Friday, June 01, 2007

Observer fears Islamic takeover of France imminent

This is quite special...

A story from a Christian, and I use that term extremely loosely, news site based on the US called ‘One News Now – The One Site for Your News Right Now’ written by a bell-end called Chad -

Observer fears Islamic takeover of France imminent

“A U.S. national defense expert and Pentagon advisor says that, even with the election of Nicolas Sarkozy as France's new president, it may already be too late to stop the eventual Islamic takeover of that country and much of Western Europe…”

"It probably is too late for Great Britain and France and maybe even the Netherlands and Germany," the military advisor contends. "They have very sizeable minorities that refuse to integrate, that impose Sharia law on the ghettos, and as a result have created what I think is a series of smaller countries within a country," he says.

With a high Islamic fertility rate and "notoriously low" fertility rates among indigenous members of the population, these "little islands of ghettos of Islamic Sharia law" are going to continue to expand and eventually engulf the culture of the region...

Now the thing is, no matter how insane this article sounds, the use of the word ‘imminent’ being a particular stand-out achievement, this nonsense is still firmly in the same ballpark as the thinking that underlies declared US and UK domestic and foreign policies. Crap like this gets spouted, albeit in a slightly more subtle form, in the UK media every day. This kind of thinking is apparently what passes for sanity in the English-speaking world at the moment. Suspecting that palpable nonsense like this is being deliberately pumped into the minds of the ignorant and feeble minded to serve powerful vested interests is apparently insanity

Go figure

The amusing thing is, of course, that Chad and his buddies are going to have to learn Spanish and how to make burritos long before any of us on this side of the Atlantic are going to have to come to terms with the intricacies of Sharia Law

Personally, I prefer kebabs and curries anyway...

"It's beautiful ... Aaaaaaarghh!!!"



Anonymous said...

Integration is used in the article ... what does the word mean?

The Rowntree foundation did a report (Lives Beyond the Workplace) about integration and foreigners in the UK society: it was all utter bollocks.

When I went to college (away from home), I never integrated with the local populace, nor they with me. When I got a job in another part of the country from my home town and university town, I never integrated with the local populace. Yet on these two occassions, 'cos I'm not a Johnny Foreigner, the Rowntree survey wouldn't have picked up my lack of integration.

Another gang who are institutionally racist, I suppose.

paul said...

The kebab image has a disturbing mapplethorpian quality to it.
Maybe I'd better have a lie down.

Stef said...

I did after eating it