Friday, June 29, 2007

Day Two in the Big Brother House

Anyone who has read, watched or listened to any British political programming over the last few days cannot have helped but encounter the nauseating spectacle of virtually every pundit and commentator pushing the idea that now that Gordon Brown is Prime Minister, instead of Blair, everything is going to be just fucking peachy.

The social inequalities that have increased rapidly over the last ten years will now start to narrow, our involvement in Iraq will somehow come to an end, the debt bubble will shrink painlessly, CCTV cameras will wilt on their posts, and all that money that has been spunked away in the name of the health and education services will magically reappear.

At the same time, those same pundits and commentators have been falling over themselves wanking off Tony Blair in public. Rewriting the history of the last ten years of government as the story of a fundamentally decent man who set out to modernise the country and bring peace to the world and who made a few perfectly innocent and understandable mistakes in his eagerness to do good. He's only a fucking saint, that's what he is

The most surreal commentary I think I've seen this week was an article on the supposedly New Labour-sceptical Blairwatch website entitled 'Tony as Middle East envoy - Why It Makes Sense'

You couldn't make it up

So, Gordon Brown's a good bloke. Tony Blair's a good bloke. The government is sound. The puppet-masters have lost their influence and all the awfulness that has gone down happened by accident.

Talk about a triumph of hope over experience

and Operation 'Same Old Shit - Different Frontman' trundles on virtually unopposed

The best comment I've seen on this nonsense cropped up in the Conspiraloon
Central blog earlier today, in response to news that the police averted a spot of 'bomb carnage' this morning...

**Geordie accent**
Day 2 in the Big Brother House,and Gordons found a bomb.

It comes as some comfort that not everyone is buying the party line



Sophia said...

Hi Stef,
I was for three days in London and walked past a small Italian on Berner street called Stef's. I also witnessed the zeal of the UK police at Heathrow. We arrived from istanbul late because the BA plane was three hours off schedule. Some passengers have missed their connecting flights and had to stay a night in London. Apparently the muslim family ahead of us at the customs did not arrange for their unexpected stay, so when asked where they were going to stay by the man said 'hotel' then said 'friends'. As you might know British police hate contradictions. That sent the customs officer shouting at the man and when the muslim man tried to explain he was met by 'shut up'. The family was pushed on a bench and a muslim like custom officer was called to manage the situation which he did not but followed orders from the initial one. I left the customs indignated. The family were certainly not your kind of Osama or anything near. They had two small children.
Also British security is improving and you might feel safe now. One cannot leave the Uk or transit through with more than one hand luggage. I had my computer and my handbag and was told this makes two luggages. I then had to hold my computer in my arm outside its case, and squeeze my handbag into the computer's case. That was fine for them.
But there are more migrants and muslims in London than probably in Afghanistan. They were everywhere, in shops, restaurants, and even bars. How this so called security climate is going to work in such a context ?

Stef said...

They were everywhere, in shops, restaurants, and even bars. How this so called security climate is going to work in such a context ?

I think that depends on what you believe the objective is. If you believe that the government is working to make its people safe then it is hopeless. If you believe it is merely an excuse to create a more authoritarian environment then it is succeeding fantastically

Migrants serve several useful purposes for the interests who have bought our politicians

- they keep the wages of ordinary people down whilst the economy is being inflated with debt based money, increasing the separation between rich and poor

- they can be represented as an 'enemy within' and used as an excuse to develop a more corporatist, fascist state

- some of the illegal migrants become part of a useful criminal subculture that, amongst other things, acts as a distribution network for all that extra heroin that is flowing into the country now that we've occupied Afghanistan/ Kosovo

Most people in this country would accuse me of being an insane conspiracy theorist and claim that none of these things could have been anticipated

I think they're funny

Anonymous said...

"I think they're funny " ...

I do too. They make up weird things to try and explain away the default view of the world.

For example, consider the continuing heist in Iraq, costing the US taxpayer USD 8 Billion per month. Everything done before and since the illegal invasion has been to perpetuate an insurgency in order to secure this USD 8 billion per month cash flow. Ken Bigley was murdered by CIA proxies in order to undermine any peace movement; S Hussein was publicly hung (contrary to international law) in order to inflame the insurgency etc etc etc ... Laughably, people seem to peddle, repeat and even believe some weird conspiracy theory about a war. Yeah, right ... as if the rag heads were ever a threat. The MI5/6 combine even have to organise bombing campaigns for them. The IED was most probably a product of Porton Down.

All these weirdos who believe in the conspiracy theories being peddled by the UK gov and their ilk. They're so funny. The conspiracy theories are so transparent, too ... what would Sefton Dalmer make of them all? In fact, if the same people who are in charge of propaganda today, were in charge of propaganda during WWII we would now be teaching Hitler's children how to foxhunt!

Stef said...

we would now be teaching Hitler's children how to foxhunt

of course, all those principaled Labour MPs managed to ban that - shame about all those towel heads in distant lands though. Ah well, never mind...

Tony (not Blair) said...

"60 litres of petrol, gas cylinders and nails"

Reminds me of the two unexploded "bombs" that were the pretext for more security laws here in Germany. The thing is, this kind of "bomb" (petrol plus gas cylinder) is highly unlikely to cause an explosion. It might cause a (petrol) fire, but no (gas) explosion. These gas cylinders are build to withstand some heat.

I have heard that there is a context where the combination of petrol, gas and a ignition via a electrical filament (from a light bulb) is used (which I suppose was the case here too): To detonate a flat. It is supposed to be used in the middle east to kill someone and make it look like a accidental gas explosion. The main difference is that the gas valves are opened to let the gas into the flat. Trying to heat gas cylinders with a petrol fire to get them to exlode is just a waste of time.

So whoever did this was either stupid, a patsy or a stupid patsy.

The claims to the possible carnage have been made in Germany too. These blunt lies are amplyfied by the media who want to have something they can use as a headline. It is so sad that almost nobody speaks out against this bullshit.

Stef said...

Having read the available coverage on Gordon's bomb discovery I'm having trouble connecting headlines such as 'Police avert bomb carnage' with eyewitness accounts that the man driving the car ran into some dustbins at 2 o'clock in the morning in front of some night club bouncers before running off.

Unless the police were focusing some kind of disruptor beam on the vehicle before it crashed....

Wolfie said...

Thank you Stef, thank you for saying so much more eloquently than I possibly could - EXACTLY WHAT I BLOODY FEEL.


Tony said...

I read something about a mobile phone being disconnected from the bomb by a policeman, so at my point of view there is a grain of truth covered in a sludge of lies here...

paul said...

Has there been any evidence of motive for this terrifying act. Did the man who ran away from the cars shout 'death to western club goers' or anything?

I just learned about it from milosevic business associate (amongst many, many other things) dame pauline neville jones .

She said the purpose of the bombs was to 'raise the levels of anxiety' and 'remind us they are still here'.

None of which I could argue with.

Frank O'Dwyer said...

"Day Two in the Big Brother house...." is the best headline I've read in months.