Friday, June 01, 2007

On Conspiraloons™

There’s a particular word that’s been bandied about in the comment section of this blog and elsewhere recently that could do with a little explaining…


To the best of my knowledge it was originally coined to denigrate people who were asking, and continue to ask, questions about the ‘Official Narrative’ of the bombings in London almost two years ago.

But it could just as equally have been applied to people asking questions about lots of other things that are going on in the world right now.

All of the Conspiraloons™ I have encountered in the context of 7/7 issues share one thing in common. A fundamental mistrust of government and other power structures.

That’s all that it takes to join the club

And most of us can go toe to toe with anyone who disagrees with that mistrust and we can cite a whole litany of well-documented reasons why we believe that our mistrust is well-founded

Which is presumably why people who disagree with our point of view prefer to confuse the issue by behaving like children and chucking names around

Which is why a couple of us have started to refer to ourselves as Conspiraloons™. It is our way of saying…

“OK, now we’ve got the insults out of the way, do you actually have anything else to back up your position or challenge mine?”

This is most certainly not about trivialising serious issues that very often involve unpleasant things happening to ordinary people.

Nor am I denying that there are legions of people peddling conspiratorial nonsense via the Internet – some are misinformed, some are disinformed and others know full well what they are doing. However, most of them are easy to spot - tosh about UFOs is normally a dead give-away for starters, people claiming to have definitive answers from shadowy sources another. Besides, why should the Internet be different to any other form of communication? Books, newspapers, movies and TV shows were peddling crap long before the Net existed and those people gifted with more than half a brain cell learn soon enough to develop the critical faculties to distinguish between sense and nonsense.

The practice of labeling anyone who has a counter point of view to mainstream accounts of events as a 'conspiracy theorist' in lieu of debate or reason is becoming increasingly over-used and tired.

The most recent example I can think of is yesterday’s press conference in Moscow, when a man accused of poisoning a Russian exile in London declared that MI6 was involved. The mainstream media in the UK has been scornful and described the claim, initially anyway, as being, yes, a ‘conspiracy theory’ and as 'stretching credibility'.

MI6 is the UK’s external intelligence agency and Russia is an increasingly important supplier of energy to the UK. Now, call me old fashioned, but if MI6 isn’t recruiting Russians to be intelligence agents what the hell is it doing?

Asking that question is not the same thing as asserting that MI6 was involved in the poisoning in some way, but to deny the possibility on the basis that some people with a stake in the system have labelled it a ‘conspiracy theory’ is both ridiculous and insulting.

Fuck them. Fuck them all

/ rant ends



Shahid said...

awesome. sorry, too tired to do any more than echo.

Anonymous said...

I'm a conspiraloon ... I used to religiously believe in the gov, now I don't.

I'm a conspiraloon ... I used to believe in the gov's narrative of the Lockerbie bombing and subsequent trial. But when a senior police officer signed an affidavit saying it was a sham; when the Scottish Jurist who devised the trial (Black?) said it was a sham; when Jim Swire (father of one of the deceased) said it was a sham; I ignorantly and arrogantly disregarded what they ... err no, that's the other lot. I no longer believed (religiously) in the government and became a conspiraloon.

(Gets boring after a bit ... CIA experimenting on orphan children, didn't believe it, but then there was the court case with hundreds coming forward. Those who aren't conspiraloons would be holocaust deniers if that was the official narrative).

Stef said...

Those who aren't conspiraloons would be holocaust deniers if that was the official narrative

or, rather more worringly, sit back and watch another one happen if told to

paul said...

sit back and watch another one happen if told to

I'm confident the british sense of fair play will never allow the demonisation of a minority on religious grounds, only the bad ones.

The Antagonist said...

Hang on just a minute, I thought the ex-MI5 man, whistleblower on same, and radical leader of the UK 9/11 Truthling movement, none other that David Shayler -- who knows about all these sorts of things and is partial to saying "we need a revolution", off the record of course -- maintains that Libya was responsible for the Lockerbie bombing and that the CIA didn't really plant the vital bit of circuitboard 'evidence' that implicated Libyans.

Along similar lines the Israeli Shin Bet didn't hijack a plane of Israelis in 1976 for politically expedient purposes and nor did the Lehi Terror Gang State of Israel pioneer just about every single form of terrorism known to man.

Nor did Efraim Halevi, ex Mossad chief and old Clove Club Hackney Downs boys network chum of Lord Michael "Don't call 'cash' and don't call me 'honours'" Levy, write and publish on 7th July 2005 a story in the Jerusalem post about "the near perfect execution" of "multiple simultaneous explosions" in London on 7/7, two days before everyone else, including those running the London Underground and the Police knew anything about anything being "simultaneous".

You're all mad Conspiraloons™ if you think otherwise, even though the opposite of all those things listed above is in fact the truth.

Luckily, David Shayler has the answer. He says that the solution to these problems is to grow our own vegetables, although I'm unsure whether he meant "grow a nation of vegetables and let them all have blogs," or whether he was referring to actual vegetables that you can eat without getting bones stuck between your teeth.

Apprentice said...

I love you all.

Signed: Conspiraloon

Anonymous said...

Excellent and spot on as usual