Thursday, June 14, 2007

Welcome to NonConspiro™ World

You may or may not have detected that there’s been one of those periodic upsurges in mainstream attacks on 'conspiracy theories' and 'conspiracy theorists'

Tony Blair’s frankly breath-taking assault on the supposedly conspiracy theory obsessed mainstream media being the most high-profile example

Yes, of course, the mainstream media is absolutely riddled with conspiracy theories. You can’t open a broadsheet or visit an on-line news portal without being deluged with articles that highlight the factual inaccuracies and omissions in the Official Accounts of 7/7 and 9/11


The mainstream media are not my friend, even if the biggest dickhead in the country has a go at them once in a while

However, all things considered, the continuing assault on 'conspiracy theorists' is excellent news.

Every time BBC2 or Channel 4 host a documentary that, shock horror, scientifically proves once again that mistrust of government, newspapers and corporations is a sign of mental illness I indulge myself and have a little chuckle. By their own admission, the bitches who pedal this stuff have to concede that the number of people who adhere to 'conspiracy theories' is growing…

Apparently, mental illness is contagious

There are at least a couple of good reasons, as yet unexplored by television psychologists, for why this sickness is so virulent

First off, it’s incurable. Once you’re infected it’s almost impossible to recover. If you ever discover that someone is lying to you it’s virtually impossible to ever trust them again

Secondly, the parameters of what constitutes a 'conspiracy theory' are being expanded constantly – rather like the way pharma regularly enlarges the list of what diseases are symptomatic of ‘African’ AIDS.

It’s got to a point now where anyone gifted with perfectly healthy levels of paranoia and mistrust of the interests that have subverted democracy to fuck us over and slaughter innocent people in our name is now labelled as being psychologically damaged

"Yes yer Lordship. I know's me place. I'll just sit here with me beer and fags and not be asking any 'awkward questions. I don't wanna to banged up fer being a loonie do I?"

Yup, welcome to NonConspiro™ World. A world free from vested interests, lobbies, corruption, organised crime, ruthless elites, corporate misbehaviour and dodgy intelligence operations. Everything there is to know about how NonConspiro™ World works is known

What a lovely fluffy place NonConspiro™ World is

NonConspiro™ World (artist's impression)

Apparently, some of us believe in a fantasy parallel Conspiro World™ because that helps us come to terms with a scarily random universe. NonConspiro™ World adherents are, on the other hand, rational pragmatists who can deal with frightening realities.

Yes, yes it all makes sense. I just wish I had the kind of razor sharp intellect, education, personal honesty, social standing and mental stability needed to perceive these Scientifically Proven Truths™



Anonymous said...

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Stef said...

If you knew the kind of visitors who come to this blog you'd probably want to reconsider posting that link

Anonymous said...

That is OK. It is a book for everyone.

Anonymous said...

And a website for everyone.

Stef said...

well that should be popular then

Anonymous said...

What a great website. Stefs, not whatever that job thing is.

I think most people actually choose to live in non conspiro world voluntarily because it's just easier and the alternative is so overwhelming and unpleasant they'd rather not know.

It's a bit like the way people ignore unpleasant and embaressing tramps in town centres. They know they're there but at the same time they refuse to see them.

The construct our media and politicians create is so much easier to deal with for most, that they choose to wear the blinkers and pretend the murdering globalist scumbags don't exist.

Naj said...

Speaking of conspiracy theory and mental illness .. have you seen the Trap?!

It actually highlights how the governments themselves are completely delusional conspiracy theorists themselves, and how they wreak havoc around the world by imagining and creating all sorts of fictitious enemies!

Stef said...

yes I did see The Trap - the first two parts were excellent, the third was absolutely terrible...