Sunday, May 04, 2008

People believe the most peculiar things

A couple of points arising during and as a result of an exchange of fire underneath my recent post about the current '7/7' show trial...

We all know, because we are repeatedly reminded, that everyone who doubts Official Narratives is a bit mental and open to believing the most inconsistent, contradictory and irrational bollocks going if that is a quality which is solely restricted to people who are sceptical of establishment narratives

I spent several years auditing and preparing financial accounts for publicly quoted companies and it still amazes me that people are deluded enough use them as a measure to decide where to invest their life savings

but there you go, tee hee, that's people for you

anyhoo, here's a comment I made underneath my last 7/7 trial post and another that I could have made...


I don't pretend know where the bombs were but even the authorities now admit that they weren't attached to the alleged bombers

this is no small thing as suicide bombers ordinarily adopt suicidal tactics because they are the only means open to them to deliver their bombs

clearly this wasn't the case on 7/7 - the bombers could have walked away

on top of that, how many people are going to seriously buy into the idea that the alleged 7/7 bombers went around tossing their ID all over the carriages before setting off their devices?

total f**king nonsense


Per the Official 7/7 Narrative - Point 41...

"As yet little material has been found directly from the others expressing their motivation. There is some evidence that Tanweer was motivated particularly by a desire for martyrdom. As described earlier, there are reports of Hussain and Lindsay expressing extreme views at school. Conspiracy theories also abounded, at least some of the bombers seem to have expressed the view that the 9/11 attacks were a plot by the US."

The moral of Point 41 being...
  • People who believe in conspiracies are likely to perpetrate them

  • People who believe the US Government carried out 911, and therefore mistrust Al Qaeda and bin Laden, will praise Al Qaeda and ObL and carry out attacks in their name

Anyone who believes this guff and can manage to hold it in their head without suffering a really bad migraine can kiss my hairy sceptical arse



DGSE said...

On the subject of 9/11, my nomination for mainstream conspiraloon - Jesse Ventura. Much more well known in the states than here, talking on Faux News and Criminal News Network. This is pure gold!

Merkin said...

dgse, thanks for that. Pure Gold.