Friday, June 15, 2007

BO Pics

A few pics from a stroll around Whitehall and Westminster today. There's piles more to download from my cameras, and my brain, but it's time for some dinner and a mindless movie. I am in a very grumpy mood...

Please note: Muslims BIG!
Metropolitan Police MicroCopper



Shutter said...


The Antagonist said...

I can only echo Shutter's sentiments.

Was it the same world's smallest policeman as the one Trevor Abu Omar Brooks Izzadeen came up against at Herr Doktor John Reid's little East End stunt? Or do The Met™ have an itsy-bitsy cupboard full of world's smallest policemen somewhere to wheel out when appropriate?

I like the way the "Muslims" have avoided the small problem they had last time where it was noted that the same white hand was hastily scribbling out all the placards.

The Antagonist said...

Having looked more closely, if I'm not much mistaken, it's precisely the same rent-a world's smallest policeman from the East End debacle.

You couldn't make this stuff up but - lo and behold - someone, somewhere is doing precisely that!

Muncher said...

Pic 4:
All the banners printed on the same printer.
Generic set of slogans?
Not a bunch of individuals expressinging their own view. Whose view is being expressed?

jon doy said...

more echoes...great photography mate

i notice that those barricades have - and at no doubt some expense - had a raised step put in on the fuzz-side, nothing to do with being 'all the better to kosh you with', but clearly so that microcop™ can look sorta normal

i agree with Muncher, those mass produced placards are mighty suspiciously uniform

good also to see more efforts for the Union Prat™ flag to be seen as synonymous with whitebread supremacists. not

Apprentice said...

Which reminds me:

Stef said...

LOL xlots

Comedy GOLD!!

"A barrister, she worked as a Home Office lawyer for five years, giving her a unique insight into targeting the government where it hurts..."

Jeez, you couldn't make it up

Or this...

Ms Chakrabarti is also part of an independent commission chaired by former Nato chief Lord Robertson and ex-Lib Dem leader Lord Ashdown set up to devise a new security strategy for Britain.

My oh my, it feels like it was only last Tuesday when I was last thinking about Lord Robertson...

Stef said...

and anyone who thinks the governance of this country is bent and rotten to the core is insane?

The Antagonist said...

and anyone who thinks the governance of this country is bent and rotten to the core is insane?

Certifiably so and it only takes two signatures on the dotted line.

What's even more suprising is that, according to them whose politics is somewhat pickled, "any suspicion that this was stage-managed by the police to give Muslims a bad name can be dispelled."

Well, for starters, who said it was being stage managed by the police?

Amazing how slickly and deftly the notions of 'stage managed' are brushed off on the basis of the usual diversionary tactics.

Never mind that in the space of a few weeks the domain was registered with entirely fake registrant details and that white British nationalists and flag-waving white-supremacist English-pride organisations -- most of whom seem to be so proud of England that they can't be bothered to learn to speak the language properly -- had managed to organise a counter-petition with hundreds of signatories calling on the Government and Police to stop the British Oppression demo from taking place, long before any content was uploaded to the British Oppression web site, long before any posters advertising the demo had appeared around the country, and long before anyone other than the organisers of the so-called 'Muslim' protest against British Oppression could possibly have known about it.

Never mind also that in the same few weeks a quick perusal of British neo-Nazi sites will confirm that there was much incitement by new members to their online discussion forums to rally some flag waving white nationalists to turn up outside Downing Street and cause even more trouble than was already scheduled by the hitherto unknown parties responsible for organising the original British Oppression demo.

No, no, never mind any of that. The police didn't set it up so it wasn't set-up at all. End of.


Stef said...

Why are you still reading that shit over at Pickled Politics?

And who ever claimed the police were behind this? They're just puppets all the way to the top at the best of times

Another straw man bites the dust

The numbers of BNP/Muslims quoted by PP are exaggerated. The police presence understated. (Trust my estimate, I'm not a cunt)

And I'm not sure what is meant by the phrase 'the placards were completely non-inflammatory'...

British Police Go To Hell
Shariah The Only Solution

...can hardly be described as conciliatory

From what I could tell most of the Muslims in attendance came from one group plus a handful of odds and sods. Most of the BNP crowd were acting like they were enjoying themselves at a works picnic

The only people who were really stroppy was a small section of les rozzers

My take on this was that something larger and nastier was hoped for but people had the sense to keep away

This time anyway

The Antagonist said...

Why are you still reading that shit over at Pickled Politics?

Very good question. The failure of hope against the evidence of experience.

Anonymous said...

A trifle off topic but relevant to some of the themes of the blog.

"... is there not something ironic about a fight over human rights which results in an open and above-board judicial victory for an entity founded and controlled by a state that the West spent decades characterising as the very epitome of human rights violations?"

- story about Russia winning a Human Rights case (most probably) against Russian robber barons.

Stef said...

@anon - thanks for the link

anything entitled

IP news and fun for everyone'

has got to be worth linking to

lwtc247 said...

People are using Brian Haw.

Winning the most inspirational political figure award, Brian told the audience and those people who in searching for their TV soaps, accidently pressed the wrong button, to GET INSPIRED. In other words get off their arses and do some activism similiar to what he was doing.

The instant he said those words I knew nobody would - especially most of the audience who applauded unsurely and embarassed when he said it.

Nobody got off their arses. People obviously think that by voting for Brian or nervously clapping at Brian, having never entered a social circle that tells in clear terms about killer Blairs legacy, they are doing their bit, and will try to share in the spoils if Bliar stands trial in the Hague.

"I supported Brian Haw you know" - Yeah you held the door open for him while he was comming out of the bogs.

And after the awards, they went back to their ecomomically enslaved, but reassuring so, lives, or changed channel.

Stef said...


"I supported Brian Haw you know" - Yeah you held the door open for him while he was comming out of the bogs.

nicely put