Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Chip Shop of Terror!!

Well, if today's Thursday 14th June tomorrow must be BRITISH OPPRESSION!! demo day

Oh goodie

To be honest, I can't tell if tomorrow's march is going to be a non event or a scrum but Britain's 'favourite newspaper' is getting mileage out of it anyway...

If you read the accompanying article it turns out that...

"The Ocean Fisheries chippie used to be owned by the family of suicide bomber Shehzad Tanweer, 22"

Perfect, just perfect

I'll be posting links to all those other British blogs, concerned about the newspapers and government using suspicious fringe demos like this as an excuse to call for stricter laws on all of us, which are commenting on tomorrow's event/ non event, just as soon as I find any

(PS And if you're reading this Ian, you're always complaining that most demos these days are boring and not worth photographing. Methinks there may be an opportunity to put your camera where you mouth is)


edit: And the best response to the Sun's article I've seen so far is this post...

the sun really does make me cockle

cod minnows why cray keep trout-ing eel this stuff about 'hake', makes me sick to the gills it does - where's the hake in catfish poster then ? the sole thing i saw was a load of poor cods being badly mis-trout-ed - i couldn't see any hake, bata tuna what ? i think this plan will flounder, as it's increasingly known to be a load of hoki red herring whitebait pollocks set up by whitefish prawns - whelk thanks to our dogfish and brill blogger friends The Anchovy fish and others (they've got boals i tell you what), thanks to them this has been exposed as sucker carp, it really is taki the fish

i sincerely hope the police squid end up scampi about redfish-ed when no grouper protest takes plaice and there's no-one there to gudgeon

time this nonsense was knocked off its perch

the sun really needs to stop carp-ing on about Islam, skate-ing round the truth, shrimp-ing on the facts, and outright flatfish ling, it's so snook-y and sild-y...what a bunch of puntis


Who says you have to pay a professional big newspaper journalist £100k+ to write shit puns and pass them off as news?



The Anchovy Fish said...

What is this, fish school? I never knew so many other fishes existed!

Let's hope "human being and fish can co-exist peacefully."

Stef said...

OMG Best George Bush quote ever!!

Thanks for the link

The Anchovy Fish said...

There's some utterly fantastic compilations on YouTube demonstrating quite clearly the Madness of Primate George.

As Rob the Rub says, "Getting him to pretend he's as thick as pig-shit was a stroke of pure bloody genius".

Stef said...

@anchovy fish

Correct me if I'm wrong but that forum post I've reproduced above was written by Conspiraloon™ Alliance charter member John Dory was it not?

The Anchovy Fish said...

It most certainly was Jon Doy what writ it!

Another [fish] scoop for the Conspiraloon™ Alliance!

Stef said...

No, no

I meant this John Dory...

I'm sorry I haven't got round to processing his Conspiraloon™ Alliance membership application yet but I can assure you that he is game

The Anchovy Fish said...

Told you I didn't know so many other fishes existed!!


Stef said...

Now that we've got that out of the way, it's time for a cup of tea

I'm perched

john dory said...


many thanks from John Dory (?)

fuck me sideways with an endangered four million year old razorback, this is sp-ooky in the extreme, that wiki says the john Dory has a dark spot ?

this is some weird Conspiraloon™ synchronous shit...

i got over enthusiatic with the clippers just two days ago (wrong grade attachment) and ended up with very short hair indeed, perusing the back of my head in the mirror, looking for Tripods™ style caps and whatnot, i did find a weird dark spot with a sort of 'hole' like i was shot in the noggin' one time

explains a lot i suppose

i also found some scars, alien abduction and surgery ?

i don't know what it all proves, but it's certainly PROOF!!!™ of something

as is this:

Stef said...

OMG!! That fish tank video makes that two Youtube favourites in one thread. Outstanding

The Anchovy Fish said...

Luckily, I'm not in my own fish tank.

Thank Cod for small perches.

John Dory said...

i have adopted my namesake (the John Dory) as a blog header picture thingy

thanks for the inspiration there Stef

Stef said...

and very pretty it looks too

I might even join you - assuming I can figure out how to embed a fishy avatar and once I've found my 'dream' fish that best sums up the kind of image I'd like to present to the world

jon doy said...

just incase you weren't humouring me :) ...i made a jpeg which was 993x134 pixels in size (i expect you'd need a different size for this template) and stuck it behind the header

'Surf Langoustine' was my lame effort at fishenating your name...i know, not good, anyway, here's whatever one of those things is looks like:


Stef said...


sadly I fear a langoustine could be misinterpreted as a reference to this august publication...

on top of that I am too graphically challenged to come up with my own bespoked header design

None of the above, however, prevent me from adding a new 'Fish of the Month' panel on the RHS of my blog - starting with this month's selection, the much-maligned Bleak...

jon doy said...

great selection there for fish of the month, wish i'd thought of that, and there's so many from which to choose, too