Saturday, June 02, 2007

More British Oppression

Postman Patel has just blogged a follow up story in the strange case of 'British Oppression' demo that's supposedly due to take place outside Downing Street in a couple of weeks time. That would be the demo being organised by persons unknown, featuring the kind of inflammatory publicity that plays straight into the hands of our government

Now you can watch 'British Oppression - The Video' on Youtube

One, two, three, four, some spooky bastard is trying to start a race war

Of course, it would be easy enough to kill this nonsense stone dead if a few more British bloggers ran with the story but the suggestion that someone might be conspiring to start something nasty means that the majority of Lefty British bloggers won't touch the story with a barge pole - the useless shower of fucks.

That's the power of Conspiraloonacy
for you

There's one aspect of this that's really bugging me. Whoever is behind British Oppression is doing such a crude job that itself is a cause for suspicion. Could it be that it is such a sloppy job deliberately? I wouldn't even start to try and fathom that one.

There is something very peculiar going on here

What I do know is that if people do actually turn up to Downing Street on 15th June they will need prior permission to protest. And if such permission is given the Police/ Government, unlike anyone foolish enough to attend, will know who the organisers are in advance and be quite happy for the demo to take place
. Which should say everything.



paul said...

As long as its good enough or the news, it'll do.

Wolfie said...

On this occasion you are definitely no loon Stef. I've had a little experience with some of the people whom I suspect are behind this some time ago. Lets hope not to many take the bait.

Apprentice said...

On this occasion?

What, what?

jamal said...

Thanks for this article. The case plot gets deeper!

Stef said...


I have been know to push the sanity envelope in my time, all in the spirit of healthy free-thinking obviously

and if Mr Wolfie felt that it was appropriate to say more I have no doubt that he would have