Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Everything's just f**king peachy

Gordon Brnwo - totally, indisputably, 100% out of his fucking box

It's looking like I might have been just a tad premature writing a post a few days ago making crude analogies between recent events in Britain and Nazi Germany

The material just keeps on coming

First, Gordon Brwno announces an initiative to militarise school kids (aka
Schooltrip Troopers aka the Brown Shirts aka the Gordo-Jugend)

and now, today, Gordon's doing his best 'last days in the bunker' impression, raving about how fucking great everything is financially and barking out decrees to a non-existent fantasy economy which is somehow going to pull him, his mates and all the rest of us out of the shit


There again, I suppose the word 'low' is a relative term and maybe 10-15% pa inflation and even greater increase in money supply really is 'low' - and maybe the forex markets really aren't dumping pounds as fast as Gordon and his banker buddies can whisk them out of thin air...

The Pound-Euro exchange rate over the last two years - hmmm, Weimar-tastic. Even more so If you bear in mind that the Euro is over-inflated junk as well

And if anyone out there has ingested enough aspartame to really believe that inflation is low and that a short term reduction in interest rates represents an excellent opportunity to borrow some more money may I recommend that they give this guy a call (a link that really does need the sound on to appreciate in all its glory)


and whilst (still) on the subject of all things Hitler, here's a postcard of Adolf which was doctored by British intelligence for circulation in Germany during the last war. The editing work is very subtle and may be hard to spot at first but I can assure you that this is indeed a retouched photograph...



The Underdoug said...

How about calling the Brownshirts the Pupils' Liberation Army of Little Blighty on the Brown?

BTW I note that extinguishing the relay flame is a tad meaningless as (as per Sir Steve Redgrave on Sunday morning at Wembley) the source is kept in what appears to be a pilot light in a cannister that kickstarts a gas flame to light said relay torch. Anyone going after the flame would also have to put the zippo carrier out.

Seeing as fag lighters are banned from aircraft, this explains why the PRC had to lay on a private jet for the flame - I can't help wondering if this would still be allowed to fly over EU airspace (permanently lit ignition source, anyone?). If not, it's not the true Olympic flame. 'Dem protestors have been conned: or the one who appeared to try to take the torch off Konnie Juq was attempting to grab at something else.

Tony said...

Stef, you are scaring me.

jon doy said...

i think he's just really really comfy with being a lying cock

paul said...

Perhaps he turns his non glass eye too readily to others' problems, saving the other for his own

Anonymous said...

I suspect the photo has been doctored 'cos my understanding was Hitler leant towards the right.

Bizzarely enough the verification word is "hdeihr" which is like Heil Hitler (well... u know...)

Anonymous said...

More info on the origins of the Hitler spoof photo:

One of the most intriguing and insidious insults to Adolf Hitler was a propaganda postcard code numbered H.789 produced by Director Sefton Delmer of the British Political Warfare Executive (PWE) that showed the Führer with his penis in his hand. The postcard chosen to caricature was originally a product of Foto Hoffman of Munich. Hitler stands on what appears to be balcony with his left hand on the rail and his right hand on his waist. In the parody, his right hand is depicted holding an uncircumcised penis. This probably was designed to feed the rumor that Hitler was indeed a self-hating Jew. The text is a quote from Hitler’s Munich speech of 8 November 1942:

What we have, that we firmly hold.

Sefton Delmer first mentioned this postcard in an article in the Times Literary Supplement of 21 January 1972 entitled “H.M.G.’s Secret Pornographer.”

When I interviewed the British master-forger Ellic Howe in 1980 he told me that about 100 copies of the postcard were printed in late 1943 or early 1944 but they were never disseminated. He thought that they had all been destroyed. My own research later determined that 2,500 postcards were delivered on 13 March 1944. The operation was cancelled on the order of the Director General of the PWE. One agent quoted a high British official as saying that he would rather lose the war to Germany than take part in such psychological warfare pornographic endeavors.
Taken from Sex and Propaganda.

For other fasinating examples of Psychological Warfare images/cartoons etc. see the main site here.

Anonymous said...

inflatable tank!

Stef said...

and whilst on the subject of Delmer-esque japes by British Intelligence, let's not forget Operation Mincement and Major Martin, the man who never was

...dumping a corpse after filling its pockets with incriminating documentation, fancy that

Stef said...


is that better?

paul said...

Just remember that the plummeting pound is 'good for exports'(poor old germany-stuck in the overvalued eurozone!).Rather rich coming from a regime hopelessly devoted to the core industries of boozing, banking and betting

Anonymous said...

I've reconsidered my opinion about the photo being doctored, 'cos it is said that if you lean too far to the right you actually end up coming out on the left.

Kinda crap perhaps, but would explain why Hitlers helmet is in a peculiar direction.

Tony said...

"It's harder and harder trying to do the Lord's work in the city of Satan"

You might enjoy this...

Anonymous said...

Thought I'd share this with you ...

"I wonder if there's a senator/CIA man combo behind the Janjaweed, like Charlie Wilson/Gust Avrakotos were behind the Mujahideen?

The more attrocities they can persuade (ie pay) the Janjaweed to commit the greater the chance of getting Western controlled troops into Sudan.

Remember, one man's blow back is another man's off-the-books private army to be used to commit genocide and provide an excuse for Ethical cleansing (as Paul Virilio puts it).

Stef said...

@anon - thx

@tony - I did, thank you.

The comments on the original BB post are especially amusing - in the way that only non-conspiros talking out of their arse can be