Tuesday, May 27, 2008

IT'S OFFICIAL!! Mainstream Media ‘Silly Season’ now extends from January through to December

Some personally selected highlights from the characteristically level-headed, objective and fact-packed mainstream media coverage of the chilling exploits of the Bacofoil Bomber…

The Daily Mail

“Police suspect the terrorists who built the bomb, and two similar devices found at the scene, thought they would have been powerful enough to blow out the front of the restaurant - causing untold death and injury”

= an absolute classic IMHO and worth re-reading and thinking about a couple of times

“One friend, 17-year- old Alli Turner, said: 'When the Twin Towers happened he would constantly watch it on repeat.”

That would be when Bacofoil Boy was fifteen – and five years before his conversion

The Telegraph

"If it had gone up it would certainly have caused a huge fireball and the idea that this was happening in a family restaurant packed with children is awful."

AKA ‘Ah well, until the next real bomb goes off we’ll just have do the terrorists work for them by imagining and writing whatever baby-strewn carnage-scenarios we can come up with

"Detectives believe Mr Reilly planned to commit suicide and allegedly had help in constructing three "rudimentary but viable" bombs that had never been seen in Britain before. They were constructed from sodium hydroxide, aluminium foil strips and an essential oil, combined with kerosene.”

An intriguing Americanism there - later reports/ stories have started referring to paraffin

The scent of TERROR!! - specially formulated for people who want their bombs to smell nice

The Press Association – via Yahoo

“Investigators suspect the place where Reilly tried to set off the bomb, a backroom toilet, was chosen to maximise the impact of the device and two others found nearby.”

Some loons might think that a backroom toilet would be the last place someone would choose to 'maximise the impact of the device' – but the chillingly devastating results speak for themselves

The Guardian/ Observer

“Rafiq said the grooming of vulnerable people for suicide missions was well documented in the Middle East and claimed that there had been cases of terrorist organisations hacking patient health records to identify the vulnerable.”

Would that be ‘terrorist organisations’ like this bunch?

“But there is incredulity that such tactics could possibly be employed in one of the sleepier parts of the UK. More worrying is that the threat of terrorism appears to be spreading across the UK. 'The government has been focusing on major cities, so it makes sense for extremists to move into other regions,' Rafiq said.”

A virtually infinite number of possible scenarios make sense – it doesn’t mean that they happen though.

For example, it would also make sense for terrorists to get jobs working in mainstream journalism writing hysterical speculative stories designed to scare the crap out of people.

Of course, that would be just loon talk.

Unlike speculation that highly-trained jihadists are hiding out in the Shires – that’s rational

...the almost perfect hiding place for hordes of brown-skinned terror bastards

And top marks too for all the subliminal passing references to rucksacks, the Evil Internet, travelling on buses, potential suspects slipping through poor old MI5’s under-funded fingers and other chilling parallels with 7/7 which have featured in virtually all of the articles published thus far


Even if you were to discount any speculation of possible flaws and inconsistencies in the official narratives of 7/7, or even 9/11, the fact that our mainstream press, shamelessly stoked up by politicians and the security establishment, wets its pants in its eagerness to overstate and exaggerated the capabilities of the shadowy Legions of TERROR just screams out that the objectives of the terrorists and the establishment are exactly the fucking same



Alex Fear said...

“One friend, 17-year- old Alli Turner, said: 'When the Twin Towers happened he would constantly watch it on repeat.”

I remember watching the twin towers on repeat too. Just after the time it happened.

All I had to do was sit and watch the evening news, any channel, there it was... being repeated over and over again.

Who are the real terrorists hmmm?

Tom said...

The "essential oils" turned out to be motor oil didn't they? I think someone took the phrase "an organic oil" and started thinking of Ylang Ylang instead.

Stef said...


yes, yes it did

but who knows what'll turn out to be tomorrow

Stef said...


there would seem to be some scope for a 'How Jihadi Are You?' fun quiz in one of the Sunday pullouts


1. Did you watch 9/11 footage repeatedly?
2. Do you use the Internet a lot?
3. Do you frequent a Muslim operated convenience store?
4. Do you keep yourself to yourself
5. Do you travel by bus at all?
6. Do you possess unreasonable quantities of aluminium foil?
7. Have you broken up with a girlfriend in the last five years?
8. Do you fall outside of the existing domestic Muslim terrorist stereotype established by the mainstream media?
9. Do you speak with dark skinned people?
10. Do you have doubts about the official 7/7 and 9/11 narratives?

(I've always thought that the suggestion that potential Islamic terrorists believe that 9/11 is lie was a tad counter-intuitive but that doesn't seem to stop establishment friendly bullcrap artistes spinning it)

A score of anything from 1-10 would identify you as being 'very Jihadi and fair game for a spot of unobtrusive surveilling

Alex Fear said...

80% Jihadi.

Stef said...

80-90% depending on my local constabulary's position on tinfoil

Anonymous said...

The internet is a terrorism gateway drug. Ditto for paedophillia!

What we really is need is for someone to protect us from this menace.

Stef said...

Come the hour, come the heroine

Antipholus Papps said...


You obviously haven't lived with hippies! The effect Ylang Ylang has on those critters is horrifying!