Monday, June 04, 2007

Most Original Spam of the Week

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> From: andraz ***** [mailto:andraz.*****]
> Sent: 29 May 2007 16:12
> To: ********
> Subject: Photo experiement
> Hello,
> I am a photography student working on an experiment which requres
> as many pictures taken from different digital cameras in complete
> darkness. So, if you own a digital camera and you are willing to
> help please do the following: set your camera to lowest ISO
> setting possible, set the timer and put the camera in a box or
> somewhere else where there will be no light available. After the
> picture is taken, please send it to andraz.***** thanks.
> andraz
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> 28/05/2007 11:40

Well, as he asked so nicely...



The Antagonist said...

Wow! I love the way the subtleties of the various tonalities that manifest themselves in that picture leap out at you.

It evokes an overwhelming sense of hope and futility, two contrasting sentiments that go hand in hand with each other and are depicted so brilliantly throughout.

How much more black could it be? None more. None more black.

Now, a relative of mine has discovered that he is the rightful heir to $419 million and all that he needs to now is raise enough cash to fly to Tucson, Arizon to claim what is rightfully his.

Unfortunately my relative is a poor peasant farmer from Cydonia and doesn't have the cash to fly to Tucson, Arizona so we're trying to raise money to pay for his flight there and some money for modest accommodation during his stay.

We would be most grateful if....

Tony said...

The thing is, a camera leaves a sort of fingerprint, which is best seen when taking a "empty" photograph...

Stef said...



but that fingerprint will be affected by the level of jpg compression selected and whether your camera applies dark frame subtraction and a few other things

andraz' request is, um, silly