Saturday, May 03, 2008

Hooray for Bojo!

So, Johnson it is then

Excellent news

Maybe now, after ten long years of having their heads up their arses, alleged Left Wingers might start to recognize fascism when they see it

Because, apparently, if the Labour party embroils this country in hegemonistic wars, turns over essential pubic services to corrupt private contractors, kisses criminal oligarch arse, trashes centuries old rights and liberties and tapes CCTV cameras to our grannies that is NOT fascism

So, maybe if the Tories take over responsibility for administering all this stuff maybe a few more people will f**king well wake up

The members of the political class, from either side of the fake divide, have a lot more in common with each other than with the people they supposedly represent but there are still are plenty of Muppets out there who still don't get it

Johnson is a Tory alright, through and through, and he is clever, ambitious and, I suspect, capable of ruthlessness

So, who are the buffoons? Johnson or the people who thought that repeatedly accusing him of being an idiot was a winning strategy?



Bridget Dunne said...

"So who are the buffoons then?"

The Londoners who voted for him?

Stef said...

very possibly

Stef said...

Just to be clear on the point I'm trying to make

Livingstone's, and Paddick's, campaigns had the choice of depicting Johnson as either...

1. An oaf

2. A sharp, calculating individual who assumes populist, oafish airs

They chose poorly

Antipholus Papps said...

I overturned years of conditioning on Thursday when, for the first time in my life, I put a cross next to a Tory candidate. Boris got my 2nd vote after Lindsay German. Practically schizophrenic, but strange times breed strange bedfellows. I was ever so pleased when Ken won in 2000, but his support for Ian Blair meant he had to be destroyed. Instantly. Utterly.

Stef said...

as for me, let's just say I certainly didn't vote for Kenneth

I don't know what happened to Livingstone - whether it was the corruption of power or some other form of corruption but the Olympic bid was crooked from the start, the Oyster Card system was clearly at least part-conceived to database people's movements, the most significant achievement of the Congestion Charge has been to enrich Capita, there have been some shocking transport contracts handed out and Livingstone has been unstinting in his support of Ian Blair

What's been really depressing is listening to some of the people who voted for Johnson today being asked to give their reasons and simply shrugging their shoulders and saying 'well, it was time for a change'

I despair

Stef said...

...and I think, yes, judging by the chats I've had with people there were some seriously schizophrenic vote combos being shoved into the ballot boxes

The Antagonist said...

One lesson to be learned here is perhaps:

"The enemy of my enemy is not always my friend."

Stef said...

particularly when playing Risk

tony said...

Its not that Tories are more Facist than those New Labour's just that they are better at it!

Merkin said...

I would have loved to have had a vote there.
'some seriously schizophrenic vote combos...'
Mine would have been one.
Still, Stef, you are are right about this matter.

Antipholus Papps said...

'some seriously schizophrenic vote combos...'

My Assembly votes went to Respect and UKIP!


Stef said...


I was chatting with my other 1/2 on the way to the polling station and listening to her formulate her Tory/ Left List/ Respect/ UKIP combo and thinking to myself 'this system and the choices it presents really is fucked up isn't it'

DGSE said...

I personally think BJ was being groomed by media over the last few years. HIGNFY seems to be becoming a fertile breeding ground for introducing various faces into the public conciousness.

MI5 plant David Shaylor being allowed to appear live from France when he was officially a wanted man is a good example. No official outcry, all good, clean fun folks.

Other nefarious characters conveniently appear when their characters need to be portrayed as jovial and therefore harmless.

DGSE said...

O/T, but I doubt the TV detector vans could spot someone running Zattoo, now with all the terrestrial channels as well as quite a few others! A cheap laptop and adsl connection is all that's required.

Stef said...


the BBC certainly has a solid track record of Boris promotion

Stef said...


I agree with AP above on this, Livingstone had to go - as does the current government

Matthew Parris wrote something pertinent a few days ago...

the spectacle of the Red Ken I used to know, now in a silk tie, blue striped shirt and cuff links, burbling fluently in Globalspeak about the need for low tax and low regulation, reminded me that if we live long enough we will see everything

which, of course, doesn't mean any of us who think KL had to be booted out are going to be happy about the replacement

DGSE said...


