Monday, June 11, 2007

And on Newsnight tonight

It looks like BBC's Newsnight is starting the week as it means to continue it...




Newsnight exclusive tonight:

We have an incredible interview with the former wife of a British Muslim extremist. She tells us how her husband tried to persuade her to carry out a suicide attack in the UK. She explains in detail how her husband showed her how to wear an explosive belt. We’ll be discussing how such extremism can be tackled.

Iraq Inquiry

The Conservatives are calling for a full inquiry into the war in Iraq. Gordon Brown, visiting Baghdad today, said it would be wrong to hold an inquiry now while British troops are still serving in Iraq. We’ll be debating the issue.

Iranian Influence in Afghanistan

A high tech “shaped” bomb has been found in Kabul today. These are similar to the ones used in Iraq against Allied vehicles, and the military say could come from Iran. Alastair Leithead reports from Afghanistan on the extent of Iran’s influence in the country...

Can anyone else see a pattern here?

"And in tomorrow's episode of Newsnight - Could the Iranians be close to developing their very own
Death Star

An acquaintance of mine insists that the increase in volume of propaganda like this is a good thing as it's a sign of desperation. That it might be. It might also be part of an orchestrated build-up to something quite nasty in the not too distant future. I'm fucked if I can tell which it is. Whatever the answer, those cunts at the BBC are definitely singing someone's song

and remember, arming extremist insurgents is only a good thing to do when our governments are doing it



Anonymous said...

I saw this interview packaged into a rather prominent featurette on the 6 o'clock news. I agree with you that something is afoot. What's puzzling me is why it is the BBC and the Guardian who are primarily responsible for this depressingly transparent propaganda.

Stef said...

Because the bulk of people who read/ watch other mainstream outlets are already 'on message'?

Shutter said...

Having heard the trailer on PM about how the woman "explains in detail how her husband showed her how to wear an explosive belt." (Their identities (if they exist) remain of course shrouded in secrecy.)

I was really, really convinced of the authenticity of these tales.

If anon wants to know why these people parrot the party line try this

and in a broader perspective at BBC

Or of you want your information a little bit more up to date and authoritarian this may help

The consequences of this small window into what has happened might well receive a bit more daylight now Mr McConell has been replaced.

Stef said...

As far as I can tell the only thing missing from that woman's testimony was confirmation that David Kelly definitely did commit suicide.

Aside from that it was a fine piece of work

Shutter said...

I have to say the POV shots looked more like "Newsnight traps staff member having dodgy sexual encounter in doggers car park" - the VO had about as much veracity as my granbd daughters explanation that the 5 blueberry muffins in the cookie jar had not been mysteriously disappeared but had been taken by the Blueberry Muffin Monster.

In the unlikely event of
a) The woman existing
b) She is telling the truth
c) that these people have been identified with MI5 contacts

Newsnight have probably , by contacting the Sphincter of the Yard (as they say required to do so by the Draconian teerrorist legilsation)signed her death warrant.

Hey ho! All in a day's work for the scum who process these faery tales.

jon doy said...

newshite's credibility really is at an all-time high i tell you what

i just caught mondays and have to say it's one of our finest satires...

"shaped charges found in Afghanistan [somehow prove] Iran involved"

total fucking specious bullshit !

shaped charges are actually very straightforward to produce, and the process is no doubt well understood in every country on earth, even UK and US

Stef said...


not even the UK and the US

but especially the UK and the US

those IR controlled shaped charges being used in Iraq are based on a design used in N.Ireland that, so the story goes, was supplied by the security forces

Am a tad puhsed for time at the mo' but a spot of googling should yield dividends

jon doy said...

quite so, - not 'even', but especially - i had toyed with being more direct but knew that a fellow conspiraloon™ would pick up on who has been doing what, and for longest

Stef said...

/ winks cheekily