Tuesday, June 19, 2007

are your baconburgers kosher?

Found via the B3ta website...

McDonald’s UK ‘Make Up Your Own Mind’ website

McDonalds has harnessed the interactivity of the Internet to give ordinary members of the public an opportunity to ask serious questions about McDonalds products and receive some serious answers

I don’t know what’s funnier. The questions themselves or the dogged resilience shown by the people at McDonalds as they answer each question without letting the corporate veil drop, not even once…

What happens to the bacon in a crispy Mcbacon before it reaches our mouths?

I read in the paper that some burger contain poo. Is this really true? If so, what proportion of burgers contain poo?

My Wife and I often visit New York and, whilst waiting at Newark Airport on the homeward leg, i often have a McDonalds, very nice it is to. Could you tell me why the Burgers in Newark actually taste like Beef whereas those we get at home in the UK taste like nothing even remotely animal falvoured? Surely meat is meat...or is it?

how do you make cheese burgers and chips so nice ? what is the special ingredient what you use to make your food like this?

Is it true that you use worms to thicken the meat in your burgers?

you say its 100% beef, but its actually beef fat too isn't it?!

do you put brain cells in your burgers

are your baconburgers kosher?

isit true that there has been a case where a person has found a eyeball in one of your burgers??

I used to think your burgers were horrible, believing they were all mashed chicken head. I've only found out recently that it isn't. Is there any other way to get this good message to other people like me?

If your beefburgers are 100% beef why don't they taste like it? If I go to buy or make my own beef burger using beef from the butcher/shop it tastes infinitely different and better. I'm sure this is a popular question..

I’m sure it is



Alex Fear said...

My favourite from the Chicken McNugget page:

"whats the difference between a normal chicken nugget and a mc chicken nugget?"

Stef said...

There's a McNuggets page!

My joy is complete

Stef said...

Q. What part of a chicken are its McNuggets?

A. In the same way that fish don’t actually have fingers, the name ‘McNuggets’ does not refer to a chicken’s anatomy. McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets are made from chicken breast meat from carefully selected poultry farms.

Stef said...

oh dear...

Q. Why did your emplyees ejactulate into my grandmother's milkshake?

A. Any rumours and stories about this sort of behaviour have never been found to be true and are regarded as urban myths. If McDonald’s receive any allegations about bodily fluids in food these claims are fully investigated. If something like this were to happen any employee acting in this way would be dismissed.

Shahid said...

When I was a teen, a friend of mine worked in McDonalds and they routinely spat in the burgers, dropped them on the floor and picked them up again, serving them to customers, snot, you mention it.

He never mentioned ejaculate though...

Stef said...

Would now be a good time to close comments on this post?

DE said...

"No. All McDonald’s hamburgers are pure beef. Nothing else and definitely not worms."


Stef said...

Sounds like the basis of a solid advertising campaign to me