Sunday, May 11, 2008

We can’t be the only people who can see

One of the reasons why I keep this blog up, aside from using it as a tool to organise my own thoughts, is to fulfill a basic need to call out to other people and say 'No, you're really not the only person who has doubts about certain things. Hang on in there, you're not alone'

Pre Internet, it was starting to get very easy to think that you were on your own. The newspapers and television decided what was, or wasn't, fair game for questioning and ridicule. And, as the ownership and control of the newspaper and media fell under the influence of a smaller and smaller number of interests, the scope for questioning and ridicule became correspondingly smaller and smaller

Sooner or later, probably sooner, the Internet is going to have be dealt with but for a while anyway something approximating to free speech reins. The fascinating thing is just how sensitive and paranoid the mainstream press is about not so lone voices calling out to each other.

The numbers of people involved are relatively small, certainly peanuts in comparison with a mainstream TV news broadcast but what interesting and potentially troublesome people they sometimes are


One of the most obvious and pressing examples of limits being imposed on what is ridiculed and questioned is the establishment narrative on the war on terror. Virtually no-one, even on the net, is daring to call out...

'hang on a minute, this is bollocks isn't it?'

Anyone who has been following the recent UK terror show trials and taken even just a little time out to look at the source material, rather than rely on the headlines and the deceptive copy underneath those headlines, runs the very real risk of concluding that there is something seriously wrong with the picture which is being painted

Taking a BBC report of the current 7/7 Conspiracy trial for example...

"In a separate conversation with police, Mohammed Shakil said that he had been friends with Mohammed Siddique Khan through his twenties when the pair had drunk alcohol and smoked cannabis together. Mr Shakil told Detective Constable David McIntyre that he "could not think in his wildest dreams" why his friend had gone on to become a suicide bomber. Khan had expressed resentment about the situation in Pakistan and Iraq, but not in an extreme manner, said Mr Shakil. The Leeds man said that Khan had not been a particularly devout Muslim. In contrast, he considered himself a practising Muslim who denounced suicide bombings..."

"Neil Flewitt QC, prosecuting, told the jury that Waheed Ali and Mohammed Shakil were making plans to travel to Pakistan, including buying equipment from camping or outdoor shops. Items included a Swiss Army knife, water purification tablets and secure body wallets, described by the observing police officer as a covert body pouch.

When police officers stopped Mr Ali near a shop in the departures terminal, he replied: "I was only going to get some chocolate."

The case continues"

The viciously-named Victorinox 'Picknicker' pocket WMD - complete with twirly bit perfect for mixing up energetic compounds.

The press is constantly full of stuff like this, to the exclusion of anything that corresponds to objectivity or a sense of proportion or common sense. Our mainstream media is Institutionally Dissonant and apparently has no problem whatsoever in reporting tales of...

  • Dead suicide fanatics who don't appear to have been fanatics, or suicidal

  • Dead Al Qaeda supporting suicide fanatics who appear to have believed that Al Qaeda is sponsored by the CIA

  • Endless talk of well-funded sophisticated international terror networks who seem to only employ incompetent losers in bedsits and MI5/MI6 connected gasbags

  • Endless talk of well-funded sophisticated international terror networks being close to securing atom bombs and killer robots but which are making do with Lucozade and Chapatti flour in the meantime

and so on and so on

And it's all reported/ repeated with a straight face, without the slightest suggestion of a reality check and usually with the word 'chilling' stuck at the front for good measure

It's not chilling. It's bollocks

What is scary is that, unlike some of the really hardcore conspira-lunatics out there, I'm not convinced that the majority of journalists, policemen, terror consultants and politicians pushing this hyped-up bullshit are consciously part of a huge establishment conspiracy

For a starters, it really would be impossible to keep such a huge network secret

For seconds, if there was a huge establishment network consciously manufacturing the war on terror myth it would be doing a much better job of it and wouldn't have to make do with so much bollocks

We'd see some
really damning video footage, real bombs and guns would be displayed in court as evidence, there would be records of really incriminating financial transactions, discovery of real domestic terror camps; masses of material which would silence the handful of sceptics once and for all

but there ain't

In the same way that some real WMDs weren't planted in Iraq after the invasion, there are limits to what kinds of evidence can or can't be, um, 'introduced' into the public domain. The limits are present due to the fact that, surprising as it may sound, the vast majority of people, even those who work in the security services or media are probably, more or less, honest - very probably duped but not willfully wicked.

It's one thing to have someone disappear a few embarrassing CCTV tapes, it's an altogether riskier exercise to start whisking up some fake tapes of your own

Whilst personally I have little doubt that conscious conspiracy does lie at the heart of the war on terror paradigm I don't believe for a second that the majority of people playing along with that paradigm know that it is a lie.

I remember chatting with one of the most analytically capable, well with numbers anyway, guys I've ever met shortly after the 9/11 attacks. He was repeating a story he'd read about some of the alleged 9/11 hijackers drinking in the 'Pink Pony' lap dance bar shortly before 9/11 and even going so far as to leave a copy of the Koran in the bar behind them.

The guy telling me this story bought the official 9/11 narrative. I didn't. I asked him if he thought that fanatical Muslims who were about to commit suicide for Islam really would spend one of their last few nights on Earth getting drunk in a titty bar and disrespecting their sacred book.

His answer, delivered in a very smug, patronising manner, was '
Ah, but what you don't understand is that these men are trained to blend in with Western society'

It was then, very early on in the post 9/11 world, that I realised that people, even people who could pass off as being very clever people, are capable of believing any old shit provided you've softened their brains up adequately beforehand

To have any realistic chance of duping large numbers of people into buying into a myth that myth is going to made up of no more than 5% conspiracy and 95%+ pathology.

