Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Camera recommendation of the Week

Fujifilm have just announced the UK release of their new heavy-duty, shock resistant HD-3W digital camera - aka The Fuji 'Big Job'. And because it is shock resistant the Fuji press release includes the strap line...

Methinks we are witnessing possibly the most convoluted attempt at voluntary redundancy undertaken by a UK employee of the marketing arm of Japanese company since the short-lived Nikon Skidmark 9000



Martin said...


Nice one Stef.

Off topic I know, but something else fishy with the Team McCann saga.

I heard a whisperette that GM had written something of a possibly incriminating / contradictory nature on his "blog" and I consequently tried to access the blog archive.

The link to the archive no longer features on the home page - so I entered the search term into Google and tried to look at the cached pages. Google seems to try to load the page but fails (refuses?).

Also the original URL has been replaced by a new URL,

I would appreciate your thoughts as to why Google can find the cached page, but refuses to display it....?

Many thanks if you could shed some light on this.

Shutter said...

Following yr reports of whisperettes - reading the log that is extant there is a rather brief and opaque message

"Day 46 - 18/06/2007

Kate and I got the respone we wanted after speaking to the Portuguese ploice (sic) today. We are assured that no criticism of our actions on the night Madeline disappeared was intended. "

Which is impossible to reference - presumably the GM gang felt slighted in some fashion and had asked for explanation / apology / withdrawal.

As the actions of the GM gang on the night in question are shrouded in journalistic confusion and obfuscation it is impossible to tell.

Stef said...

@martin - nothing's off topic here but I must confess I haven't been following the McCann saga as closely as some

My curiosity is piqued and I'm off for a root around now though...

Martin said...

Thank you Stef.

What truly puzzles me most about this whole "abduction" business (aside from whodunnit, of course) - has been the unbridled restraint of the MSM in broadcasting and publishing only reports / articles which show the McCanns in a positive light. There has been barely a bad word to be heard, seen or read about them in the MSM.

Sure, the McCanns are "devastated" and miss Madeleine bitterly. Also there is no evidence in the public domain that the McCanns, jointly, or severally, had any involvement in the abduction / disappearance / sale / death of this little girl.

Clearly, the absence of any negative press about the McCanns is a natural consequence of the well documented compassion, integrity and consideration of the MSM journalists and their proprietors when dealing with victims of crime.**

Either that, or the McCanns are being protected by people at the top of the pyramid; people with the clout to muzzle the press...

** I made that bit up.

Martin said...

Thank you Shutter - broadening opinion is that much of the obfuscation, confusion, smoke, mirrors etc were and are deliberately manufactured by GM hisself.

The whole issue stinks, frankly, and GM and Barbie should be subjected to tough questions.

Stef said...

** I made that bit up.

I would never have noticed