Wednesday, April 30, 2008

May Day foolishness

The people behind stuff like this...

and this

are organising a little party in London tomorrow...

or rather two parties...

May Day Meeting Points:

1) Space Hijackers, Peasants, Aristocracy, Performers, Merchants, Peddlers, Strumpets and Virgins:-

Meet in Green Park by Green Park tube, we will then head off to the May Fayre at 2:03pm promptly.

2) Metropolitan Police, Fools, Soldiers and Vagabonds:-

Meet outside Bond Street tube station, we will then head off to the May Fayre at 2:34 promptly.

Please note it is very important you do not join the wrong meeting point, otherwise you will look like a total fool!

...and even though I suspect many Spacejackers would probably consider me mad because I believe all the shit that's going on is implemented in pursuit of a planned objective

...and even though I don't think their pranks achieve very much, if anything

I still wish them well if for no other reason than they seem decent and they make me laugh

and if taunting coppers really could change the world I'd be striding up and down Whitehall wearing a pair of plastic tits with the best of them


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paul said...

I, for one, think the police have a very difficult job. Which is why I'm not surprised they can't be bothered doing it