Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Global problems call for Global Reach-Around!!

I've only just found out about an 'inspirational moment' due to take place in London later this week...

"On Thursday 22nd May, we will mount a unique creative event through the streets of central London - a 3-mile-long "human chain handshake" from the Dalai Lama to the Chinese Embassy.

"Give Peace A Hand" will send a positive global message for meaningful Chinese-Tibetan dialogue before the Olympics. The Metropolitan Police has given it the green light. It'll be an inspirational moment.

But we can't do it without you"

Oooh, the Shadowy Overlords of Finance Capital must be quaking in their boots

Sadly, this three mile long reach-around is now fully booked.

However, given the organisers' solid track record for focusing peoples' minds and efforts on the Real
issues behind impending climate catastrophe, clashes of civilisation and global poverty - without any distractive globalist bullshit - I'm sure they'll be coming up with plenty more handjobs in the future



Anonymous said...

Yes it's sad that so many well meaning people fall for these distractions. If only they could get a better understanding of global economics they could do so much more.

For instance you have far more influence over world affairs by withdrawing your money from the bank. Or going down the karmabanque route and selectively boycotting specific companies and then shorting the stock.

Touch-a-Monk-Today said...

"2,037 people will be in London for the handshake, help us get to 2,000"

depopulation: the chilling proofiness

Anonymous said...

I have a profound distrust for religious figures. I always suspect them of being greedy, hypocrite, or buggering little boys.
And at least one of the above always happen to be true.

Apart from that, I can't take seriously someone who proclaimed Steven Seagal as being the reincarnation of the great lama Chundraj Something...

ziz said...

I've always wanted to shake the hand of a man who shook the hand of a man who shook hands ...... with a living god.

Not an opportunity to miss.

Getting to know Gemma Garrett MP better, is a more worthwhile proposition however.

lwtc247 said...

"Its stated mission is to "ensure that the views and values of the world's people inform global decision-making." - views which it will represent faithfully



Stef said...

Apart from that, I can't take seriously someone who proclaimed Steven Seagal as being the reincarnation of the great lama Chundraj Something...


I'd forgotten about that

Stef said...


"Gemma Garrett MP"

everyone should have dreams

Antipholus Papps said...

Let us not forget that Mr Lama also compelled Martin Scorcese to make a very boring film with no gangsters in it at all! What a scumbag!

Stef said...

and Joe Pesci would have made such an excellent monk too

Anonymous said...

Let me understand this cos, I don't know maybe it's me, I'm a little fucked up maybe, but I'm spiritual how? I mean, spiritual like I'm a holy man, I enlighten you? I make you see the light?... I'm here to fuckin' enlighten you? What do you mean spirtual, spiritual how?

Stef said...

I'd pay a fiver to see that on a big screen

Anonymous said...

Charlie asks, "Exam question, 2028

The oil shock of 1973-74, when the price of oil soared more than threefold over eighteen months, has subsequently been attributed to the collapse of the Bretton-Woods agreement and the revaluation of the dollar (post-gold standard). Oil didn't necessarily cost more; the devalued dollar merely bought less.

In May 2008, oil hit $135 a barrel. To what extent was this due to scarcity (the "peak oil" theory) and to what extent was this due to a revaluation of the dollar? Discuss. For added marks, examine the possible reasons why the Federal Reserve stopped publishing the M3 money supply figures in March 2006 and its relevance to the situation two years later. Take into account the rise of the Euro as an alternative planetary reserve currency.

Anyone care to answer him, either here or there?

ziz said...

Wednesday, January 03, 2007
The Mysterious case of the disappearing M3


93 year old Milton Friedman, and still very alert and knowledgeable about current geo-politics was quoted at the time ... “I don’t know why the Federal Reserve discontinued the M3 chart,” he said. “But inflation is clearly a problem right now.”

Wanker Bernake in a letter: "My understanding is that the Federal Reserve decided to discontinue publication of the monetary aggregate M3 because the costs of collecting and processing the underlying data were judged to exceed the benefits. The Federal Reserve will not withhold the M3 data from the public; rather, it will no longer collect and assemble that information. The Federal Reserve will continue to collect data for and publish the monetary aggregates M1 and M2 and their components."

This was in response to a query from US Senator Jim Bunning

"It is my understanding the Federal Reserve has decided to halt disclosure to the public of its M3 findings and report. The findings of the M3 report provide pertinent information to the public - from economists to investors and to industries which all use M3 report findings for economic forecasting, investing, and business decisions. You have advocated a "more open" Federal Reserve under your command. Will you work to reverse this policy and commit to keeping the M3 report and its findings available and open to the public? What is the rationale and reasoning by the Federal Reserve to keep the M3's information from the public?"

Wanker Bernanke continued in his letter ..

"The benefits of continuing to publish M3 appear to be minimal, because M3 has not been actively used in the formulation of U.S. monetary policy and, at least within the Federal Reserve, has not been found to have much value for economic forecasting. Discontinuing publication of M3 will allow the Federal Reserve to terminate certain reporting forms that currently must be filled out by depository institutions, lowering the costs of such institutions. Costs at the Federal Reserve Banks and the Board will similarly be reduced as these particular reports will no longer need to be processed and analyzed.
I view the periodic reappraisal of the costs and benefits of reports as a useful discipline to ensure that the reporting burden on financial institutions is kept to a minimum."

See also Tim Iacono Wednesday, November 30, 2005 - M3, "Moneyness", and Conspiracy Theories

The decision to cut M3 was deliberate my view FWIW is it will be seen historically as the last throw to conceal the drive for debt.