Monday, April 14, 2008

A spankingly good track

- link inspired by a couple of comments underneath this post, including a link to this article

NB probably not a work friendly link - unless you happen to work in Mistress Mavis' House of Pain, or the House of Commons

and if any politicians, senior civil servants or captains of industry bump into this post whilst seaching for this sort of service please feel free to drop me a line - I, and quite a few people I know, would be more than willing to give you a slapping free of charge

but no kissing afterwards


edit: and thanks to Lord Patel for, in the process of comparing Gordon Queeg with Lt Cmdr Queeg, reminding me of how just good a film The Caine Mutiny is - with two or three absolutely stand-out scenes; including Humphrey Bogart doing this very credible Gordon Queeg impression...

the scene featuring the 'josé ferrer figure, realising too late the real villains of the piece and his unwitting complicity' is absolutely knockout as well but, sadly, absent from Gootube



Merkin said...

Where can I join the queue?

Anonymous said...

"but if someone wants to post comments/ links as comments on this wee blog they're welcome too as I have and probably will refer to this particular multinational psyop"

Thank you Stef. You are most generous. Most bloggers complain about a lack of comments in their blogs. I don't agree with promoting commercial stuff/ pharmaceutical enhancements for the male/female appendages and the like,but I do like to discuss current news.

By the way, I like your newsy blog. I forgot to mention that little thing

Anonymous said...

That spanking video should go down well with Poole Council at the moment - see

Anonymous said...

I've just been reading a bankers mistresses blog-it seems that a lot of mistresses are getting turfed out of their chelsea lovenests because of the recession..some at very short notice,ie,fill a bag and piss off..can't find the link though.

Anonymous said...

Geeklawyer on blackmail plot here

Anonymous said...

off-topic; BritishBullshitCorp are redefining TERROR! for us all this very evening.

Stef said...

Geeklawyer on blackmail plot here

Lord Patel's take (plus a link from YT as a comment) here

A few minutes spent Googling "Fawcett the Fence" will also yield some amusing background material