Friday, May 23, 2008

Exeter Bomb 'Not Scary Enough' Brown tells MI5

Fans of this now classic
Daily Mash headline...

may detect certain parallels with yesterday's/ today's mainstream news choices...

No doubt, Devon and the entire South Coast of Britain narrowly avoided complete vaporisation by the merest fluke of good chance. This is yet another vindication for the kind of changes which need to be made to the liberty-security balance of our society by a very reluctant government and security establishment

It's also worth noting that this latest loser, mentalist, recent convert to Islamofascism is...
  • White
  • Described by people who know him as being not the kind of person they'd expect to commit a terrorist act
  • Very keen on computers
sounds like anyone you know?

The sooner these white, computer loving, apparently non-violent types are deported back to Pakistan the better

and if anyone does have any important information, especially any pictures, from the Exeter attack please get in touch with the BBC immediately so that your material, and maybe you, can be properly dealt with...



The Antagonist said...


Enterprising Conspiraloons will have to start constructing their tin foil hats from something less explosive.

The Antagonist said...

Oops, forgot the BACOFOIL BOMBER reference link.

Stef said...

Police sources have told The Times that the bomb was a “viable” device constructed of sodium hydroxide, kerosene and strips of aluminium foil.

Sources close to the inquiry said the bomb was a fireball-type device that was extremely volatile and may have been detonated by shaking.

Stef said...

Official police comment on the Flavour Shaker 'bomber'...

In a statement, Deputy Chief Constable Tony Melville said: "Our investigation so far indicates Reilly, who had a history of mental illness, had adopted the Islamic faith.

"We believe, despite his weak and vulnerable illness, he was preyed upon, radicalised and taken advantage of."

Even at this early stage that seems like a fair comment - the interesting question is 'by who'?

The Antagonist said...

It's devious on so many levels, this story, quite aside from the overtones of various narratives it conjures. The quote above, with slightly different emphasis:

Our investigation so far indicates Reilly, who had a history of mental illness, had adopted the Islamic faith.

"We believe, despite his weak and vulnerable illness, he was preyed upon, radicalised and taken advantage of."

In plain English: "Only weak, vulnerable and mentally ill people are of the Islamic faith."

It's only subliminal if you don't notice it.

Stef said...

an interesting synchronism from another story today

Shopping Centre Bomb Plot: Man Guilty
By Sky News SkyNews - Friday, May 23 12:19 pm

A man has pleaded guilty to threatening to blow up the Bluewater shopping centre in Kent.

Saeed Ghafoor said he was going to pack three limousines with gas canister explosives to bomb Europe's largest shopping complex.

But the Old Bailey heard that when questioned further, Ghafoor said Bluewater was in Exeter.

When told it was near the Dartford tunnel in Kent, the 33-year-old said he had not "finalised" his plans.

Ghafoor, a former English teacher from Southampton, pleaded guilty to threatening to cause criminal damage.

He was remanded in custody for reports before sentencing next month.

More to follow...

maybe these IslaMI5t FantaMentolists know something about Exeter the rest of don't

paul said...

To think I laughed at this when it was first published.
Still pretty funny the 2nd time around

As many as 1,500 white Britons are believed to have converted to Islam for the purpose of funding, planning and carrying out surprise terror attacks inside the UK, according to one MI5 source.

Lord Carlile, the Government's independent reviewer of anti-terrorism legislation, said many of the converts had been targeted by radical Muslims while serving prison terms.

Security experts say the growing secret army of white terrorists poses a particularly serious threat as they are far less likely to be detected than members of the Asian community............................But one of Scotland's leading Muslims disputed the claims of radicalisation, saying Islam's strict moral code made it unattractive to many westerners.

Bashir Maan added: "I do not know of any Islamist terror group in Scotland and, considering as a Muslim a person must pray five times daily, abstain from drinking (and] sex outside marriage, adhere to strict dietary and many other rules, it is impossible to convert to Islam a young person brought up in this very liberal society.

"I agree that the security services must be vigilant and keep their eye on everybody, but I think in this case they seem to be over-reacting."

paul said...

Police said Mr Reilly boarded a double-decker Stagecoach bus number X38 in Bretonside bus station, Plymouth, on Thursday morning and have appealed to passengers on the service to contact them.

Nice to see him warming up before moving onto the transatlantic jet plane lark. Don't walk before you can run.

The Antagonist said...

I guess it depends which white Britons you're factoring into the equation:


And, if they're not elite Navy Special Boat Service "anti-terror" operatives who give up on all that defending the realm and Queen and country nonsense, they're ex-Mujahideen 'Tartan Taliban' types.

Factoring a Stage-Coach double decker bus, numbered in the region of 30, into the story is another 'nice' touch, especially in the midst of a 7/7 show trial.

ziz said...

There is a clue that has been overlooked. Chummy (as described by Ploddy) had a BMI of 32.4.(Daily Telegraph also reports ..Local people claim Reilly, who changed his name to Mohammed Rasheed, was "brainwashed" by a group that met at a fish and chip shop.)

Now which grossly overweight MI5 operator with evident learning difficulties can we find on nearby Dartmoor, who has claimed deep religious insights and even divinity ?

Nicky Reilly (AKA Mohammed Rasheed) is evidently a clever anagram for David Shayler devised by cryptographers at nearby Donut facility.

