Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Voluntary Human Extinction - You Know It Makes Sense

A cheery little video I just stumbled across courtesy of The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement...

Human beings might not be the only species that kills for sport (an ignorant cliche from the same stable as 'religion is the cause of all wars') but it certainly is the only species that is self-aware enough and hates itself enough to contemplate its own eradication



The underdoug said...

"The stork... is the bird of war"

Answer: terminate the stork

Anonymous said...

Note for the forum:

The thrilling episode of Whacky Races called, "Too big to bail", continues with HSBC, according to The Times, taking the lead.

Wolfie said...

Lions, Orca and several species of Primate have all been observed to kill for sport. I suspect the only reason we evolved the possibility to hate ourselves enough to kill ourselves is because we developed complex speech. The thought [fleetingly] crosses my mind every time I hear Sarah Jessica Parker speak.

Stef said...

Sarah Jessica Parker = strong circumstantial evidence that David Icke might be onto something

jon doy said...

apologies for the duplicate post, Stef:

these well meaning vhe twats don't realise they're doing the bidding of the few in attempting to foster thoughts of nihilism in people, i would go to their website and tell them this to their faces but frankly i think it'd just bring out the frantic antiloon in them

so, vhe types, if you should come over here and read this, i have the following to say to you:

the 'elite' want us all to go and off ourselves soon, as through the use of self sustaining high technology (built by all the "useless eaters", paid for by the labours of "cannon fodder", and invented by boffins with fuck all long term vision), they will soon achieve a system where there's no need for us lower scum levels to exist, in fact, no need for anyone but a literal few thousand of them - hence the 'visualise your own extinction' shite you're no doubt coincidentally well funded in peddling (even if you don't know it, i'd wager there's some very 'elite' money behind you)

and as for the overpopulation bit, well, the 'elite' - whether or not they are funding you, and whether or not you know if they are - are (through their desire to mass produce "consumers" to buy their mass produced shit - and their creating instability across the world) responsible for the pole to pole babies that i'm having to clamber over at this very moment to reach yet more fertile women in order to inseminate them


you fuckers

do you really think that the few are going to join your emo suicide pact ?

Stef said...

apologies for the duplicate post, Stef:

...entirely a product of my own duplicate posting habits

Stef said...

How many kids did Prince Philip father?

Zac Goldsmith?

jon doy said...

but germs do replicate rapidly, don't they ?

Stef said...

I've always found it interesting that being labeled a misanthropist carries nowhere near the same stigma as being accused of being a racist

jon doy said...

hating 'em all is not so different to hating some of 'em

deep, very deep

of course, that might be the mescaline doing the thinking

Anonymous said...

There is a very interesting old children's show from the 70s called 'sky' - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sky_(TV_serial)

About an alien on earth who is pursued by a mysterious being in black who is trying to kill him. It turns out the creature in black is an antibody created by the earth itself in an attempt to cleanse the planet of the undesirable life form.

I wonder if Prince Philip remembers watching this?

Stef said...

cue the George Carlin routine