learn that T-Super is available in Italy - marketed as a premium beer, in bottles...

'Strong, like its country of origin, Tennent's Super is the STRONG LAGER produced by the Tennent family since 1885'

The Tennent family have thoughtfully provided a consumer helpline for any Italian foolish enough to try drinking a bottle but, less thoughtfully, forgot to include the international dialing code. Still, most consumers wouldn't be able to operate a telephone anyway so no harm done

(I've also seen Super T available on draft (draft!!) in a couple of British themed pubs in Italy; including the stupendously named 'Stalingrad' in Milan)

Other products now on offer in their supermarkets which demonstrate Italians' growing interest in what other people eat and drink, after centuries of gastronomic chauvinism, include...

Big Americans Pizza

Foods of the World - including some very exotic tins of baked beans - a bargain at 2.15 Euros a tin

Foreign people are funny


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The Cartoonist said...

When Milan, you should try 'The Cartoons' Pub. They've got Belgian beer on tap. :-)