The DT report also has a fascinating footnote which should be very interesting to the people who find these things interesting.

"At the moment we are looking at 200 separate groups and this was just one of those. We were observing them at a local level but had no detailed surveillance."

ziz said...



"luvvly jubbly - Sarge ...all that overtime"

Stef said...

Imagine my stunned reaction on discovering that the Bacofoil Bomber was indeed known to the 'Security Services' before his chilling attack

Stef said...

...though I'm a bit confused about the initial reports concerning the contents of his infernal device which do not appear to include any CMDs (condiments of mass destruction)

Anonymous said...


I'm still not convinced that Jesus Sayler was a shill, but rather that he was somehow given the choice of finding God or meeting his creator.

ziz said...

Ziz observed Mr Shayler and his temptingly beautiful lemon sucking assistant Miss Machon at very close quarters at the election of war criminal Jack Straw in Blackburn in May 2005. (and on other more recent ocassions )

Evidence to prove he is a shill is of course not provable , but any prudent member of the public meeting him or his delightful assistant ( she reminds me be very much of Ursula Undress as DarlingChild Rider in Dr No with a dagger in her knickers)would be wise to operate on that basis.

Stef said...

Shayler's original 'whistle blowing' didn't exactly strike me as being particularly earth-shattering and it certainly didn't stop the establishment media organisations from granting him copious airtime

Subsequent claims that he is the 'Righteous Chav' and the reincarnation of fictional characters were just the cherry on the top IMHO

Whether he knows he's being used as a gimp or not is kind of immaterial

His ex other 1/2 is an altogether shrewder individual

c1cccAs1 said...

"His ex other 1/2 is an altogether shrewder individual"

Sounds a bit like the combo that set up Max. 'Ere, thicko husband. Q wants us to set up Max. As you know, my girlfriends have told me he's into the kinky stuff; maybe I can con him into wearing Nazi gear etc ...

Anonymous said...,,2282045,00.html

Anonymous said...

Try as I might. I can see no reaction potential for kerosine (typically a mix of C9 to C17 hydrocarbons), sodium hydroxide and Aluminium.

aqueous NaOH and Al are sometimes employed to produce conditions whereby the Al can act as a reducing agent, for example aq. nitrates/nitrites into ammonia, but hydrocarbons do not exhibit the ability to undergo reduction. They undergo oxidation, and if kerosene (or paraffin oil) contains any unsaturated components then addition reactions may occur (but will not occur when NaOH and Al are employed.)

The police are telling us BS again, as they did about TATP on 7-7 and as the "anti[sic]-terrorism" police, prosecution and Judge did about 21/7, as did the police, prosecution did about about 22/7 'safety' trial as the police did about just about everyother incident involving terrorism.

Put your self in the shoes of a terrorist, how likely is it that you would send a traceable text to a would-be bomber just before the event. Pretty DAMN unlikely isn't it! And what of the bomber himself. Would you carry a mobile before you embarked upon a 'mission' (allowing you to be tracked), would you carry ID making it easy to trace you and your'network'? Would you scatter that ID in numberous places before detonating your bomb? Would you even kill yourself as opposed to just leaving a bomb somewhere and hoping you would get away with it.




The whole thing is BS!

The Khamer Rouge told people join them in the killings or be killed yourself, so did the Hutus who massacred close to 1m Tutsis. What's your answer when some trigger happy fascist-squad member pushes a gun into your face and repeats BuSh's mantra: "you're either with us or with the terrorists"
{Small hint: that is a possible future senario!}

Better get active or else start preparing that answer.

Anonymous said...

The ONLY thing that tops me from embracing a 100% stance of "elements within the UK establishment are involved with this" is the fact that a number of men are taken captive and say stupid things that implicate (to wide ranging drgrees) themselves.

E.g. what Stef reports: "he had not "finalised" his plans."

Is it NLP or is it genuine? Actually I'm inclined to the latter BUT then the 'cinfessions' dont fill the massive and gapin holes in these terrorist events, real and planned.

Whats going on???

Anonymous said...

This is interesting...
I wonder what it's used for?

Stef said...

I find it a tad strange that anyone is referring to 'kerosene' anyway - given that every man and his dog in the UK refers to the stuff as paraffin

as for any suggestions of 'NLP', I think most people, for or against official tWoT narrative, would conclude someone put matey up it, the only real question is who did it

though I'd suggest NLP is a bit of a highfalutin term for taking advantage of someone with a child's mind...

Anonymous said...

Your post above this one (Gordo on d tube) had vanished then it came back again and now vanished once more.

Wazzup Stef.

Missing your posts... lw

Stef said...

Wazzup Stef.

That would be Blogger's new Brigadoon feature

as for the posting thing

I'm currently working on my masterplan to get shot of Blighty and base myself in an hollowed out volcano on an island somewhere which is taking up a fair bit of time (ordering miniature submersibles/ designing uniforms for my army of henchmen etc)

And there is also the fact that there are only so many different ways to talk about the same things without repeating yourself

In the past, I've maintained this blog as a device to organise my thoughts on certain things.

That process is largely complete.

Now, I keep it up mostly as an expression of solidarity with other Loons who are constantly being reminded that they are a minority of nutters