Don't forget Boris Yeltsin, an era before the 'bad old days' returned.

The news of London's mayor has certainly stirred Nafeez Ahmed into action. Bits are a tad over the top, but his quoting of various BJ pronouncements on Islam is spot on. All rather worrying in the current Islamophobic climate.

Stef said...

Yup, a few people have been linking to Nafeez's post and it is sharp

but the difference between Johnson and the Nu Labour party which Livingstone chose to re-associate himself with is that Johnson might actually be held to account for his views and not be given a free pass

then there's also the small matter of the fact that the Nu Labour party Livingstone chose to re-associate himself with took us into that murderous f**king war and held no-one to account for doing so

the days of blind loyalty to the Labour party and its crimes have to end - people have been kidding themselves and other people that this can be done from within but we've had ten years of wicked nonsense and nothing has worked

me, I've had enough of this corrupt shower and if that means having some Tories elected to high office whilst some people unfuck themselves so be it

The Antagonist said...

Re-entering the New Labour Camp was out of order and an insult to anyone that voted for 'Independent' Ken.

People voted for an Independent candidate and ended up with yet another part of the self-serving establishment through stealth and deception.

With regard to what happened to Ken once in office, Immortal Technique said it best when he said:

"The problem with always being a conformist is that when you try to change the system from within, it's not you who changes the system; it's the system that will eventually change you."

DE said...

Nafeez seems to have a consistent narrative about blondie.

"I’m a second generation Muslim. Come and acculturate me. Please."


Anonymous said...

Major winge...

This Con/NeoLab swapping really gets my goat.

Oldies and might say: The war years were Grim. Mass murderer Tory Churchill was dumped.

Rationing during the austerity years (abt up to 10 years after WW2) was grim, shepherded by OldLab Attlee. That was petty grim (which I confidently believe was designed to put some sterling meat on the bones of a post WW2 lean 2nd level elite, naturally enough at the expense of the ordinary person – the 1st level elite being the good ol’ Rottenchilds, Rockyfellers, Chases, Morgans, etc – you know) . The post WW2 nationalisation yoyo was likely a similar scam. It'd be interesting to see who financed pro and anti-nationalisation bullhorners.

Macmillan’s late 50's "never had it so good" was only warm relative to the deep freeze in the 10 previous years.

Take away the cultural aspects of the 60's and the toys and what do you get in Tory Macmillan/ Lab Wilsons time? - The growth of fear in the Cold war, UK support for the US in its Indo-China genocide, and women being "allowed" to work, hundreds of nuclear explosions.

Lab Wilson/ Tory Heaths 70's. Again leave out all novel music and toys and you get more Indo-china wars, and the rise of the monetarists, debt, strikes and rubbish.

80's destruction of the councils (a great social disaster). Tory Thatcher milk snatcher (nuff said) - High cold war fear (Manipulated of course).

The Grey Tory Major years.

NeoLabour late 90's and 00's... war, war, war, fear fear fear, liberty curtailment, spy society.

The NeoLab / Con switch sees us in the same political abyss as we've always been it.

Don't let the cheap (and occasionally stolen) oil, enrichment c/o 3rd world enslavement and the transistor make you think that we've gotten anywhere.

Red(red my arse) Ken or blond Boris is irrelevant. None of these people in the same old tired parties will offer any less fascism than the other.

I am so tired of people falling for the new face( but oops - same old policies trick)

Haven't we yet learnt that parties don't learn their lesson, they just package it differently and throw some confetti.

anyone telling me spy camera's in London wont increase, anyone telling me Londoners pockets won't be picked to a greater extent? Anyone telling me the MET will stop its filthy lies, assassinations and terror frauds? That the Mayor will fight protest exclusion zones? That the Mayor will do what he can in the context of London to fight the governments wars? What exactly will he do???

Anonymous said...

I just wanna say grim again.

And once more... "grim".

There were apparently some brothers once, phonetically of the same grimness.

moan alert level now = orange (slight improvement). Thank you for the provision of the reclining couch that is your blog.

- loonbat fruitcake conspiranut lwtc247