Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Album recommendation of the week

As mentioned in a earlier post, thanks to me answering a question someone asked in a comment a few weeks ago, this blog now appears in Google results if you search for 'Brown Gordon Rocking Horse Photograph Nappy'.

For anyone interested in what I'm talking about an explanation can be found here and some context here.

Which is not the same thing as an endorsement of the blog that gave this particular story a new lease of life. Personally, I hold 'right wing' and 'left wing' blogs in equal contempt as being prisoners of the same bullshit dichotomy. To paraphrase Gunnery Sergeant Hartmann 'There is no political bigotry here. I do not look down on tories, lefties or liberals. Here, you are all equally worthless.' Representative Democracy is dying on its all too easily corrupted arse and the sooner people can figure out a way of making Participatory Democracy work the better (or at the very least have 'None of the Above - Please find someone better' as an option on our ballot papers).

But I digress...

Now as it happens, as with the stories I posted about yesterday,
there is absolutely no reason to believe that the nappy story is true. However, it does have some utility in that it appears to piss off some of those Labour party supporters who are trying to convince themselves that Brnwo is somehow going to be a less disgraceful Prime Minister than Blair has been.

But that's all by the by. The reason why I'm posting is that I happened upon this moderately synchronous photograph of an old album cover that I've just uploaded with the catchy file name...


Nappy Brown's Rocking Classics - Best of Both Worlds - Now available at Amazon

Feast on that Google Image Search. Feast my Lovely...


and yes, I know our politicians have a such a difficult job and they can't please all the people all the time etc etc. My response is that by their action or omission of action those bastards haved killed people and they lie through their teeth about it. Fuck them, I hope they burn in Hell.



SteveW said...

Heck.Apologies for any grief caused by my question,Stef.I'll save future sticky subjects for the conspiraloon blog.

Stef said...

No, fuck that. It's funny