Saturday, June 09, 2007

A Little More British Oppression, A little More Action Baby

An interesting little update on that 'British Oppression' demo that may or may not be organised by Muslims that may or may not be held outside Downing Street on June 15th....

Inayat Bunglawala (aka Lackey Pak), an Assistant Secretary-General at the state-sanctioned, partially state-funded, voice of British Islam that is the Muslim Council of Britain, has now written a piece for the Guardian on-line on the 'Mystery Demo'


The mainstream media and the official voice of British Islam are now on the case.

Everything is going to be OK

One thing though, like a couple of other people I couldn't help noticing the more than passing similarity between Bunglawala's piece and a blog post someone else made on the same subject over a fortnight ago. However, I'm sure any similarity is entirely coincidental as Bunglawala would doubtlessly have included some credit or reference to it if he had ripped it off (less some of the original's more provocative analysis). He hasn't, so obviously he didn't

The comments underneath the Bunglawala article are worth skimming through. Top of the list of 'must reads' being a reply from Inayat himself...

"Yes, I agree that a worrying number of people continue to believe in conspiracy theories. The sad fact is that the 7/7 tragedy - just like the JFK assassination - lends itself to conspiracy nuts."

So much for a man who purports to represent the 'Muslim Community' in Great Britain. Over half of Muslims polled have expressed doubts about the official narrative of 7/7 and he calls them 'nuts'.

Presumably the Muslim Council of Britain has engaged someone else to represent the views of the sceptics who constitute half of its constituency

Personally speaking, if someone set up the Mouthy South London White Boy Council of Britain that claimed to speak in my name and then called me 'nuts' in the national press I'd be inclined to think that he was a bit of an arsehole

Some of the comments under the
Bunglawala article even attempt to equate 7/7 scepticism with actual support for terrorism (WTF?) and others are just plain deluded...

"You don't really think that the behaviour of these idiots in holding their dumb rally is something that our parliament will take into account when deciding whether to adopt further measures to combat terrorism, do you? What an idiotic thing to say."

'My own theory is that security services want this demo to happen so they can draw out these nutters.'

Who was it who was telling me the other day that people aren't as stupid as some of us think they are? ;-) Would he like to consider rephrasing or qualifying that statement?



Shahid said...

I should have trademarked the term "Lackey Paki".

Come to think of it, I will Creative Commons it.

Spot on in your observations of Inayat and his failure to represent the 59% of Muslims who don't believe the official account.

The Antagonist said...

Heh! Nice one, Stef, and thanks.

As Shahid says, well done on making the point that Inayat is supposed to represent Muslims but in fact doesn't, favouring instead to represent the establishment of which he is such an entrenched part. I guess that's what they mean by 'integrated'.

As for the CiF comment outlined in blue towards the end of your post, some people are indeed very stupid, of that there is no doubt, but that doesn't by extension mean that everyone is equally as stupid. Furthermore, if everyone was equally as stupid, what would be the point in writing and ranting as we do?

I also wouldn't discount the use of extensive sock puppetry on the likes of CiF either, just to keep things rolling along.

Here's a YouTube example of what I mean. First up, mindless 'Remember 9/11'/Iraq propaganda and supporting sock puppetry in the moderated comments:

"I saw Jesus Waving The Stars And Stripes" by Jim Owen

and then something that more closely resembles the truth of the matter:

Bush admits that Iraq Had Nothing To Do With 9/11

Inayat Bunglawala said...

What's a sock puppet?

Shahid said...

Good question "Inayat", I would like to know the answer to that one myself.

Anonymous said...

I just hope people read this and antagonis'ts blogs instead of the guff in the guardian. Is it me or they been printing a lot of fairly right wing propoganda recently? What are they up to?

Stef said...

No, it's not just you...

Shahid said...

They have been writing right wing shit for years now.

The Antagonist said...

There must be something in the air with regard to holding sanctimonious pacifiers and placaters of the great unwashed masses to account.

It appears our old friend George is being asked to step up to the plate on the Education Forum.

Vivan los Antagonistas!

Anonymous said...

Hmm the lack of subtlety of some of the bullshit in the guardian recently is quite perplexing. Being a bit of a conspiraloon I can't help feeling there is something going down there. I just haven't got a clue what.

Stef said...

We wouldn't be talking about toss like this by any chance...

Just when I think that my opinion of British journalists can't get any lower another Sunday comes around

They're helping drive us towards another war and I, for one, am getting really fucked off

What should the penalty be for incitement to mass murder?

Shahid said...

The penalty?

Gang-bumming. With the appropriate props of course. (see my latest post lol!)

Stef said...

I've submitted this comment to the CiF article

Given that 59% of Muslims polled have expressed doubts about the Official Narrative of 7/7 Inayat has a couple of honourable courses of action open to him IMHO

Establish why so many Muslims have those doubts and either :

- explain to them why those doubts are ill-founded by addressing the grounds for their concern directly
- represent their point of view

I can’t see how simply dismissing a large group of people as nutters whilst claiming to represent them as being tenable

He’d also be doing us non-Muslims who feel uneasy about the 7/7 narrative a favour too, one way or the other

And BTW does anyone actually know if permission for a march was given and, if so, who applied for it?

Let's see if it gets any mileage

The Antagonist said...

I guess it'd only have mileage if the comment appeared in the first place and I don't see it on there yet.

Meanwhile, Georgio Monbiotis still hasn't replied to Sid Walker's very legitimate points and questions outlined on the Education Forum.

The Antagonist said...

Your comment on "Comment is Free" - oh the irony - has not materialised yet, Stef.

I was going to utter the word 'gatekeepers' but that might lead to allegations of Conspiraloon™, so I've put it in quotes instead.

Stef said...

I reckon it will appear ...eventually

Stef said...

Oh actually, it wont

The thread now says...

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Stef said...