And if you are really clever, and control enough of the media, that myth will take on a life of its own



brendadada said...


There are more of us than we think though. Thousands, like me, are just hibernating.

Did you see this? Woman CIA operative running a so called anarchist cell, gets some boy locked up for 20 years on a conspiracy charge:

jon doy said...

i concur, however, in terms of the media, and not well publicised behind-the-scenes rules, it's worth bearing this in mind, also:

"...ensure material released is strictly framed within the terms and context used in court when they were shown..."

paul said...

these men are trained to blend in with Western society

I've come across that line of argument a few times. Its even made it to wikipedia so it is now real and true

Some Takfiris are not bound by the usual religious constraints regarding wearing a beard, drinking alcohol, or eating pork when such restrictions would interfere with waging effective jihad.
To Takfiris, strict adherence to those laws precludes necessary covert action in defense of Islam. Because Takfiris "blend in," they can organize, plan, and take action necessitated by the overriding duty of Jihad with less risk of identification, interference, or interception.

The only problems are that
a) they don't seem to actually exist
b) it ought to be the most wildly succesful splinter of islam as it combines healthy amounts of sickening western decadence with holy duty

Ahh but that's because they were takfirs....

Its the kind of leap of logic, unsubstantiated conjecture and false conclusions that we conspironauts are so often accused of!
<grumbles>One rule for them, another for the rest<grumbles/>

Merkin said...

I was positively incensed after reading this article.

'The Chilling Tale of The TartanMerkinel' shows 'there but for the grace of fuck go I'.

Anonymous said...

Have 10 minutes of a talk on Common Purpose.

Tony said...

Full acknowledgment.


On the YouTube video John Pilger "The Invisible Government" Part 3/4, what is the first related video? " Deep Inside "Baby Baby Baby" w/Endeverafter uncensored pt 2"

Don't look here, look there! Look, tits! Look, ass! Look, minor celebrities! Look, cunts!

Stef said...


re. takfiri spotting

see also...

'If he runs he's VC. If he stands still he's well-disciplined VC'


Brian: I'm not the Messiah! Will you please listen? I am not the Messiah, do you understand? Honestly!
Girl: Only the true Messiah denies His divinity.
Brian: What? Well, what sort of chance does that give me? All right! I am the Messiah!
Followers: He is! He is the Messiah!
Brian: Now, fuck off!


I choose both

Anonymous said...

Stef, good post. I largely agree and want to state my view too...

Planting the Iraqi WMD's (which at the time I fully expected the bastards to do) would have opened another can of worms, as would be the case should such detailed operations were done against the Muslims in the UK today.

Remember there are genuine people in the security services (and journalists, Dr. Kelly and Gilligan) and in other branches of the civil service. If such elaborate ops were undertaken, then these people would be more likely to find out what the gubn't is up to should it have gone past the 'limit'.

Remember the gubn't are scared of the people revolting against them - I'm sure you can recall that MOD report that the antagonist blogged about.

Also, remember the Forest Gate affair - sophisticated porn image embedding fiasco? Obviously an element within the prosecution foresaw the choppy waters ahead and decided to drop it. Tellingly, no investigation was launched about that either!

Besides, QED the public already fall for the lobbox that is the War OF Terror, on utter rubbish.

Why the need to go overboard? You've already identified that people such as your good self are in a very small minority and this is despite apparent sloppiness on behalf of those people pushing this crap. Once could make a comparison with Occams razor.

From what I conclude there is a small inner element within most countries that is willing to kill it's own people for whatever means. This group is small for obvious reasons, but remember the Trinity project? That was a large program and nobody made a peep! Trinity is different however because as far as I know, killing US citizens wasn't part of the operations agenda, but it shows big and small projects can be secretive. china developing the H-bomb, N Korea... Look at the Brits supplying nuclear materials to shitty Israel. Inner circle old (and young) beans.

To have people plant real guns, synthesise real ricin, stage/fake CCTV would hugely increase the moral pangs of would be whistleblowers, and as we see today from even simple frame-ups, they would be immensely difficult to avoid raising more questions than they solve.

I'm reminded of John Perkins (confessions of an economic hitman - a book I think is fantastically well written). The EHM's are largely silent but for him. EHM involve mass strife and as Perkins says, the assassination of 2 state leaders.

If I could bend the publics perceptions based on nothing, I would. Wouldn't you?

for all his 'God-head(?)' flaws and others, Icke makes for is pretty good listening to when we talks about people being their own sheep dog.

SheepDog said...

I'd like to distance myself from Mr. Icke, whom I resemble only slightly.

Anonymous said...

Check out the comments on this. The readership of the telegraph are absolutely rampant conspiraloons. makes the heart soar!

Stef said...


thx for the pointer to Eric McDavid - my super psychic powers tell me that there are going to be a lot more Eric McDavids in the not too distant future

I particularly enjoyed these lines in an article discussing his case...

LF, and its sister group, ALF, the Animal Liberation Front, has been a tough organization for the FBI to crack--mostly because, as U.S. Attorney Steven Lapham notes, “it’s not an organization.”

It’s not an organization in the sense that a criminal gang, or the Mafia, or a group like Al Qaeda is an organization. Federal law enforcement works against these groups in large part by arresting the foot soldiers and prying information out of them about the higher-ups. With perseverance, and enough underlings flipping on their bosses, you’ve got a shot at decapitating the organization.

yeah, right...