Saturday, June 02, 2007

Not Part of the Secret Elite?

DEPRESSED BECAUSE YOU WEREN'T INVITED to the secret Bilderberg conference?

(yes I am, how did you know?)


The next best thing: Get your own Secret
"Bilderberg" Conference Items right here!

(From Sal by way of comment on a previous post - thx)

Got to go now, Rambo III is on TV - complete with some of the most hysterical geopolitically-dated movie dialogue of all time...

Colonel Trautman: The Kremlin's got a hell of a sense of humor.
Zaysen: Please explain.
Colonel Trautman: You talk peace and disarmament. And here you are wiping out a race of people!


Mousa: This is Afghanistan... Alexander the Great try to conquer this country... then Genghis Khan, then the British. Now Russia. But Afghan people fight hard, they never be defeated. Ancient enemy make prayer about these people... you wish to hear?
Rambo: Um-hum.
Mousa: Very good. It says, 'May God deliver us from the venom of the Cobra, teeth of the tiger, and the vengeance of the Afghan.' Understand what this means?
Rambo: That you guys don't take any shit?
Mousa: Yes... something like this.


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Shutter said...

Lord Patel is currently available via the concierge in the Bosphorous Suite,The Ritz Carlton, Istanbul. For reasons best left unsaid he is booked in as Henry Kissinger.

It's fairly easy to find, just next to the (smaller) suite of Governor Rick Perry, of Texas and buddy of the President. WE had a great time last night when he was telling me over a keg of branchwater and bourbon about how Texans are safer because he (Gov. Perry) has ordered an aggressive border security initiative that is putting more boots on the grounds, more helicopters in the sky, and more resources into the hands of border law officers who are on the front lines of America’s homeland security efforts. Texas is shutting down illegal activity on the border, and the American homeland is more secure.

Kept us going all night about how George had declared Atacosta County and others a "Federal Disaster Area" under the Stafford Act last week, when it got a bit windy the other day in Cactus City.... Good 'ol George keepin' the boys down in Texas happy with federal funds.

Anyway, back to work this morning about what do to about replacing ushariff and dealing with that bastard talibani who called himself the President of Kurdistan when he dropped by on george last week.

Gates was telling us that George kept calling up Langley saying he couldn't find this country called Kurdistan on any of their maps.