Sunday, May 04, 2008

Boris Johnson - quaking in his Nikes

Remember, this guy is an idiot, just like other idiots such as George Bush and Tony Blair. Everything this guy will do in office will be because he is an idiot and not because it is part of any coherent portfolio of elitist objectives.
Do not forget that, ever

There's a point I've tried to develop in a couple of posts about the recent London mayorial election which goes something like this...

Now that it is likely some Tories are going to get re-elected to high office, all sorts of allegedly Left Wing, Liberal, Libertarian and Progressive types are going to start noticing all sorts of disgraceful things which have been in plain view for the better part of 10 years or more

... not that this crowd is any better equipped to comprehend these disgraceful things than when these things were 'invisible'

Anyone who would like to participate in this magical discovery of disgraceful things which will become visible now that the Tories will start to administer them could do a lot worse than starting with this new site...

...inspired presumably by the phenomenally successful Blair Watch site which managed to reduce war criminal Tony Blair's tenure as Prime Minister to a humiliatingly short ten years; through a carefully crafted strategy of effectively supporting the Nu Labour party, regardless

For their sakes I hope that the people who will comment on Boris Watch can manage to avoid espousing any thoughts or observations which sound like conspiracy theories (i.e. anything based on the premise that extremely rich people sometimes get together to fuck over less rich people) otherwise they'll end up accusing each other of being mental



DorisRonson said...

I'm just a gormless harmless fool, honest

Stef said...

any time is jigaboo time

paul said...

As I finish this, Boris Johnson, the man who believes both the Qu'ran and Islam should be done away with, has been voted Mayor of London. Shortly after the invasion, he trespassed in Tareq Aziz's family home and even helped himself to “a fine red leather cigar case”. A trespasser and mini looter as London Mayor fits Whitehall's image with perfection.

Much more in an excellent article by felicity arbuthnot

Alex Fear said...

The whole problem begins when we start making politics personal... Boris, Blair, Ken, Brown, Cameron... no wonder the majority of crooks manage to stay off the radar.

They should scrap Nu Labour, Tories, Libdems and the hangers on and make 2 new parties... Crooks and Rogues.

Crooks would of course get the vote of 95% of votes of the electorate and the 5% that are Rogues and actually try to make things better get nowhere.

Much as I loath the current government and can't wait for the downfall of the man who has singlehandedly f---ed up the economy, the anti-Robin Hood Brown, I have no faith in Cameron or even Clegg to provide a transparent and trustworthy government.

The problem is, even if an Angel were elected, he would be leading a bunch of Demons and the electorate doesn't give a toss. For the proles it's a case of all change being good, even if it's from bad to worse.

Stef said...


Thank you for the link to that 'excellent' article

Sadly, I found it as little too, er, facty and laced with constant references to the malign influence of finance capital and political corruption which, as we both know full well, are euphemisms for conspiracy theory.


You'll be telling me that the Mossad plotted the invasion of Iraq so that it could capture a crashed UFO piloted by Elvis next!!

The article also fails to include the sophisticated structural analysis carried out by the kind of intellectual titans behind the 'Watch' sites which concludes that pretty much everything happens by accident and that the fuckers in charge are too stupid to ever see their well-publicised objectives realised

And, on top of all of that, there is no call to action endorsing a vigorous internet-based tutting campaign or any absolutist assertions that anyone who disagrees with the author is a Nazi-Cannibal Grave Violator

Better luck next time

Sorry :(

paul said...

Jeez,Anyone can make a mistake

Anonymous said...

"... Mossad plotted the invasion of Iraq so that it could capture a crashed UFO piloted by Elvis next!!"

mmmm, prepare an absurd thesis, as a Trojan horse to present well researched facts.

Anonymous said...

I already thought Boris had a job

Anonymous said...

BlowJo reminds me of that other twit... whats his name.. aaah, Hugh Grant. For more than one reason.

Anonymous said...

Two stories from my feed:-

"CCTV boom has failed to slash crime, say police" (Guardian).


"DNA bank solves one crime per 800 profiles" (Torygraph)

Stef said...

Best quote from that CCTV article

The charity Victim's Voice, which supports relatives of those who have been murdered, said it supported more effective use of CCTV systems. "Our view is that anything that helps get criminals off the street and prevents crime is good"

paul said...


Anonymous said...

curfews? - LOL :D

Here's some more suggestions...
Rather large tungsten carbide Yale locks and chlorine gas.

NationalCunt said...

Um, er, gosh.