Thursday, June 07, 2007

Best Episode of Question Time ever?

Melanie Phillips
and Boris Berezovsky?!!

Fuck me

Why don't we just nuke Iran and Russia tomorrow and get it over with?



kosmik knight ~ akbal 13 said...

We've seen with disgust how Bumblebee and his Aunty BBC have lurched ever more drunkenly to the right.

But to put the alien-like Phillips and Berezovsky together was really a sick orgy of overkill.

Who's responsible for arranging these panels anyway, Bighead Bumblebee?

Wolfie said...

I think its unfair to label what is going on as a "lurch to the right". The right of the house in the UK represents a more self-determinant, less government political slant - at least it did until quite recently. What we are seeing now is a move to a more authoritarian government which generally throughout the world happens more frequently under a socialist agenda, this movement is "beyond politics". It happens more often under Socialist (high spending) regimes simply because they always mismanage their economy, this requires them to cede national interests in order to secure loans from globalist vehicles such as the WB. The only way out of this cycle is nationalism, as Putin has discovered, which is why he's being demonised so much in our puppet-press.

Yep Stef, what a panel! This exemplifies why I stopped watching Question Time about four years ago.

Its brain-washing tripe.

Stef said...


I think it's more about 'special interests' than Right or Left

Someone like Berezovsky doesn't represent one side of a political dichotomy. He's a criminal full stop

Personally I think Right vs. Left distinctions died years ago, if ever they really existed.

There's a tiny criminal ruling class that doesn't give a toss about such distinctions, except for their utility in keeping people divided

Stef said...

... Mel Phillips is a case in point. years ago she used to get up my nose propagating 'Left Wing' hate, now she propagates 'Right Wing' hate...

Boris bought Putin the Russian presidency, got shafted and now portrays himself as some kind of pro democracy campaigner, whilst having the chutzpah to proclaim he's trying to fund a palace coup in Moscow after having been given political asylum and a passport in the UK...

nasty, nasty people

Wolfie said...

@ Stef

I have to agree with you on every count there.

Shutter said...

One wonders what the noble tome is lying on the table btwn BB and Spicey Mel Phillips ?

Stef said...

The Koran?