Tuesday, June 12, 2007

L'orologio sparito di Bush

Just in case anyone bumping into this blog doesn't subscribe to the same feeds as I do...

There's a cracking photo story on the La Republicca website that graphically tells the heart-warming tale of how George W. got his watched nicked in Albania last (oops) this year week

"Mistero sull'orologio di Bush dopo il bagno di folla di domenica in Albania. Stando alle immagini della televisione locale il presidente esibiva un orologio all'arrivo. ma, dopo i tanti abbracci e strette di mano, il suo polso era nudo. Che fine ha fatto l'orologio?"

"It's the old "you are our hero!" steal the watch trick. Works every time"

I am particularly enjoying the grin on the chap's face in the third photo

Hats off to the whoever (literally) pulled that off. Bush is surrounded by some of the most highly-trained, heavily armed bodyguards in the world and they still had a go


edit: also now available on Youtube



The Antagonist said...

Like Primate Bush would know what a watch is for.

jon doy said...

that was no ordindary timepiece, it was a doomsday watch

Stef said...

There is no watch

The Antagonist said...


Never mind No Planes Theory, or even the exceptionally brilliant 9/11 Conspiraloon™ Alliance NO BUILDINGS THEORY™, No Watch Theory is the bees knees.

Shutter said...

Shirley the paradox is that George simply wouldn't appear like that in public in the UK.

They would have had his head off, never mind his watch.